Monday, 26 June 2017


Another disgusting example of modern pedophile activity..crap people promoting "virgins" in coded and manipulated pictures of jesus..can it get more blatant..the genital looking hints it one or two..blow job is better than no least they try to disguise it a little..unlike our pedo-gangs who drive the names of their children around town on their cars..pretty public and known since years but no one seems to bother most of them pimp their own kids like pizza and pasta on the grill..playing tennis/golf and sometimes football instead of ping-pong/dominoes..unfortunately no cheese this time..and where is my ice cream/croissant by the way..right..nice hidden pedo-codes..what a wonderful future awaits us all..surrounded by pedophile cannibals, sadistic puppetmasters and criminal authorities..holy hell..everywhere the same dirty shit..can it get worse..thats why we should only get in touch with the source jesus or other idols needed..another invention of those sinister roman-pagan its not a blasphemy or mockery at actually fits totally into the bigger picture of this hypocritical church and the garbage society it governs in secrecy..



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