Tuesday, 29 November 2016


The majority of switzerlands voters are against the fast removal of atomic energy..well..they also support the vast grilling of our brains..ive just measured the HF-frequency levels in the SBB trains yesterday..frightening..i call that assault..thanks to the brainwashed zombie slaves plugged into their microwave weapon life companions..especially from reptilian empire of silence swisscom which just extended the limit for their explanation to our letters and questions on their new antenna project close by..obviously operated thru secret free energy methods..highlighting their strange behaviour again..something seems to crack in their shadow mirror veils full of lies..its about time..cant hide all that shit forever..not even in mountains like säntis..they let tourists freely walk around there when it should be military ban zone like area 51..groom lake is pretty interesting to look at on google maps..i like the crater fields next to it coming from atomic bomb tests..could be on the moon..they actually show much more compared to this blurred säntis base site..opposite way of concealing the same dirt..right..not really..whos fault is it now..stupid assholes..underground filthers..and if anyone tries something through all the planned constructing within our area i will be the first to disclose it..i will film each move of those workers if necessary..just in case someone had some strange terroristic ideas in their fried psycho brains..be welcome to expose yourself..again and again..until youre all history..i dont drink blood and suck childrens genitals..disssgusting cranks..


An die Bauverwaltung

Hiermit erhebe ich Einsprache gegen den geplanten Neubau/Umbau einer Antenne beim Bahnhof durch die Swisscom. Es gibt in dieser Gegend bereits genug Antennen und dadurch verursachte Strahlenemissionen (teilweise > 0.92 V/m), deren Folgen für Mensch und Natur nicht absehbar und mit dem allgemein forcierten Mobilfunkwahn auch nicht gleichzusetzen oder zu rechtfertigen sind. Die angrenzende Landwirtschaftszone ist durch die Nähe zu den Bahngleisen ohnehin bereits genug belastet und muss als Arbeitsplatz zur Herstellung von gesunden Lebensmitteln vor schädlichen Einflüssen dieser Art geschützt werden. Die Swisscom ist offenbar auch an gewissen “Experimenten” beteiligt, die den Missbrauch solcher Anlagen für unlautere Überwachungszwecke und andere merkwürdige Frequenzmodulationen zur Bewusstseinskontrolle der Bevölkerung beinhalten. All dies ist inakzeptabel und Grund genug um sich gegen den Ausbau dieses Netzwerks auszusprechen.


And for all the notoric lurkers, observers, voyeurists, starers and stalkers out there..everyone who dared to take a look into my privacy over those illegal surveillance systems..the laughers and haters..especially the ones commenting my body and genitals..are sentenced with the following punishments: removal of eye balls, ears, tongue and penis..i will make a nice christmas stew out of it..



So we have here all those apparently very informative reports and websites referring to the inexistant work of an state backed organisation against human trafficking called KSMM..ive been in contact with them since day one..i still have their emails..they are definately involved..it serves merely as a front for their own illegal activities..all they do is covering for it and being part of it all along..the never achieved progress in this case shows that very clearly..the president of this liar departement is called PETER MÜLLER (propably a fake name too as there is nothing that is not false about this group..i met some strange peter once in SH at galgenbuck..he knew something and i would remember his face and many others instantly if i would see them again)..this has been mentioned before but i guess its necessary to drag this ugly and unworthy bastards into the daylight once again..he is for sure part of it and needs to be questioned about this..i demand of him and his employees an extensive report about the way they have dealt with that case..every single detail and each day of their activity since then must be retraced and disclosed..same goes for the whole police departement of switzerland and of course the swiss army and their related and informed groups..as well as the politicians serving the freemason elite instead of the people..obviously protecting the swiss satanic filth with all their assets..mostly weapons, media and tax money..right..flushed down the rabbit hole..fuck them..what we see now in the U.S. with this disgusting pedophile scandal is here the small version of it..one of these pedopizza owners worked for a similar departement against the crimes they obviously commit themselves..all together useless and they must be immediately removed from any authority over others..before they hurt more innocent people who seek their help..be aware of the perverted and sick government of switzerland..worse than all ISIS terrorists together..maybe they should be reminded of their own laws and guidelines..propably with brute force..international sanctions and interventions..and civil disobedience..









Monday, 28 November 2016


Ive been in the zurich moloch today..at the place where the horror story started..and i can tell that the police there seemed kind of alerted..they better be..ive observed a few suspicous things..we know since then that there are some hotspots related to this human trafficker gangs..one of them seems to be the large swissotel at the trainstation in oerlikon..brillion clones included..it seems to function as place of crime against sexslaves..closely connected to the local police which is reportedly part of this huge sadistic and pedophile ring..supported and used by many of the local population..i can tell..this is real hell there..another place of crime are the catholic churches in this area especially the one at schwamendingerstreet..ive seen them bringing children there in the bright daylight..and to other appartements in my neighborhood when they have occupied the whole place during several months..i remember each day and detail of the terror ive been going thru in this time..despite the repeated poisoning, torture and murder attempts..guess the peak point was when they tried to blow up my appartement on 6th of december 2013..satansanta asshole cripple filth..construction site bomb planters industrial crap company..they all tried to sneak out with some huge detonator..thank god ive recognized it in time..(a policeman indicated later that it was a atomic bomb..wonder where that would have come from..guess it was a gift from the pope..the new world orders nuclear terrorism..or how to magically hijack whole countries..mass-corruption)..since then each time i travel around there i see a vision of all those houses crumbled into dust..i will continue to nurture this wish..just a larger version of it..then we have a complex of the university and the forensics in a parc called irchel..there is also a bunker underground which protects the state archive also located there..ive experienced several strange things in connection with that place and i am positive that the soldiers and militarypolice forces there are involved in those atrocities (EPE4 and others)..ive spotted some pampers once at a very inapropriate place very close to their hidden entrances where people waited with their cars sometimes..and there seems some highly illegal organ thing going on with dead bodies of crime victims..and last but not least the house where i lived in at hortensienstreet (they seem obsessed with flower or plant names - the hotspot of their P41-BZ-gas station was at some magnolienstreet)..containing several extremly disturbed and dangerous terrorists..especially the male inhabitants..also the one living in my old appartement now with my initials..definately involved..there are a lot of other spots in this area which are infected..aswell as other places in the city which ive mentioned before..still taken hostage by the swiss satanic pedophile elite..i am so furious inside it looks like a form of calmness..the more silent i get and the more relaxed..the more fucked you are..so dont you never ever dare to provoke me again in any way..keep your distance and i will keep mine..or i will come after you again and again..until its done..no trials..no judge..just justice..ive heard hell is not that bad after all..depending on the ranks..right..nothing more to say on that subject..


Grösse 6
Geschwindigkeit 62
Feuerkraft 5
Lenkbarkeit 13
Macht 1

Der Klontruppen-Turbopanzer, offizielle Bezeichnung A6 Juggernaut, ist ein plattengepanzertes zehnrädriges Monstrum, das ohne Probleme die Kampfdroiden der Seperatisten zerquetschen kann. Die Bewaffnung des Klontruppen-Turbopanzers besteht aus einem halben Dutzend Laserkanonen und zwei Granatwerfern. Seine beiden Cockpits erlauben es, den Panzer sowohl vorwärts als auch rückwärts zu manövrieren.


Thaddili ist ein Vorfahr von Thaddäus und lebte im Mittelalter in BikiniBottomland. Er war der Hofnarr von König Krabs, wurde später aber in den Kerker geworfen, weil er schlecht Klarinette spielte.

Sunday, 27 November 2016





Whistleblowers need EU protection – lives, environment and money at stake

Whistleblowers often risk ending up paying a high price for disclosing information. Yet whistleblowing can be essential in bringing to light – for example – illegal activities, corruption, activities which are contrary to public interest and threats to public health and safety. Whistleblowing can save lives, the environment and money.

It is high time for legislation on EU-wide whistleblower protection.

Whistleblower protection is in most cases a workers’ right issue. At the same time, not all whistleblowers are employees. Therefore, broad protection should be ensured covering also other than employees.

We call on the European Commission to urgently take action on bringing forward proposals on EU-wide legislation on whistleblower protection with a broad scope of groups and areas of activities protected.

We call on the European Council to support initiatives ensuring EU-wide whistleblower protection.

We call on the European Parliament to continue to call for EU-wide whistleblower protection and to support initiatives ensuring EU-wide whistleblower protection.


Saturday, 26 November 2016





Thursday, 24 November 2016


Did you know that a lot of small children wear these one.eye-stickers today to restore their already damaged sight..and those patches have really funny illustrations on it..some of them even with glitter..and next to all the airplanes, rabbits and dragons..they also contain a very strange and classic reptilian eye..guess thats the second of yours that ive found in the public space..this seems to be another form of their secret and hidden alienation agenda..already forced on children..so we propably all get used to it..the earlier the better..right..thats why i made my own now..in case i have to go incognito among hordes of reptiloids..bet they wont expose this disguise..and so we celebrate anarchristmas just in time..a month earlier..like always since weve been speeding up history..and dont forget: participate by not participating..



There is this scandal going on with this pedophile satanic murder comet pingpong places where clinton seem to be involved with..thanks to the leaked wikimails from this pedesto guy..trumpel got president, assange has been cut off from the internet and after they stopped (again) official investigations..another reason to further expose this material and related stories..someone stated that they have exhibited art in this pedopizzaplace from a woman named kim noble..she seems to have at least 14 split personalities and one of them paints the following works..its evident that she might have been a victim of such abuse..also due to her mental state which is done through trauma based mind-control installed by those bastards to conceal their crimes..not only of sexual or occult nature..interests seem to cross..norway just busted a huge pedophile ring who also forced children into sex with animals..and there are news about the poisonous kinder toy eggs from ferrero also involved in child trafficking/trade and white slavery..definately not a surprise..just like the previously documented and obviously pedophile related companies römer, bibi and nokia..we find here a lot of similarities to our swiss bunch of sadistic pedophiloid groups..and the artists works indicate clearly that pedophilia cases are not just single perpetraitor incidents but organized and vast networks of extremly perverted child abusers and alike..blood harvesters for example..




http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-liberal/2016/11/report-wikileaks-raided-seized-by-government-julian-assange-missing-gag-orders-served-upon-wiki-staff-as-of-november-17-2542104.html (interesting reference to some u.s. reporter in zurich switzerland..)

"He" calls the worldwide raids by Intelligence agencies (on the night Julian Assange Internet access was cut off) ”unprecedented worldwide cooperation” and states that this was done at the behest of US Officials desperate to conceal a worldwide Pedophile Ring being operated by- and for the benefit of- some of the highest ranking political officials in countries like the US, China, Italy and France. He goes on to say that if word of this pedophile ring was made public, with the PROOF that it is true, several major governments would collapse, destroying the world economy and causing utter chaos.

PizzaGate - Unraveling the occult pedophilia coding of the political elite: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=57407

Much of the child trafficking is actually being conducted in the interest of (i) organ trafficking from young, healthy yet involuntary child donors, (ii) tissue harvesting from extremely young and/or euthanized infants and (iii) blood harvesting from the same.

Those who sit at the peak of the pinnacle of the pyramid of worldly power seek one thing above all else.  The Powers That Be (TPTB) really do seek immortality. Not divine immortality as sought by the yogis of India or mystics of Kashmir Shaivism; rather, TPTB deeply desire human immortality. They want to live forever in a human body that never ages… or dies.

It did not take these controllers of this realm very long to understand that children and infants possess the right stuff where it concerns maximizing longevity.  As a matter of scientific fact, the blood of a child is typically much cleaner and healthier than an average adult because they are not so toxic from living on Planet Earth for so long.



Wednesday, 23 November 2016



"Verräter sind selbst denen, deren Sache sie dienen, verhaßt."
Publius Cornelius Tacitus

"Zu Verleumdungen schweigen, das heißt ausliefern und im Stich lassen."
Abu Hamid al-Ghazâlî

"Der größte Lump im ganzen Land
das ist und bleibt der Denunziant."
August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben

"Hochverrat ist nur eine Frage des Datums."
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

"Verrat und Argwohn lauscht in allen Ecken."
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

"Aus dem Protokoll eines Außerirdischen, nachdem er das ganze Menschenkramzeug gelesen hat: Wenn ein Erdling gut ist, dann verrät ihn einer von 13 und 11 von 12 verleugnen ihn."
© Wolfgang J. Reus

Gesichter falsch
von Bosheit
Gier beherrscht das Handeln
Herzen heucheln -
im Kopf
nur Selbstbetrug
© Hans-Christoph Neuert

Man kann es nicht Tugend nennen, seine Mitbürger ermorden, Freunde verraten, ohne Treu und Glauben sein, ohne menschliches Gefühl, ohne Religion. So kann man wohl zur Herrschaft gelangen, aber keinen Ruhm erwerben.
Niccoló Machiavelli

Er wollte sie überraschen, stattdessen hat er sie erwischt.
© Matthias Schorling


Silence is nice..im just not used to it anymore..its been a while since ive enjoyed it..just like privacy..right..guess some cant handle the truth out there..hopefully shocked, speechless and full of shame..


Sunday, 20 November 2016




AN Kommandant Militärische Sicherheit: Brigadier Hans Schatzmann DANKE MERCI UND GRAZIE SIE TODKRANKES ARSCHLOCH!


This is the speech of "The young Pope" Pius the XIII when he adressed his cardinals for the first time (S01E05 38:00)..i could not have formulated it in a better way..and i think those words should be tattooed on the foreheads of those cleric nutters (Werlens&Co.)..pretending to serve God while they kiss the devils demonic hell-assholes..disgusting filth..PEAK for pope..


Saturday, 19 November 2016


FÖCK ÄLL YOÜ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gute Nacht

Ihre Beamten begehen (zusammen mit anderen kriminell korrupten Soldaten und Polizisten) nun schon seit Jahren schwerste Verbrechen an der Bevölkerung. Besonders im Kanton Zürich. Dazu gehören: sadistische Zwangsprostitution, illegale Waffenexperimente (chemische und elektronische Waffen = Folter und Mord), missbräuchliche Überwachung und Belagerung von Zeugen und Opfern, Gewalt und Drogenkonsum/-handel während der Arbeitszeit, okkulte Rituale bzw. Dämonenbeschwörung und alle anderen verleumderischen und verbrecherischen Aktivitäten, die man in diesem Zusammenhang verübt. Sie sind aufgefordert Ihre ausser Kontrolle geratenen Beamten auf der Stelle aus dem Verkehr zu ziehen d.h. unverzügliche Entwaffnung, Entlassung und sichere Verwahrung aller beteiligten Mitarbeiter. Dies gilt auch für Sie falls Sie es vorziehen diese Tatsachen noch länger unter den Tisch zu kehren. Ich möchte Sie daran erinnern, dass Ihr Kommando und der Schweizerstaat allgemein bereits als Kriegverbrecher gemeldet sind und sich für diese BZ-Attacken und Baustellenbesetzungen auch verantworten werden müssen. Um dieses Verfahren für Sie etwas angenehmer/mildernd zu gestalten, wäre es von Vorteil bzw. auch in Ihrem Interesse die bestehenden Probleme schon heute anzugehen. Und mit heute meine ich heute. Es geht konkret um diese Beamten, die in Wetzikon/Oerlikon offenbar mit hoch kriminellen Menschenhändlergruppen zusammenarbeiten um schwerst illegalen Missbrauch zu fördern. Da wird auch vor Kindern nicht Halt gemacht. Aus jahrelangen traumatischen Erfahrungen mit Ihren Beamten weiss ich, dass sich manche in ihrer "Art" von uns unterscheiden. Offenbar sind sie aus genetisch experimentellen Labors (in unseren Bergen) entsprungen, was auch die auffallende Ähnlichkeit dieser Gestalten untereinander erklären würde. Ausser sie sind alle miteinander verwandt, was ich stark bezweifle. Dies ist also ein weiterer Punkt in einer schier endlosen Liste von schwersten und ganz klar verbotenen/illegalen und international geächteten Verbrechen. Wer die Dreistheit besitzt sich mit künstlich erschaffenen Mutanten/Klonen auszustatten (die man offenbar selber nicht kontrollieren kann), sollte auch genug Mut haben diese zu eliminieren, wenn sie eindeutig eine Gefahr für die Bevölkerung darstellen. Ihre Abteilung gehört eigentlich per sofort geschlossen. Wenn Sie diese Sache nicht in den Griff kriegen, wird das für die ganze Schweiz in einer Form der sanktionären Quarantäneisolation enden, was ich ehrlich gesagt sehr begrüsse und vernünftig finde. Sowas darf sich auf keinen Fall ausbreiten. Es hat hier zu enden oder es wird bleiben bis auch sonst keiner mehr übrig ist. Und mit all diesen Hochverrätern hier haben wir ja noch eine Weile genug an Opfern, die man diesen Bestien zum Frass vorwerfen kann. Auf meine Hilfe werden Sie in Zukunft auch verzichten müssen. Ich habe mir in den letzten 4 Jahren ja mehr als nur ein Bein ausgerissen um Ihren Dreck aufzuräumen während ich nonstop von Ihren Leuten terrorisiert wurde. Da gehörten auch Bombendrohungen und versuchte Anschläge dazu. Sie haben sicher schon mal was von Schadensersatz gehört. Was bilden Sie sich eigentlich ein. Ich glaube Sie brauchen dringend einen Arzt, der mal Ihren psychischen Zustand unter die Lupe nimmt. Das ist wohl Grössenwahn in seiner reinsten Form. Ich fordere Sie und den Rest dieses Schweizer Molochs hiermit also zum letzten mal auf ihre unterirdischen Sauställe auszumisten. Und zwar jetzt. Das ist wohl mehr als eine Schande und ein Skandal.

Absolut empörte und wuterfüllte Verwünschungsgrüsse

Volksvertreter 1

Friday, 18 November 2016


This is an estimated overview and creative reminder serving as sort of orientation..the movie Blade II just running on tv also contains interesting similarities and could be used for educational purposes..and as we know the earlier the more desperate and greedy they become..they have been scared of bombs since day one because they use such methods themselves..i have some first hand experiences of this..meanwhile their fear is well justified..its therefore recommended to bring bags with you as big as possible..fill them with whatever trash you find and drop them somewhere on the site (this goes for every occupied zone)..lost and not found..whatever comes to your mind which plays with their insanity will be a great party crasher..ive thought you enough over the past years..time to show what youve learned..lets end this psycho horror hell for ever and ever..sunday will be the deadline..for all of you..or i will show up in person..with all the light power i got..no more foul compromises and blind tolerance..no more sex, blood and cocaine..no more violence against and laughing about sweet and innocent children of the divine creation..i am with god..you know..ive always been..since this holy source force manifested itself within me..they know it too because they have seen and heard it..god is eternal..god is almighty..


Thursday, 17 November 2016


Wolff and Leupi changing seats in the total corrupt police dept. of zurich..what a joke..both of their sons are related to this highly criminal squad scene and they cover this up since years..those heads must roll..out of all offices..directly to the Syrian front..which i recommend for many other traitors of Switzerland..thats when i started to hate the state of this country..and when ive learned that the growing majority of brainwashed gays here force hetero men (my boyfriends) into homophiliac sex i started to hate them too..and when i saw that those punk-squad-goa people sell victims also children to such filth even to bloodsuckers and voyeuristic surveillance-torture-abusers i hated them too..same goes for the kackaholic church and their ignorant and occult priesthood responsible for the leak of secret knowledge which those pussies abuse for their sick brothel fantasies..and the rest of this useless zombie society..who needs them anyway..lost causes..and now im praying for them to disappear..once and for all..every single one of these assholes..hopefully someone blows the whole spot up..i would love to hear that in the news on monday..otherwise you will find in me an even worse enemy ive been before..i am done with all of this fake shit..things better start to work properly..now or never again..you spoiled little rats..you havent seen chaos yet..youve never seen war before..not even a real revolution..when all the streets are burning..your choice and your destiny..not saying ruling a country is easy..but what youre doing has nothing to do with it..its definately not about the people but certainly the total terror..and so i tell myself that those stalker occupation groups here are all desperately in love with me because im a superstar..see how the view can change everything..thats why i dont want to deal with none of you anymore..i will focus on the whole thing now..turn it all against you if necessary..this will be the last pieces you will get from me..i am just finishing my books and will soon stop writing for ungrateful and silent internet observers..ive done that for years now..better get used to it and start to find your own informations..



There is typically a startling and complete emotional "disconnect" between the host's apparent mood and visible state of privilege, happiness and joy, and the pure evil, tyranny and mass death they perpetrate on the human race, all in the name of "protecting national security" which actually ONLY means protecting their security and the security of the National Security State which is the Secrets Shadow Government, rather than the visible government.

Typically these "hosts" express a lethal desire to mass murder in order to supposedly "protect, purify and save the human race" and appear to experience great joy in deploying armies and weapons of mass death and destruction.

The best evidence to date is that these Cosmic Parasites must operate according to Cosmic Rules of Play which require advance notice of what their recipients are planning to do, and consent in order to infect.

Violation of the Golden rule and maltreatment towards one's neighbor provides apparent consent for the initial phases of infection, and if that individual persists in violating the Golden Rule, infestation will increase.

When such person becomes completely compromised due to giving into temptations not blocked by an operational conscience, infestation can become final and the soul can be snatched. There are however those that have rebelled later on, and gone public. Some have been murdered for talking, a few have survived and still talk about it.

It appears that public exposure of the evil acts of those infested with these Cosmic parasites tends to create a massive shame block and seems to neutralize their evil power, kind of like ripping back the curtain and exposing the Wizard of Oz (as in ounce of Gold).

The bottom line is that when these evil masters at the top of the pyramid are exposed one by one publicly they are exposed as the King with New Clothes that is actually naked, and their subjects will stop BS'ing them and telling them how great their new clothes look when there aren't any, and will also stop being subjects.

Possession by Demons or Jinns has been reported by those who are involved at high levels in esoteric, occult organizations based on luciferianism or satanism.

Some individuals who have been high level members of luciferian or satanic occult organizations have reported that "demon guides" have appeared during human blood sacrifice rituals or blood oaths and are assigned to certain members who sell their souls in order to receive riches, power and prestige as well as eventual promotion to top USG positions or high corporate or banking positions which provide such.

In order to become a host to these Cosmic parasites, it appears that one must at one level or another be a willing recipient and be willing to give up their own free will by giving some kind of consent to the parasite.

To date the best anecdotal evidence is that willing individuals can become hosts to various types of Cosmic parasites which in actuality are energy vampires that insist on and require constant human suffering provided by poverty, urban degeneration, famine, hunger, starvation, plagues, war, murders, anxiety, depression, fighting and discord and any kind of evil in the human species.

Allegedly these parasites render their hosts obedient to the overall goals of the hive which is to create 24/7 human bloodletting, misery, death and unimaginable human suffering.

Thursday, 10 November 2016




Militärpolizei Schweiz (also part of the swiss war-crime groups consisting mainly of non-human personnel and mostly seen in blue military cars):
http://www.vtg.admin.ch/de/organisation/fsta/mp/mpreg4.html (Kantone AR, AI, GL, GR, SG, SH, TG und ZH - Management P-41?!)

Kommando Militärische Sicherheit
Papiermühlestrasse 14
CH-3003 Bern


Surveillance countermeasures are actions taken by an individual or security detail to identify the presence of surveillance, and if necessary, to elude or evade the individual or group conducting the surveillance.

The new reality of the contemporary environment is characterized by a wide range of unconstrained threats that reflect the ever-growing and pervasive underworld of dangerous actors. The plethora of acute threats to the personal privacy and security of average citizens consist of common criminals and stalkers, private and corporate investigators, government-sponsored espionage agencies, and international crime and terrorist organizations.
In fact, the criminal enterprises that traffic in everything from drugs to human beings, and terrorist organizations that recognize no bounds of conscience, epitomize the contemporary threats that do not acknowledge innocent bystanders and from whom no one is immune. As a disturbing omen, there is consensus among national security experts that the steady increase in threats to a wider range of individuals based on the disturbing trend of "pervasive insecurity" will continue well into the second quarter of the 21st century.

The spectrum of surveillance threats to personal security can range from surveillance operations with nonlethal intent to the most dangerous extreme: operations conducted in preparation for some type of physical attack.
At the most basic level, criminals will case potential targets to develop information to maximize their propability of success in committing a crime. Although not generally associated with sophisticated surveillance efforts, another common threat to the personal security of many is the stalker threat, which involves surveillance of an individual for any number of reasons-none of which are in the best interest of the target individual. Less sophisticated criminal threats will also employ surveillance to develop information on potential victims for incriminating or exploitable purposes, such as blackmail or coercion.
Criminal, terrorist, espionage, and various other more sophisticated elements employ surveillance to develop information on individuals they intend to intimidate, exploit, or terminate. At the lower end of this threat spectrum, surveillance is empoyed to develop exploitable information in efforts to recruit or coerce unwitting individuals to provide information or other types of support. Even people with no readily exploitable attributes can be manipulated into compromising situations to develop the leverage necessary for coercion. At the higher end of the lethality spectrum, terrorists, assassins, and other murderous elements conduct comprehensive preoperational surveillance to maximize the propability of successful attacks. In preparation for criminal or terrorist acts, surveillance is employed either to monitor a targets activity to determine where he is most vulnerable, or in preparation for the conduct of an actual attack.
Another factor that portends an enhanced threat across the spectrum is that surveillance capabilities that were traditionally associated only with government-sponsored intelligence and security agencies have proliferated widely. Organizations such as criminal, terrorist, and corporate-sponsored elements now have the resources to conduct sophisticated surveillance operations that were previously associated with only the most capable governments. The fact that these elements have training facilities and doctrinal manuals reflects a degree of sophistication that presents significant challenges to the community of security professionals.

The objectives and importance of surveillance countermeasures are based on the logical and time-tested assumption that individuals conduct surveillance of a target only in order to do that individual harm. Although the existence of a surveillance effort will always imply some degree of harmful intent, it is the threat of physical harm that most vividly highlights the importance of surveillance countermeasures. Even a random or spontaneous act of crime is preceded by detectable indications. The effective indentification of these indications could provide the time and opportunity to react in an evasive manner under life-or-death circumstances. In the case of the more deliberate and sophisticated physical threats such as terrorism, kidnapping, or assassination, the perpetrators will invariably conduct surveillance of the intended victim. In most cases, the surveillance efforts in preperation for these attacks can be readily detected, and in fact, post-event investigations of actual attacks regularly determine that there were detectable signs that the victims over-looked or disregarded due to a lack of security awareness.

The variations of surveillance detection tactics and techniques are virtually infinite, and essentially limited only by the imagination. Although a detailed explanation of surveillance detection maneuvers is beyond the scope of this manual, for perspective, typical examples consist of:
- Move into a turn lane or an exit ramp and then back into the general flow of traffic, observing for following verhicles that do the same.
- Cross over multiple lanes of traffic to make a turn or exit and observe for following vehicles that do the same.
- Drive into a highway exit, such as a rest stop, that enables the target to continue through without stopping, and reenter the highway while observing for following vehicles that do the same. Along city and other streets, there are many variations of this tactic that can be applied, such as through a strip mall or virtually any other parking lot that faciliates a smooth exit and reentry onto the main route.
- Cut through a parking lot to bypass a red light. This is also an effective antisurveillance measure against a security-concious surveillance effort.
- Cul-de.sacs and dead-end streets are propably the most extreme types of restrictive terrain where surveillance assets may be induced into compromising situations by mirroring the targets actions.
- The 180-degree-turn (reversal of direction) is perhaps the most effective surveillance detection technique. Just as the name implies, this maneuver involves the target reversing direction and retracing the route just traveled. From the surveillance detection standpoint, the 180-degree-turn is intended isolate potential surveillance assets and elicit a conspicious reaction. This maneuver enables the target to observe for potential surveillance assets that are forced to bypass the target, to observe for potential assets that hastily and conspiciously move from the route to avoid bypassing the target, and to observe for potential assets that execute a 180-degree-turn where the target did, or at some other location along the route.
- The "blind turn" or other tactics employing the concept of a "blind spot" are essentially efforts to manipulate a surveillance effort into mirroring the target in a manner that makes it susceptible to surveillance detection.

The box stage involves positioning surveillance assets to begin a mobile surveillance operation. This consists of positioning surveillance assets to begin the follow when the target emerges from a fixed location such a residence or workplace, or when the target stops temporarily during the course of a mobile surveillance follow. The box is based on the systematic positioning of surveillance assets around the area where the static target is located in order to prepare for a mobile surveillance follow when the target begins to move. The techniques of the surveillance box basically consist of the logical coverage of roads or routes by which the target can depart the fixed location. In some cases and based on target pattern analysis, a box may be established to travel through, rather than around the targets known or supsected static location.

Regardless of how many surveillance assets are employed in an operation at any given time there will always be at least one asset that maintains observation (contact) of the target. Intermittent losses of contact based on anticipating the targets actions, temporary blind spots, and exchanges between assets are normal. However, a surveillance effort will avoid letting the target go unobserved through options that would allow the target multiple alternative routes of travel, unless the effort will avoid were confident of the targets destination based on target pattern analysis or other means.

Any sophisticated surveillance effort operates based on an understanding of the principles of observation, and will conform to what should be perceived as the norm with respect to the surrounding environment. A surveillance effort must use cover and concealment to protect its activities from observation by the target. The term cover here is used in the classic espionage and investigative sense of cover for action, which simply means blending in with the surroundings to appear normal. Concealment can consist of a number of possibilities to include physical barriers, but generally, in a surveillance operation the primary method of cover and concealment for surveillance vehicles is other vehicles, and the primary method for surveillance operators on foot is the surrounding pedestrian traffic.

This prioritization process is a key concept because if there are not enough surveillance assets to cover all possible routes, then a corresponding number of routes will not be covered based on the assessment that the target is least likely to take these routes. If there is only one asset, that asset will need to be positioned in a location that will ensure that it can both observe the target is moving, and to position other available assets sequentially along the possible routes of departure as reinforcements.
When the target begins to emerge from a location where a surveillance effort would establish a box, if present, he will observe for indications of surveillance. In most cases, this will involve no active measures and will consist of passive surveillance detection. Observation for change detection purposes is most effective in areas where the target is very familiar with the normal surroundings, such as the neighborhood he lives in. The target will initially observe for vehicles or individuals who are conspiciously placed to act as a potential trigger. Unusually placed trucks, vans, or vehicles with tinted windows are particular indicators. As the target begins to move, he will observe for individuals or vehicles that conspiciously transition from a static to a mobile status.

Restricitive terrain is employed to isolate potential surveillance assets for surveillance detection purposes, and also to conduct or to posture for the execution of surveillance detection purposes, and also to conduct or to posture for the execution of surveillance detection and antisurveillance measures. The key enabling concept of restrictive terrain is that the target will force the surveillance effort into a situation that restricts its freedom of movement, making it vulnerable to surveillance countermeasures.
Although a significant enabler for surveillance countermeasures purposes, restrictive terrain is a true double-edged sword for the target who actually suspects surveillance, but does not know wether the intentions of the surveillance effort are lethal or nonlethal. This is a critical consideration when determining wether to employ these enablers, because in many cases the restrictive terrain that the target can exploit for surveillance countermeasures purposes would likely be the very same restrictive terrain that a hostile element would choose to execute an attack on the target, if that were the intent.

For surveillance countermeasures purposes, the exploitation of canalized terrain negates the ability for the surveillance effort to execute a secure floating box follow, and forces the surveillance effort to commit all its assets along a single route behind the target. Inducing the entire surveillance effort onto a single canalized route enhances surveillance detection through observable factors such as "convoying" by fanning out at the end of the corridor, through the execution surveillance detection tactics, the most effective (yet potentially overt) of which is the 180-degree-turn or reversal of direction. The exploitation of canalized terrain combined with a traffic hazard, choke point, or other type of obstacle becomes an effective antisurveillance measure.

Intrusion points are locations with a single primary point of entry and exit. Basically stated, an intrusion point is a location that forces surveillance assets either "intrude" upon the target in close proximately or break contact and await the targets exit from the location. Common intrusion points are dead-end roads and cul-de-sacs by vehicle, and small street-side business establishments by foot.
As it applies to vehicular surveillance, dead-end roads and cul-de-sacs are the extreme in terms of choke points because they completely restrict movement once committed. Again, restrictive terrain such as choke points will also serve to isolate the target with the surveillance effort, making the target extremely vulnerable to attack if that were the intent of the surveillance effort, or if the effort feels that it must act based on being compromised ("fight-or-flight").
By foot, intrusion points can be selected that enable the target to observe for potential surveillance operators who choose not to enter but rather linger outside awaiting the targets exit. Intrusion points with a secondary exit, such as a back door to a business, can be exploited to elude a surveillance effort, but such tactics would be readily perceived as overt antisurveillance measures.

Open terrain forces a surveillance effort to make a trade-off between line-of-sight observation and how closely it chooses to maintain contact with the target. For instance, if the surveillance effort chooses close contact over distance. it makes itself immediately vulnerable for detection. Alternatvively, the surveillance effort chooses close contact over distance itself for security purposes makes itself much more vulnerable to antisurveillance.

On foot, the target can use as much the same methodology to exploit canalized terrain and choke points as with vehicular surveillance countermeasures. Canalized terrain may consist of any restricted walkway, street overpasses, bridges, and even elevators or escalators if employed with caution. Canalized terrain may offer the target traveling on foot a natural opportunity to faciliate rear observation, but normally it will be exploited through the incorporation of a 180-degree-turn or a stop-and-turn.

The basic principles of surveillance in public places are similar to those of choke points and intrusion points, in that they force surveillance operators to concentrate and stagnate. The presence of restrictive boundaries and nonstandard terrain imposes unique constraints and vulnerabilities on surveillance operators. The nonstandard terrain works to the benefit of the target for surveillance detection purposes because it forces the surveillance effort to use special or modified tactics. In essence, public locations force a surveillance effort rely more on adaptability and resourcefullness than on a standard systematic formula of tactics, rendering surveillance assets more vulnerable.
In most circumstances, people on foot are moving with a purpose or destination. Those who are not are easily isolated from the surrounding populace. This is another key aspect of public locations that can be exploited for surveillance detection purposes. When individuals go into a public location, such as a store, they do so with a purpose. When surveillance operators follow the target into a public location, they must immediately contrive a plausible and natural reason for being in the location (cover for action), leaving them immediately vulnerable to detection if they are not able to adapt. In fact, the target can choose public locations that effectively isolate surveillance operators who enter but are not prepared to the surroundings. Locations with a standard dress code or in which clientel may be expected to dress in a particular manner or undertake a unique activity are very suitable if employed properly.
Its always important to note that surveillance operators will avoid making eye contact with the target because when this occurs, the asset is considered "burned" and of no further use to the surveillance effort. This phenomenon results in an almost instinctive or compulsive reflex in close quarters that is highly indicative of surveillance.

1. Surveillance countermeasures principle: the more active, the more effective.
In general, the more active (overt or aggressive) the surveillance detection or antisurveillance maneuver, the more effective it will be in achieving the desired result.
2. Surveillance countermeasures principle: surveillance detection enables antisurveillance.
Active surveillance detection techniques can be effective antisurveillance techniques.
3. Surveillance countermeasures principle: antisurveillance enables surveillance detection.
Antisurveillance techniques can also be very effective in achieving the objectives of surveillance detection.

Active surveillance detection and antisurveillance countermeasures are conducted along the range from covert to overt - hence the term the cover-overt spectrum. Covert surveillance countermeasures are executed discreetly and are intended to detect or elude a surveillance effort without being recognized as active countermeasures. Overt surveillance countermeasures are intended to detect or elude with less or no regard wether the surveillance effort detects them as such. In simple terms, the more covert the measure the less active it is, and the more overt the measure the more active it is.
Generally, the more covert or discreet the surveillance countermeasures technique, the less effective it will be in meeting immediate surveillance countermeasures goals. Conversely, the more overt or active the method the more effective it will be in meeting immediate surveillance countermeasures goals. Consequently, the more overt the method, the more identifiable it will be to a surveillance effort (if present) as surveillance countermeasures.

A final consideration in where along the covert-overt spectrum a surveillance countermeasure should be employed involves the classic fight-or-flight response. As with many factors surrounding the surveillance and countermeasures battle, there are a number of psychological factors that apply just as they do in the most savage expanses of the wild. The fight-or-flight response (also called the "acute stress response") simply means that an animal has two options when faced with danger: it can either face the threat (fight) or it can avoid the threat (flight).

Whenever a surveillance detection technique is addressed, this concept should be considered as well in order to determine the antisurveillance implications. Most surveillance efforts make operational security their highest priority, because if the target becomes aware of coverage, the surveillance effort is severely hindered or rendered completly ineffective. Any surveillance effort that places a higher priority on maintaining security than it does maintaining contact with the target will normally terminate the surveillance after observing the target execute a surveillance detection maneuver, rather than risk further compromise. Even the most subtle active surveillance detection maneuvers can "spook" a particularly sensitive surveillance effort. For example, with a highly security-concious surveillance effort, restrictive terrain may serve as an antisurveillance deterrent in and of itself, by forcing the effort to terminate contact rather than commit assets into a potentially compromising situation.

By way of summation, active surveillance detection techniques can place the surveillance effort in a position that forces it to either terminate the surveillance or risk compromise - making them effective antisurveillance techniques as well. However, this demonstrates that the intended technique ( surveillance detection) has an unintended result (antisurveillance). This also demonstrates that surveillance countermeasures that give the surveillance effort the ultimate choice ("terminate contact or risk exposure") are suboptimal. What is optimal is the employment of surveillance countermeasures processes that incoprorates techniques to manipulate and exploit, and can be executed in incremental stages that are more effective in achieving the desired results, while not being overtly identifiable as such.

Anitsurveillance is the most difficult surveillance countermeasure to conduct discreetly because the techniques are generally more aggressive and readily identifiable by a surveillance effort. Again, the more overt or active the antisurveillance maneuver, the more effective it will be in eluding or evading surveillance. However, against a determined and capable surveillance effort, only the very most overt techniques will be singularly effective in evasion.

This possible eventuality certainly demonstrates that surveillance countermeasures that give the surveillance effort the ultimate choice (terminate contact or risk exposure) are suboptimal. In this case, the target has given the surveillance effort the choice (or compelled it) to continue with the surveillance or pursuit rather than avoid compromise and detection. By conducting antisurveillance techniques that give the surveillance effort a choice (fight-or-flight), the target has orchestrated a situation that may lead to the most dangerous of unintended consequences.

The main point is that active surveillance countermeasures techniques should not be employed in isolation as an expedient, except when circumstances dictate that aggressive measures be employed based on immediate security concerns. Rather, active surveillance countermeasures techniques should be employed at the time and place of the targets choosing, and as a component of an integrated process.

These concepts establish the cornerstone for virtually all surveillance detection and antisurveillance tactics and techniques and are summarized as follows:
1. Surveillance Countermeasures Concept: Be Inconspicious
In most cases, and at least initially, it is to the targets advantage that the surveillance effort not suspect that the target is surveillance-concious or practicing surveillance countermeasures.
2. Surveillance Countermeasures Concept: Target Pattern Analysis
A surveillance effort conducts target pattern analysis to maximize the efficiency and security of the surveillance operation.

In mathematics and physics, Chaos Theory addresses the phenomena of how isolated events can destabilize systems. This theory is commonly referred as the "ripple effect", and is propably most popularly associated with the "butterfly effect", which suggests that the flapping of a butterflys wings might cause tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear.

The psychological and physiological factors of confusion, anxiety, friction, inertia, and momentum apply to any surveillance operation. Ironically, even the majority of individuals categorized as "professional surveillance operators" are actually unaware of the advanced concepts that impact most surveillance operations. Such "professionals" understand that these dynamics occur, but have never conducted a critical analysis of the problem to identify the root causes and corrections. These factors that impact a surveillance operations based on confusion, inaction, or overreaction are addressed as they apply to The Chaos Theory of Surveillance which, if effectively exploited, is the ultimate manipulation of a surveillance effort for isolation, detection, or evasion purposes.

Within the surveillance professionals community, surveillance operations are affectionately characterized as hours of boredom periodically interrupted by moments of chaos.
This tongue-in-cheek characterization implies that even an unwitting target can cause a noteworthy degree of chaos for a surveillance effort. The hallmark of professional surveillance effort is its ability to react to and manage chaos. However, chaos that is deliberately created by a manipulative target can be virtually impossible for even the most capable surveillance efforts to manage. Consistent with the above characterization of a surveillance operation, the target can orchestrate moments of chaos to isolate, manipulate, and exploit surveillance assets - hence the term The Chaos Theory of Surveillance.

When the target conducts an unanticipated activity that is not consistent with target pattern analysis, the surveillance effort will likely assume that the unusual acitivity is potentially of very high operational interest, since it deviates from established norm. This professional instinct to ensure that contact is maintained while at the same time reacting to an unanticipated event - if effectively exploited - renders the surveillance effort vulnerable to isolation and detection. As a synergistic effect, the laws of psychology and physics can be exploited to cause a situation that is chaotic for the surveillance effort, yet controlled by the target.

There is no professional surveillance operator with street-level experience who would dispute that such a Chaos Theory exists. Virutally no "professionals", however, have ever examined the phenomenon in detail to understand the alpha and omega of this dynamic, though all have experienced it. This stands as another example of the art and science of surveillance countermeasures. Once again, tactical applications are standard fare, but an understanding of advanced concepts such as The Chaos Theory of Surveillance enables the target to enter, manipulate, and disrupt the hostile surveillance threats decision cycle and operational process. (repeatedly tested and confirmed effective)

Isolation techniques have three distinct isolation purposes:
1. Isolation techniques to identify potential surveillance assets.
2. Isolation techniques employed as an element of a surveillance detection procedure to detect or confirm a surveillance presence.
3. Isolation techniques employed as an element of an antisurveillance porcedure to evade or elude a surveillance presence.

The most effective procedures to exploit the potential assets involve using one or a combination of the following exploitation methods:
- Observe for retention and later comparison, or to compare with previously identified suspected assets.
- Elicit a compromising response.
- Execute a surveillance detection maneuver, or series of maneuvers, to elicit a compromising response.

This dynamic, referred to as pacing, is among the most exploitable from a surveillance countermeasures perspective. By gradually fluctuating the travel pattern by pace and positioning, the target can observe for vehicles or pedestrians that mirror the same pattern. When maneuvering aggressively through traffic, the target can observe for vehicles that are also traveling behind in a aggressive manner. Conversely, by traveling in a slow and conservative manner, the target can observe for vehicles that conform to this pattern as well.

Open terrain is exploited to negate cover and concealment, which in turn negates freedom of movement and serves to isolate surveillance assets for detection. Open terrain forces a surveillance effort to make a trade-off between line-of-sight observation and how closely it chooses close contact over distance. It makes itself immediately vulnerable to detection. The term "open terrain" as it applies to foot surveillance can also induce areas that negate cover, not necessarily by forcing operators into the open, but by forcing them into areas where they are denied a plausible "cover for action" and therefore stand out.

Any terrain obstacle that serves to canalized, condense, or otherwise restrict a surveillance effort can be effective in isolating assets. The most basic and common tactical employment is the "logical 180-degree-turn." This tactic is most effectively employed for surveillance detection purposes when the target has isolated potential surveillance assets in terrain that restricts their options to react in a natural and plausible manner when the maneuver is executed.
Having been isolated with limited options to react, surveillance assets will be forced to pass by the target head-on or - better yet from the surveillance detection perspective - be compelled to make a hasty and conspicious effort to avoid a head-on confrontation, which serves to virtually confirm surveillance.

The target can induce surveillance assets to either accelerate or decelerate, and then use that momentum against them for surveillance countermeasures purposes. By manipulating or controlling the pace to generate "negative momentum" to establish the preconditions for a break in contact. The application of pacing coupled with open terrain can establish among the most suitable conditions to effect a break in contact.

The transition from vehicle to foot surveillance is one of the most effective situations for effecting a break in contact. In fact, the option available by foot, particularly in crowded public locations, provide many opportunities to elude a surveillance effort. The transition from foot to vehicular surveillance involves the vulnerabilities addressed as they apply to the transition from a vehicular box to a follow, coupled with the difficulties involved with this transition. An effective chaos-inducing method is for the target to execute a stop that would require the surveillance effort to transition from a vehicular to foot status, and then force a transition back to vehicular surveillance while the surveillance effort is still in the process of executing the initial transition.

In the context of exploit and manipulate, this procedure involves the repetitive execution of two basic steps:
- Isolate (manipulate)
- Observe (exploit)

A surveillance detection route (SDR) is an advanced method of surveillance detection that is performed to induce a surveillance effort into mirroring the targets broad movements in a manner that fasciliates the isolation and multiple sightings of surveillance assets. Wether developed graphically on a map or mentally, the SDR applies the understanding of surveillance detection concepts and principles planned maneuvers along a given route.

Of particular note, the relationship between The Chaos Theory of Surveillance and the temporary break in contact surveillance detection procedure is tantamount to applying theory to practice. Recall that if not for the serious nature of a potentially hostile surveillance effort, the target could exercise elements of the Chaos Theory to "toy with" (manipulate) a surveillance effort. There is no other application that better reflects the characterization of "toy with" than the temporary break in contact surveillance detection procedure, as it can truly make the traget a "master of puppets" in regard to potential surveillance assets. Like no other surveillance detection procedure, this one manipulates the surveillance effort in a manner that transforms it from the hunter to the hunted.

Summarized as follows:
- Isolate (manipulate)
- Break in contact (manipulate)
- Isolate (manipulate)
- Observe (exploit)
- Directed action (exploit) as necessary
- Observe (exploit) if directed action is employed

When placed in a situation that risks losing contact with the target, a surveillance effort wil take aggressive, and sometimes extreme measures to regain contact with the target.
The avoid lost contact concept makes the temporary break in contact surveillance detection procedure effective. Like no other concept, this is the one that truly plays on the "psyche" of a surveillance effort. Understanding that surveillance assets will react in an aggressive and potentially compromising manner to avoid a "lost contact" situation is a priceless perspective as it applies to surveillance detection.

The concept of "avoid lost contact" is a significant element of the mastery of surveillance detection tradecraft. This level of insight enables the target to essentially assume control of a situation by simply exploiting the psychological impact that individual instances of lost contact have on a surveillance effort. From the team (peer) perspective, an individual surveillance operator who is responsible for allowing a lost contact situation that results in a lost contact drill has essentially failed himself and his team. The psychological motivation to avoid this fate alone generates the "inertia" and "momentum" that drive surveillance assets into positions of isolation within the targets range of observation. Even a surveillance effort involving only one operator shares this psychological impact of the desire to avoid failure.

The age-old tactic of turning a "blind corner" and then waiting for the surprised surveillance asset to find himself face to face with the target is a classic example of a temporary break in contact that is ageless as intrigue and espionage. Although it can be perceived as an overt surveillance countermeasures method if not properly executed, this basic tactical application is among the very most effective surveillance detection methods, and also serves as a good example of the elements of a temporary break in contact surveillance detection procedure. These elements are:
- Isolate in preparation for a break in contact (manipulate).
- Effect a break in contact (manipulate).
- Find a "blind spot" and isolate the surveillance assets when they appear and regain contact (manipulate).
- Observe for compromising actions (exploit).
- Execute a surveillance detection maneuver (or series of maneuvers) to elicit a compromising response (exploit as necessary).
- Observe for compromising actions (exploit) if surveillance detection maneuvers executed.

In many cases, the fact that the surveillance asset suddenly finds itself in a vulnerable position is enough to elicit a compromising reaction. This can be accomplished by simply isolating a surveillance asset in a situation where it feels compelled to react hastily to avoid detection. If isolation alone does not sufficiently compromise the potential asset, it still serves to isolate the asset in order to focus the more active, overt, or aggressive detection maneuvers. Once surveillance assets are isolated, an immediate surveillance detection maneuver will be directed against the suspected surveillance asset to elicit a compromising reaction and confirm it as such. This constitutes the one-two punch that will normally force even the most savvy and composed surveillance professionals to flinch in a detectable manner.

As it applies to Chaos Theory, the psychological aspects of fear will very often override any consideration regarding being compromised as a surveillance asset. Such aspects range from the fear of detention to the fear of physical harm. While such directed surveillance detection methods are relatively overt and aggressive, they can still be executed in a plausible manner if incorporated with some type of logical follow-through. For example, the target can act in a manner that indicated that he is moving toward a confrontation with a potential surveillance asset, but then continue the feign to a logical conclusion that falls short of, or bypasses, the surveillance asset. From the surveillance detection perspective, this approach is the one that best characterizes the concept of reducing the hunter to the hunted, but the antisurveillance procedure takes this concept to its extreme manifestation.

The most effective technique to this end is the break and disappear antisurveillance procedure, which is based on an understanding of how a surveillance effort thinks and reacts. This procedure is a much more effective alternative to individual antisurveillance tactics that may be effective in breaking contact but are ineffective in disguising the employment of antisurveillance activities. The break and disappear enables the target to elude and evade a surveillance effort by executing the technique in a more subtle multistage approach, as opposed to a single covert maneuver. This is most effective as it involves orchestrating a plausible break and disappear antisurveillance procedure can be summarize as follows:
- Isolate (manipulate).
- Break in contact (manipulate).
- Employ reverse logic (manipulate).
- Evade (exploit).
- Disappear (exploit).

The most effectiv antisurveillance techniques involve breaking contact, enabled by measures that restrict the surveillance efforts freedom of movement as appropriate, and then manipulating the understanding of how a surveillance effort will attempt to regain contact after the target is lost.

The term "neutralization" has a number of meanings, but as it applies to the temporary break in contact antisurveillance procedure, by neutralizing the surveillance effort the target renders the effort no longer capable of continuing the surveillance. This procedure is designed and intended to force decisive confrontation with the surveillance effort that will terminate the hostile surveillance threat. Potential confrontation may consist of verbal warnings by the target, or the procedure may involve the orchestration of a confrontation with law enforcement elements. Of course, more aggressive confrontations may involve shooting out the tires on surveillance vehicles, sending another type of life-threatening message to surveillance assets such as warning shots, or to the extreme, which is to neutralize the surveillance effort in the most decisive and conclusive manner. Regardless of the method of neutralization employed, this is the surveillance countermeasures procedure that definately "reduces the hunter to the hunted".

The manipulation stage of this procedure is identical to the temporary break in contact surveillance detection procedure and consists of the following three elements:
- Isolate in preparation for break in contact (manipulate).
- Effect a break in contact (manipulate).
- Find a blind spot to isolate the surveillance assets when they appear and reagain contact (manipulate.)

Just as the aspects of manipulation are employed in the temporary break in contact surveillance detection procedure to achieve a degree of surprise that renders surveillance assets susceptible to detection, the same techniques of isolation and manipulation should be employed with this procedure to ensure that the surveillance effort is as surprised and poorly prepared for the confrontation as possible. Drawing an unsuspecting surveillance effort into an intrusion point is the most extreme measure of manipulation for neutralization purposes.

This stage consists of one step:
- Neutralization (exploit).

The target or security detail will only plan to execute a measure of neutralization that he or they are fully prepared for and capable of executing. The techniques executed in the manipulation stage of the procedure will give the target an immediate advantage over the surveillance efforts assets, but the neutralization technique must be decisive and precise, because this advantage may only be momentary against a capable element that is prepared to rapidly assume the "fight". As opposed to the other surveillance countermeasures procedures, the range of potential neutralization techniques is more finite, with the final in a succession of escalating options being "extreme prejudice".
Although such applications are rare and exercised only in the most extreme circumstances, this procedure does epitomize the concept of "reducing the hunter to the hunted". As a testament to the Chaos Theory of Surveillance, the execution of this procedure with the integration of chaos-inducing techniques is antisurveillance in its purest form, as it immediately, decisively, and without indication terminates the surveillance threat -  game over, and they never saw it coming ....

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Surveillance Principals generally fall into three categories: soft, hard and overt.
The soft target is one who, based on his status and background, is not expected to suspect surveillance coverage. This assumes that he has had no training in countermeasures and is not likely to employ them as standard practice. A soft target is not involved in any illegal or clandestine activity and, therefore, should have no reason to suspect surveillance coverage.
The hard target is one who can be expected to be surveillance-concious, based upon his status and background. A hard target represents a more sophisticated challenge to a surveillance team because he is expected to have had formal countermeasures training and might employ them during his travels as standard practice. Common examples of hard targets are espionage agents and terrorist operatives, both of which are thoroughly trained in surveillance countermeasure tactics and employ them constantly in order to survive.
An overt target is one who, based solely on his present status, is expected to be surveillance-concious and employ countermeasures as standard practice. The overt target represents the greatest challenge to the surveillance team because he can be expected to be more aggressive or overt in his actions. The most common example of an overt target is an espionage agent operating under official diplomatic status out of official mission or embassies. Such targets assume that surveillance coverage is present and will conduct a thorough ritual of surveillance detection and antisurveillance maneuvers prior to conducting any operational activity.

Physical surveillance is the systematic, discreet observation of an individual to develop information regarding his activities. It differs from technical surveillance in that the surveillance operators must observe the principal physically. It is the only means by which a principal can be observed constantly over an extended period of time.
A professional and effective surveillance is orchestrated in a systematic manner. This is accomplished through tactics that will ensure discreet coverage of a principal. A surveillance operation can only be effective if it goes undetected by the principal or anyone else, such as neighbors, associates, employees, passersby, and so on.

Fixed surveillance consists of observing the principals activities at a specified location from static position. Such operations will only satisfy specific objectives because they provide limited insight into the principals overall activities. They are normally employed when it is suspected that the principal will conduct protected activities at a specific location, such as his residence, his workplace, and associates residence, or an establishment he frequents.
Mobile surveillance is employed to satisfy any objectives of physical surveillance that cannot be accomplished through a fixed operation. In mobile surveillance operations, the surveillance team observes the principals activities while he is traveling. Of course, this requires that the surveillance operators and vehicles move with him. Mobile surveillance operations are conducted either on foot, by vehicle, or with a combination of both.

Communication equiment is critical to the vehicular surveillance team. The ability of all the surveillance vehicles to communicate allows them to rely on the transmissions of the command vehicle to guide their activities. This enables team members to maneuver effectively without having to rely on their visual observations of the principal or other surveillance vehicles. A surveillance vehicle normally has two operators, a driver and a navigator. The navigator reads a map and directs the driver. When in the command vehicle position, the navigator transmits the principals location and actions to the entire team.

Foot surveillance at night provides the surveillance team with an enhanced degree of concealment. The darkness is of great benefit to the foot surveillance operator, but it can also be of great benefit to a principal who is attempting to elude suveillance. Surveillance operators can maximize the advantage of darkness  employing night vision equipment.
The number of public locations to which the principal may lead the surveillance team is unlimited, including restaurant, stores, malls, parks, and airports. Public locations offer varying degrees of cover, which is critical due to the confined operating area. A surveillance team is particularly vulnerable to exposure in public locations because there is a higher propability of unexpected maneuvers.

Combined foot and vehicular surveillance operations employ all mobile surveillance disciplines comprehensively. Such operations are conducted to observe all of the principals activities during a specific period. They require that the entire team possesses a high degree of tactical and technical expertise to ensure an effective transition between vehicular and foot surveillance. Obviously, such operations increase the exposure of operators and vehicles to the principal. Long-term operations will normally require that both be replaced throughout to maintain security.

Surveillance on mass transit systems such as subways or metros is the most difficult kind. Even when surveillance operators have body communications equipent, they will be unable to communicate from the station to the team outside. Multiple train exchanges will virtually destroy team integrity. For this reason, the foot surveillance team will attempt to place as many operators on the train with the principal as possible, entering with him and exiting behind him, to maintain integrity and a surveillance capability at his destination.

Technical surveillance is the use of technical electronic equipment to monitor or record the activities of the principal. Activities can be monitored by video, audio, or motion detection. Activities are primarily recorded by means of video or audio tape, but techniques such as intercepting facsimile transmissions or down-loading computer data banks may also be used.

One method of audio surveillance that does not require access to the target area uses a light system that transmits a laser beam modulated by audible sounds into the target area. Such a system requires a line of sight, ideal weather conditions, and a reflective surface in the target area to direct the light back to a specialized receiver for signal demodulation. This system is most effective when the reflective surface is inside the target area, but a window on the perimeter can also be used. Microwave signals are also used to capture and transmit audio impulses through a reflective beam, although this method differs from laser transmissions in that microwave beams can penetrate physical barriers other than glass. Another method that does not require physical access to the target area uses a directional microphone or parabolic dish. All of these techniques require line of sight, they are relatively ineffective against structurally contained areas and so are employed primarily in open terrain.

Radio frequency (RF)-transmitted audio devices consist of a microphone coupled with a transmitter. Such a device will transmit the audio signal to a remote listening post. The listening post must  be located within the transmission range of the device, and the degradation to transmission range resulting from structural, atmospheric, and electromagnetic interference must be factored in. Another form of telephone monitoring not necessarily associated with tapping is the intercept of cordless and cellular telephone transmissions. Cordless telephones are the least secure means for telephone conversations because they can be intercepted by a standard frequency scanner. Cellular telephones normally require additional expertise and equipment for intercept, but they are nonetheless vulnearble.

The tracking system will inform the surveillance effort of when the principal is moving, his direction of travel, and his distance from the receiver. Since the tracking device must be collocated with the principal in one way or another, the most common application is to place it on the principal vehicle. Rarely will the surveillance team have the opportunity to place the tracking device directly on the principal, but another possibility is to place it in a personal belonging that the principal frequently carries, such as a briefcase.
Another method of physical monitoring is thermal imaging. This is the use of passive infrared equipment that detects and amplifies electromagnetic energy emitted as radiated heat and converts it into a visible form. Thermal imaging is used primarily for tactical surveillance applications to scan large areas and detect the radiated heat of people and machinery. Specialized thermal equipment can also be used to monitor the movement of a principal inside a denied structure such as a building or house.

Automation systems are most vulnerable to technical surveillance because any computer in the system can be accessed by any other computer in the system. Additionally, the lines of communication, normally telephone lines, that connect the network can be penetrated at any point to gain access to the system. A surveillance team may gain access to a target computer through an unprotected computer in the system. With some technical expertise, a surveillance team can penetrate the systems transmission lines and determine the access codes necessary to enter the target computer through either technical analysis or trial and error.
A surveillance team can receive information from a target computer that is in use through the exploitation of compromising emanations. Computers radiate electromagentic pulses from the screen and other components when in use. By using technical equipment that isolates the frequency of the target computers radiations, a surveillance team can in effect  read the computer monitor from a remote location.

Observation is the act of seeing or fixing the mind upon something for the purpose of recognizing and retaining some fact or occurrence. It is conducted through the bodys senses of perception. Perception is an individuals awareness of the elements of environment, gained through physical sensation in reaction to sensory stimulus. Sensory stimulus is perceived by the bodys senses, which consist of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
Personal interests are conditioned throughout a lifetime, and to expand observation beyond those requires a concious and focused effort. Perception is also limited by an individuals base of knowledge. The mind tends to either subconciously filter out items and occurences for which there is no frame of reference which to describe them in known terms or retain them for subsequent retrieval. An individual must be constantly aware of these tendencies in order to overcome their impact on observation.
For the purpose of surveillance detection , the primary objective of observation of surrounding individuals is to retain their characteristics - consisting of features, form, dress, and mannerisms - for later recognition.

Passive physical surveillance detection is conducted during the course of the principals standard activities, when no unusual action is being taken. Recall that the very nature of physical surveillance dictates that the surveillance team risks a degree of exposure to the principal. This possibility of exposure exists regardless of the principals actions. The principal should also incorporate the perceived objectives of the operation. Although the possible objectives of a surveillance operation are unlimited, they may involve developing evidence for legal prosecution or other purposes, identifying protected activity that can be used against the interest of the principal, or developing information that can be exploited as leverage against the principal in interrogation or negotiation. Identification of the oppositions possible operational objectives is normally as simple as identifying potential adversaries and the purposes for which they might employ surveillance. Although surveillance detection is a worth-while practice as a standard security precaution even when no surveillance is suspected, a logically conceived perspective regarding protected information and activities that potential adversaries might seek to observe provides a degree of the focus to the effort.

Recall that with a fully integrated surveillance team, a number of seperate surveillance vehicles will observe the principal at different periods throughout the mbobile follow. This dictates that the principal concentrate not only on one or two propable vehicles, but any number of vehicles. Also recall that a comprehensive surveillance effort does not comprise only one trip or day in the life of the principal. This dictates that the principal remember for extended periods any vehicles he observes that fit the profile of a surveillance vehicle. For instance, if the principal observes a suspected surveillance vehicle and then observes it two weeks later at an unrelated location, he has virtually confirmed that he is under surveillance.

Convoying is an indicator of surveillance which is detectable on roadways that afford the principal a long look back at following traffic, such as highwas and rural roads. Convoing is the tendency for surveillance vehicles to maintain an equal distance between each other. Obviously this tendency is only detectable when the terrain allows the principal to observe more vehicles pass by. Streets with a long downward slope provide optimal terrain for observing for convoying vehicles and other indicators of vehicular surveillance. The characteristics of darkness which faciliate the observation of vehicle lights from a distance also enhance the detectionof convoying vehicles on appropriate terrain.

Both mobile and fixed progressive surveillance employ the concept of decision points, which are locations that give the principal the option to turn or continue straight. The most common decision points are street intersections. A fixed progressive surveillance operation is composed of static observation points established at designated decision points. Since this involves no surveillance assets traveling with the principal, few of the surveillance detection vulnerabilities addressed throughout this chapter exist. Again, the detection of fixed progressive surveillance is driven by the target pattern analysis process. The principal will identify possible decision points where fixed surveillance assets may be located. When approaching and passing through identified decision points, the principal will observe for vehicles or foot operators in fixed surveillance positions.

When traveling on a train or bus, the principal should  observe all individuals for subsequent recognition. Many trains are compartmented, which will assist in the isolation of potential surveillance operators on the train are not limited to those traveling within observation range of the principal. Longer rides will give the principal more opportunities to identify individuals who may be giving him more attention than is warranted or appear conspicous in some other way.
In some circumstances a surveillance team may select to place a surveillance operator "up against" the principal. This refers to the tactic of actually having a surveillance operator establish contact and rapport with the principal, taking advantage of the natural occurence of chance contacts with strangers that is characteristic of such travels. This gives the "harmless stranger" an opportunity to gain exceptional insight into the principals demeanor. as well as eliciting information that may be of value to the surveillance team.

Active physical surveillance detection consists of specific, normally preplanned maneuvers executed by the principal to elicit a reaction from a surveillance asset. By orchestrating an unanticipated situation to which the surveillance asset must react, the principal isolated that asset for identification. As with passive detection, active physical surveillance detection is based on knowledge of how a surveillance team operates. Such an understanding allows the principal to employ active measures that will invoke compromising actions by surveillance assets.
Active surveillance detection will rarely expose surveillance with each maneuver. In most cases, the principal will at best develop specific indicators to focus on for observation and retention. For instance, although a surveillance detection maneuver may elicit a suspicous reaction from a  nearby vehicle, it is normally not until that vehicle is observed subsequently at an incoincidential location that surveillance can be confirmed.

A surveillance team depends on communication for a secure and coordinated effort. Most operationally capable surveillance teams will depend on radio communications equipment during all aspects of its surveillance operations. The communications equipment a team may employ ranges from hand-held radios to discreetly installed vehicular communications systems. Regardless of the degree of sophistication, all radio communications systems transmit radio frequency signals into the atmopshere. Although in most cases this is a surveillance teams greatest vulnerability to detection, it must be accepted because of the importance of a communications capability.
The principal should acquire the equipment needed to capitalize on the vulnerabilities inherent in surveillance communications. Rather than getting involved with more sophisticated communications detection equipment, however, radio frequency scanners are all that should be necessary. A limitation of commercially purchased frequency scanners is that they are designed to monitor only those frequencies authorized by federal regulations. A surveillance team concerned with the vulnerability of communications to frequency scanners will operate on radio frequencies outside the range of standard scanning equipment. In fact, many federal restrictions regulating the use and monitoring of certain frequency ranges are in place to protect the security of law enforcement and intelligence operations such as surveillance.
Commercial frequency scanners can be modified to receive restricted frequencies with some research. This information is available in various electronics publications. Electronics enthusiasts with this and other knowledge are not difficult to find. It is worthwhile to establish a relationship with an employee of an electronics equipment business. Once one has established rapport, such individuals are excellent sources of information regarding technical equipment applications and the frequencies used in a given area for particular purposes.
Two frequency scanners are ideal for surveillance detection purposes. A fixed scanner should be used in the residence to monitor activity in the general vicinity. This is propably the most effective means of detecting surveillance communications because much of a surveillance operation is based around the principals residence. From this location the principal can discreetly dedicate the necessary time to scan the spectrum and identify communications activity of interest. He should also use a mobile scanner when travelling by vehicle. This is most effective when used to monitor frequencies or frequency ranges that have been identified to be of interest through fixed scanning efforts.
Surveillance teams may use encrypted communications to maintain the security of their acitivites. Encrypted, or encoded, communications are scrambled in a manner that restricts their reception to radios that are programmed to decrypt the transmissions. The technology does exist to decrypt scrambled transmissions, but such a capability is beyond the expertise and financial means of most people. Encrypted communications are effective in protecting specific information regarding a surveillance operation, but they are as vulnerable to detection as unsecured transmissions. When encrypted communications transmit over the radios frequency, only static can be received by a radio that is not programmed for decryption. Although this protects the actual details of the conversation, it does reveal the fact that the frequency is being used for communications.

In residential areas it is relatively easy to isolate possible observation post locations through the process of elimination. Although law enforcement or national investigative agencies may commission the cooperation of a neighbor to set up an observation post, this is rarely done. In a residential area where the principal knows the neighbors, or is at least aware of who resides at specific residences, it is easy to eliminate locations as possible observation posts. In apartment complexes or commercial areas, the principal should be able to identify a number of possible locations for observation posts. When he has done so, the prinicpal will begin to observe the observers.
Surveillance operators manning an observation post will remain concealed inside the location to avoid any exposure to the principal. Therefore, the principal may detect such locations based on their conspicious inacitvity. Any rooms of possible observation post that are illuminate at night can be eliminated. The principal should observe for specific rooms that remain concealed during the day. By eliminating some rooms and identifying others as possible observation post locations in this way, the principal can then focus on future detection practices.
The same surveillance operators cannot remain inside a constant observation post indefinitly. Eventually observation post teams will exchange duties, leaving themselves vulnerable to detection. This exchange will normally take place in the middle of the night, even when it may seem more likely that this would occur during the day when the principal is away. The reason for this is that the surveillance team is not only trying to avoid drawing the attention of the principal but also that of neighbors who may become suspicious of unusual activity.
More aggressive active measures to be employed in the detection of observation posts include the use of infrared-detecting equipment to determine wether the opposition is using infrared devices. Another active measure is to have an anonymous package delivered to a suspected location with instructions to leave it at the door if there is no answer. This action may draw a surveillance operator to the door for observation, but it is likely that surveillance operators will leave the package in place and remain concealed. The principal will then continue constant observation of the package because a surveillance operator will eventually emerge, propably under concealment of darkness, and remove the package to restore a more natural appearance to the observation post location.
Even more aggressive measures include reporting an emergency, such as a civil disturbance, at the suspected observation post location. Since this is illegal, the principal should ensure that the distress call cannot be traced to its origin. While emergency personnel respond, the principal will observe to identify individuals occupying the location. Regardless of the result, the surveillance team will consider its observation post compromised and depart. This departure will be done without panic, in a manner which would draw no attention, and again, it will propably take place under the concealment of darkness.

Mobile surveillance systems may be used as observation posts when there are no fixed structures available to provide sufficient cover. Mobile observation posts normally take the form of a passenger van similar to others common to the area. Observation post vans may also have an official designation or commercial wording on the exterior to provide a plausible reason for their being in a particualr area. Vans with distinctive wording can only serve a limited purpose, however, because their extended presence will eventually appear suspicious. Mobile observation posts may also be established out of campers or trucks. A standard vehicle with remotely monitored video equipment can also be positioned as an observation post.
A fully integrated mobile system will be equipped with observation, video, and photographic equipment. The equipment will be installed so that surveillance operators inside can monitor surrounding activity without physically observing out of the vehicle.
If the principal is fortunate enough to observe a driver parking a vehicle without ever departing, he will have confirmed surveillance.
A more aggressive detection measure to be employed is to report a suspected vehicle to law enforcement authorites.The call should be made so it cannot be traced to the principal in case the surveillance asset happens to be a law enforcement agencys. The principal will observe as police officers approach the vehicle, possibly forcing out the surveillance operators. If the vehicle is in fact a surveillance asset but passed the scrunity of the police inquiry, the team will nevertheless consider it compromised and move it at the first secure opportunity. If the vehicle moves without ever being approached - or at least driven past - by police officers, the principal has confirmed that it was a law enforcement agency observation post vehcle.

When the stakeout location is situated in an apartment complex, the surveillance team may have more flexibility and concealment with which to establish a trigger position. When the principal resides at a hotel, the surveillance team may position a trigger operator inside the lobby to provide it with early warning regrading the principals activity and to inform it of the exit by which he is departing. When residing at a hotel, the principal should observe for individuals in stationary positions in the lobby or other common areas.
A surveillance may also attempt to get a room next to or the same floor as the principals. Although this is normally done to support technical surveillance operations, the team will also use this placement as a trigger for the physcial surveillance stakeout. An aggressive detection method can be employed in this situation is for the principal to stand in the hallway for a period of time after he exits and locks his room, observing for other guests who depart their room shortly after he does and identifying their room number.

Another aggressive detection maneuver is to depart the possible stakeout location, circle the block, and either return to the location or pass by and continue with the planned travel. This is a very overt detection measure because there is little logical reason for such a maneuver. The fact that it confounds logic precisely why it is effective. When the surveillance team is determining box locations, it bases the positioning of operators on roads which it does not epect the principal to use. Normally it will select one of the streets on the side of the block the stakeout is covering as a secure position, for the very reason that the principal would not logically circle his own block. This applies to either the block which the target location is actually on or the one on the opposite side of the streets, whichever is determined to be the principals least likely route of departure. This maneuver also provides a good opportunity for the principal to observe a trigger vehicle still in the box position or beginning to maneuver as the principal passes back by.

In relation to aggressive driving, a principal who establishes a pattern of using expedient shortcuts such as ducking into back streets or cutting through parking lots to avoid traffic signals has more flexibility in conducting surveillance detection maneuvers. Additionally, the principal who establishes a pattern of violating traffic laws such as taking illegal left-hand turns or running red lights when no traffic is coming opens additional surveillance detection options.
At the other extreme is slow and conservative driving. The principal who drives in this manner inherits some surveillance detection advantages as well. Here too, if the principal drives in a slow and conservative manner, the surveillance team is forced to conform to this pattern as well. If the principal drives 5 miles per hour below the speed limit, he may upset a number of other vehicles, but he can easily isolate following vehicles that are maneuvering in a similar manner.
Propably the most effective vehicular surveillance detection maneuver is the logical 180-degree turn. Note the term logical, implying that the circumstances of the turn should appear plausible to an observing surveillance team, if present.
One terrain feature that faciliates surveillance detection on highways is a rest area or a similar location such as a state welcome area or highway-side service station. As the principal exits the highway and enters a rest area, he will observe to the rear for any vehicles that enter behind him. He can then take a position in the rest area to observe any vehicles that enter shortly aftre him. He will also observe the reactions of vehicles as he departs.
A final option when using a highway exit ramp for detection is to exit, pass over the highway, and then reenter traveling in the opposite direction. This is an interesting challenge to a surveillance team, because in order to cover the principal in a tactically sound manner, the team will have to expose at least two and possibly three surveillance vehicles.

Traveling by taxi does not preclude active surveillance detection. Passive observation is difficult because the principal will not have the range of mirrors normally available. He has little to lose, however, by asking the taxi driver to observe for indications of surveillance and that assistance in detection will be rewarded. Taxi drivers are generally good sources for observation because they are familiar with standard traffic patterns and can readily identify anything that appears suspicious. If the principal is particuarly concerned with the possibility of surveillance, he can instruct the taxi driver in surveillance detection maneuvers. This also provides a somewhat plausible reason for the use of overt tactics, because the surveillance team will likely attribute aggressive maneuvers to the erratic driving typical of cab drivers.

One important note for this and all other foot surveillance detection maneuvers is that when observing possible surveillance operators at close range, the principal should avoid making eye contact. Surveillance operators are generally paranoid about compromise, and eye contact with the principal is viewed as an extreme degree of exposure. In many cases a surveillance operator will pull himself out of the operation if eye contact with the principal occurs. This has a negative impact on the effectiveness of surveillance detection, because if the surveillance operator withdraws from the operation after the principal gets a good look at him, the principal loses the opportunity to observe him later and confirm surveillance.

Countersurveillance is very characteristic of intelligence and law enforcement agency activities. When intelligence operatives meet with their agents, they commonly employ the support of countersurveillance to ensure that their activities are not compromised or that their contact is not a double-agent. Intelligence agencies will also employ the support of countersurveillance when they suspect that an agent is under surveillance. If surveillance is detected during countersurveillance coverage, the agency will confirm that the agent is compromised and either discontinue contact or incoroporate more secure means of contact and control. Law enforcement agencies commonly employ countersurveillance to ensure the security of their agents during undercover operations such as narcotics buys.

An extension of countersurveillance coverage that is extremly sophisticated and complex involves emplying countersurveillance to isolate a suspected surveillance operator and then following that individual to confirm surveillance and determine his identity. This is an aggressive measure to detect surveillance at its source. Obviously, it requires that countersurveillance operators be tactically capable surveillance operators as well.

Any location that incorporates specific types of security measures is effective for antisurveillance. This is based primarily on the fact that a surveillance team is not only concerned with detection by the principal but also by third parties. Security personnel or systems provide the third party for antisurveillance purposes. Even a surveillance team that is operating under official authorization must be sensitive to compromise by well-intentioned security personnel. Security personnel are trained and employed to identify suspicious activity, rendering any surveillance team vulnerable to detection. Additionally, security systems such as X-ray machines and metal detectors will obstruct or delay the entry of surveillance operators with communications equipment or firearms. Through prior planning the principal can exploit such locations for antisurveillance purposes.

Music masking can be used to conceal audio leakage that is detected by an audio amplifier or other means. Audio can escape a target area via pipes, conduits, air ducts, or simply through walls. Music masking distorts audio leakage by transmitting music through a network of speakers placed close to the source leakage. Radio or commercially programmed music should not be used for masking, such as local radio station, the surveillance team can record the same radio station transmissions and use them to filter the masking music out of audio intercepts. Alternatives to the use of commercially programmed music that can be similarly acquired and used for filtering include compiling a tape of various songs that would be difficult to duplicate. Another option is the use of classical music, which, although readily indentifiable by compositions, is difficult to distinguish by artist or recording product.

The world around us is a dangerous and hostile one. Wether spy versus spy, target versus terrorist, or you against the world, the keys to survival are the same. Although the enemy may not be readily apparent, accepting the fact that the enemy is everpresent is paramount to the preservation of personal security.
The underworld of crime and espionage is the battleground of shadow warriors who have survived in the face of the most sophisticated and hostile elements imaginable. Theirs is a highly predatory and often vicious world, of which the greater society is oblivious. These men without faces, and faces without names, will continue to fade anonymously into history and become lost in time like tears in the rain. It is truly unforutnate that their unrecorded episodes of intrigue and human confrontation will follow them into obscurity.