Thursday, 8 June 2017


So humans are even less worth than demons these days..right..and there is already an illegal black market for young blood in this country..just like martial law..clients: vampires, other immortals and rich fucks who dont want to age..the bio-goa.sect aka bloody-hairies are also desperately looking for new members/victims..their dirty business seems on a all time low..good timing for an attack..there is a war going on..since years..shootings, slaughters, terror and other horrific crimes en masse..and of course no media coverage..someone should tell the citizens..and neighbor-states..none of them can say they didn't has been continuously documented and reported to the authorities..if they have a plausible explanation for all those coincidences and misconducts let's hear it..but there will be nothing but always..maybe a national could really help..and less idol-worshipping in general..everything else will be like a drop on a hot stone..phantom-sympthom..dont you get it..and its definately not our worst and first problem will be solved once youve changed your degenerated society-system..not earlier not later..but what do i an original will never defeat me..those suckers in their dumbs down there couldnt be more pathetic..microwaving und torturing brave female citizens in their beds from underground..because of pushing back alien-invaders, surviving hell, protecting evidence and being the real keeper of the hidden forces..all those years fighting alone..for a country who apparently doesnt deserve justice..coward is not the right word for such disgusting filth..they concentrate the heavy-metals from chemtrails like small transmitters under our skin with infrared-cameras placed in public control our minds and bodies with their electronics, antennas and frequencies..the heavens will experience it soon enslavement by tyrants or death..unless you all fight for our future..ive seen and sacrificed enough shouldnt be for nothing..maybe i will write history for (b)eating our secret service director waiting for his new out-laws..and no its not me who should be glad to be alive..because im sexy..well not anymore thanks to you..and maybe its just because im better..and you are the only ones who should be happy to still be here..ive worked only with 50% of my powers..yours are already exhausted..if you abuse it you loose it..thats the way it goes..i will soon visit you all in your homes too..eye for an eye..and you know whats the best will be completly aint a crime if you dont get it or not..right..just the way you do it..from now on everything you throw at me will be mirrored and sent back at least 100 fold..and if someone goes mysteriously missing he/she might have been flushed down the toilet..awww..


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