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I found that drawing on a wall in one of those street brothel houses in zurich back in 2013 when this all indicates baphomet worship and the involvement in some sort of occult and dark magic..which is a templar and kabbalah thing anyways..and we have to assume that they played a significant role in the secret history of switzerland and do that until today..however the worship of such demonic mutant creatures and alike seems very popular among those groups..which also causes many of the related crimes..sacrificing for some astral light illusions..opening the gates of hell..something like that..right..i dont even want to know too much about it..never interested me..and i surely never had pentagrams..system is system..cannot oppose one and serve another..what i did was freestyle and not compared to any of your old and demented rituals demanding of you to commit all those crimes..ive never read about this in any book..and ive read a lot of them.. we all know..propably much more than you did..and who should this baphomet be anyway..symbolic yes but i mean the demon gods behind it..i understand the meaning of ying-yang and still i think it is used in a abusive manner here..just like hitler used the svastika..we are propably more baphomet, om or jesus than those creatures ever will yeah the middle path is a very powerful thing and it is definately not about satanism..might have mixed up something there..but thats how manipulation works all over the world..since of the best kept secrets obscured for some bloody satanic cult..guess thats twice blasphemy..even worse than the church..but they worship it this might be one of those rotten roots in this world which should be all the kackophils..


“The name of the Templar Baphomet, which should be spelt kabalistically backwards, is composed of three abbreviations: Tem. ohp. AB., Templi omnium hominum pacts abbas, “the father of the temple of peace of all men”. [1. Eliphas Levi, Dogmes et Rituels de la Haute Magie]

“The practice of magic – either white or black – depends upon the ability of the adept to control the universal life force – that which Eliphas Levi calls the great magical agent or the astral light. By the manipulation of this fluidic essence the phenomena of transcendentalism are produced. The famous hermaphroditic Goat of Mendes was a composite creature formulated to symbolize this astral light. It is identical with Baphomet the mystic pantheos of those disciples of ceremonial magic, the Templars, who probably obtained it from the Arabians.” [6. Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages]

It is widely accepted by occult researchers that the figure of Baphomet was of a great importance in the rituals of the Knights Templar. The first occurrence of the name Baphomet appeared in a 1098 letter by crusader Anselm of Ribemont stating:

“As the next day dawned they called loudly upon Baphometh while we prayed silently in our hearts to God; then we attacked and forced all of them outside the city walls.” [7. Malcom Barber and Keith Bate, Letters from the East: Crusaders, Pilgrims and Settlers in the 12th-13th Centuries]

“The symbol of Baphomet was used by the Knights Templar to represent Satan. Through the ages this symbol has been called by many different names. Among these are: The Goat of Mendes, The Goat of a Thousand Young, The Black Goat, The Judas Goat, and perhaps the most appropriately, The Scapegoat.

Baphomet represents the Powers of Darkness combined with the generative fertility of the goat. In its “pure” form the pentagram is shown encompassing the figure of a man in the five points of the star – three points up, two pointing down – symbolizing man’s spiritual nature. In Satanism the pentagram is also used, but since Satanism represents the carnal instincts of man, or the opposite of spiritual nature, the pentagram is inverted to perfectly accommodate the head of the goat – its horns, representing duality, thrust upwards in defiance; the other three points inverted, or the trinity denied. The Hebraic figures around the outer circle of the symbol which stem from the magical teachings of the Kabala, spell out “Leviathan”, the serpent of the watery abyss, and identified with Satan. These figures correspond to the five points of the inverted star.” [14. Anton Lavey, The Satanic Bible]

Baphomet is a composite creation symbolic of alchemical realization through the union of opposite forces. Occultists believe that, through the mastery of life force, one is able to produce magick and spiritual enlightenment. Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet included several symbols alluding to the raising of the kundalini – serpentine power – which ultimately leads to the activation of the pineal gland, also known as the “third eye”. So, from an esoteric point of view, Baphomet represents this occult process.

However, over time the symbol has come to signify much more than its esoteric meaning. Through controversies, Baphomet became, depending of the point of view, a representation of everything that is good in occultism or everything that is evil in occultism. It is, in fact, the ultimate “scapegoat”, the face of witchcraft, black magick and Satanism. The fact that the symbol is rather monstrous and grotesque has probably helped propel the symbol to its level of infamy as it never fails to shock organized religions while attracting those who rebel against them.

Since gaining widespread recognition in popular culture, the image of Baphomet is now used as a symbol of anything regarding occultism and ritualism. In corporate-owned mass media, which has ties with secret societies, the figure of Baphomet appears in the oddest places, often to audiences too young to understand the occult reference.

After centuries of myths, hoaxes, propaganda and disinformation on both sides of the spectrum, can we truly answer the the original question posed by this article: “Who is Baphomet?”. Is it a symbol of Satan or of spiritual enlightenment? Is it a symbol of good or evil? The answer lies within the symbol itself: It is both. In Egyptian mythology, Toth Hermes was a mediating power between good and evil, making sure neither had a decisive victory over the other. Baphomet represents the accomplishment on this cosmic task on a very small scale, within oneself. Once perfect equilibrium is attained on a personal level, the occult initiate can point one hand towards the heavens and one hand towards the earth and pronounce this hermetic axiom which reverberated through millenniums: “As Above, So Below”.

Some peculiar Satanists will tell you that Baphomet is a goddess, or better yet, the hermaphroditic conglomerate of many species, and they ascribe some pretty interesting qualities to Hir, from cannibalism and representation of the trodden aspects of the wild to Sabbatic Goat Dionysian revel-mongering. As one gets further and further out into the fringes of the occult community almost ANYTHING is possible.

Within these words, you discover the reality that Freemasonry is, indeed, the hidden, occultic, and Satanic organization which we have been saying all along that it is. The "Mysteries" spoken of by Bailey is that total field of hidden Satanic worship which has had to remain hidden for so very long in world history. All occult groups practice the "Rites of Initiation", and the All-seeing Eye has long been recognized as the Eye of Horus, or Lucifer. The Bible states unequivocally that there is no good in man, but only evil; however, all occultists affirm that man is inherently good, and has a "Divine Nature" within him that only has to be realized through occult methods. Then, finally, Bailey boldly states that " It (Freemasonry) is a far more occult organisation than can be realised, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists". Whom does Alice Bailey say the "coming advanced occultists" will serve? She states they will serve the Great One, the New Age Christ [Antichrist]!

It would be so easy to dismiss these rumors as typical tall tales of the Middle Ages. But in their confessions the knights admitted that they did these horrible things in their rituals. They said it was all part of the worship of their demonic idol, a head named Baphomet. They also voluntarily proclaimed that it was the worship of the head which made them wealthy.

Another rumor floating around at the end of the 13th century was that the Templars acquired their wealth because their founders had made a pact with the Devil. According to this theory they allegedly kept the Pope under their control and compelled others to give them money through the power of witchcraft. Stories had begun to leak from disgruntled ex-knights about the secret initiation rituals. Word was getting around about the idol worship, the obscene kisses, the homosexual orgies, and the desecration of the Cross. Why would men in such important, respectable positions do such things, unless they were benefiting from it in some tangible way?

However, the most important moment for the Templars had come in March of 1139, when Pope Innocent II issued a papal bull entitled “Omne Datum Optimum” (“Every Best Gift”). In it, the Knights Templar were declared the “true Israelites,” and the Pope’s private army, answerable to him alone. No other king, bishop or nobleman had any ultimate authority over them. They were granted the right to form their own priesthood, with full authority to forgive sins and to raise tithes. They were also given the right to lend money with interest, something that the Church’s anti-usury policy forbade all other Christians from doing.

At dawn on Friday the 13th, 1307, the Knights Templar in France were arrested en masse by King Philip IV’s seneschals. Philip was out to get the order. He owed them a lot of money, and they had embarrassed him by refusing him membership to their club. Now he planned to use his influence on the papacy to have them disbanded. He had already sent in spies to join the order and see if the rumors were true–that there was something unholy about the Templar initiation ceremony. What his spies reported back would make anyone’s hair stand on end.

When the stories of the spies are combined with the confessions of the tortured knights, a remarkably cohesive, if horrific, pattern begins to form. Some details differed, but only in the ways one would expect–just small variations in the practices of particular Templar ceremonies at particular locations. The Templars apparently had a secret Rule, different than the one given to them by their patron, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Outwardly, they were Christian warrior-monks, pledged to fight for the protection and expansion of Christendom, and to adhere to an extremely ascetic lifestyle. Inwardly, however, they practiced anti-Christian rites.

At initiation new recruits were forced to kiss the naked behind of one of their new brothers, although sometimes the backside of a goat or a cat was substituted. They were made to spit upon the Cross, revoke their Christian baptism, and denounce Jesus. Some confessing knights said they were taught by their superiors that John the Baptist was the true Christ, not Jesus. They were then introduced to their new savior, whom they were to worship. It was a “head” of some sort named “Baphomet.” None of the inquisitors knew what that meant at the time, and no translation was offered by any of the confessors.

Politicians throughout the world likewise deliberately downplay the role of Devil Worship in criminal activity. The deliberate governmental attempts at cover-up in the Dutroux scandal in Belgium acts as an acute example as has been demonstrated. A great deal of Satanism involves child molestation and pornography. This area too is downplayed by governments.

Consider, that six billion people live on this planet and that only two billion have a basic standard of living. Four billion human beings live in squalid conditions, go to bed hungry every night and have no health care to speak of. Most of these people have not even used a telephone in their lives. Of the two billion who live well only five or six thousand actually control all of the wealth. The majority of rulers on the top of the political and economic pyramid either belong to a Luciferian secret society or are somehow under the control or influence of elite Devil worshipers. To reach the tip of this pyramid one must be a member of one of these Luciferian groups. The public must be informed and educated concerning this horrible state of affairs or Satanic crime will remain a threat in the new millennium and the powers that be will continue raising hell.

Since the Catholic priest pedophile scandal broke in 2002, there is even more proof of a sex magick cult in the Catholic Church where various priests have been worshiped as Jesus Christ in secret sex rites. According to the Boston Globe, Father Robert Meffan and Father James Foley both claimed to be Jesus Christ and initiated young gullible women into a covert sex cult. Each priest had young women worship him as Jesus Christ much in the same manner as Manson.

Marc Dutroux, his accomplices, and victims all claimed they were part of a larger international network of pedophiles and that many of the world’s elite participated in orgies. The exploited pre-teen and teenaged girls were supplied for this ring by a vast global network of procurers who kidnapped and sold young attractive girls and boys to this cabal. In essence, Dutroux was claiming to be a low man on a very high totem pole of perverts who sought sex slaves to appease their sick desires. The issue of Satanism connections came up early in the police investigation of Dutroux and his crew of child abductors. Like many aspects of the investigation, the link to Satanism was lost behind a smoke screen of apparent incompetence.

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Most of them make weird faces when they see me..thats how possessed they are..demon hosts..ive witnessed this in various occasions..especially during the high times of their its actually easy to spot them..others hide themselves very well behind some seemingly nice masks and good intents..there is a strange sweet smell in the air since yesterday..hopefully not another mysterious substance attack..or maybe an invisible perfume monster hiding in our the case citizens vs. swisscom they exposed some sort of free energy their documents showed that the antenna structures are charged with much less volts than they actually transmit..they propably extract the energy from the surrounding EM-field..which needs another boost in their reptilian eyes..we seem not enough controlled and suppressed..even if the majority is already zombified and semi-possessed or full-possessed..reverse the development with counteract measures..


Satan i command you in the name of Christ to leave the earth with all your demons and to fight against and destroy each other!


396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 Hz:

Wir haben uns an den Zustand der Gefangenschaft gewöhnt. Wir halten unsere jetzige Art zu leben für normal. Aber wir leben tatsächlich in einer Art Matrix, wie sie im gleichnamigen Film dargestellt wird (Vorsicht! Jeder Vergleich hinkt). Diese Matrix hat den Zweck fremden Wesen ein parasitäres Dasein zu ermöglichen, ohne daß wir es merken. Dieses weltweite Kontroll- und Manipulationssystem der Reptos besteht aus einem astralen Energienetz, das auch Komponenten enthält, die sich in unserer sichtbaren Realität befinden. Hierzu zählen unterirdische Überwachungsstationen mit auch menschlichem Personal (und möglicherweise Stationen auf dem Mond, wie mir eine befreundete Hellseherin mitteilte, was ich aber bisher nicht nachprüfen konnte).

Bei meinem kurzen, astralen Sprung in eine Überwachungsstation sah ich Bildschirme, die wohl das Energieniveau eines Gebietes der Erde anzeigten. Wenn sich in diesem Gebiet ein Mensch oder eine Gruppe so weit befreien kann, daß seine/ihre positive Energie ansteigt, so ist dies auf dem Bildschirm wie eine Bergspitze wahrnehmbar. Gegenmaßnahmen werden daraufhin eingeleitet. Die astralen Energien der Matrix wirken ständig auf unseren Alltag ein, halten unser Energieniveau niedrig, verhindern, daß wir Wege zur Befreiung finden, verschaffen uns neue Traumas, neues Karma! Diese Täuschung hat nun viele Jahrtausende funktioniert und ich bewerte es als ein positives Zeichen, daß das Tun der Reptos und Co. immer mehr an die Öffentlichkeit gelangt.

Der für mich spektakulärste Pool, ist ein Energiepool des Vatikans, den wir einmal in Zusammenarbeit mit unserer dominikanischen Freundin, entdeckt haben. Wir entdeckten unterirdisch viele Stockwerke, ich weiß nicht ob real oder astral, in denen Seelenanteile festgehalten werden. Z.B. Seelenanteile von sogenannten Hexen und Hexern, die während der Inquisition umgebracht wurden, konnten wir dort antreffen. Da unten befindet sich ein großes Potential an astraler Energie. Wir entdeckten, daß z.B. Marienerscheinungen damit gemacht wurden. Auch die Erscheinungen von Fatima wurden daraus produziert. Keine Ahnung, was man damit noch anstellen kann. (Voodoo in Afrika und bei uns in Haiti arbeitet auf die gleiche Weise mit festgehaltenen Seeleanteilen) Der Pool wird streng bewacht von Reptos. Überall trafen wir auf Echsen, die uns angriffen und das tat auch weh. Wir glauben, daß wir einige Seelenanteile befreien konnten, wissen aber nicht wie viele noch da unten sind. Es kann praktisch von Jedem von Uns, der im Mittelalter inkarniert war, ein Teil da unten festsitzen.

Jeder zur Zeit inkarnierte Mensch wurde von ihnen bereits in anderen Vorleben vor tausenden von Jahren traumatisiert und so manipuliert, daß sie Zugriff auf seine astralen Energien haben. Dieser Punkt ist der aller-, allerwichtigste und unsere Parasiten haben viel Aufwand betrieben, damit er nicht öffentlich bekannt wird. Diese leichte Manipulierbarkeit, die sie vor hunderten, tausenden oder zehntausenden von Jahren in unsere Seelen einprogrammiert haben, ist unser wundester Punkt. Solange sie Teile unserer Seele besetzt halten, sind wir angreifbar, manipulierbar, können sie uns für ihre Zwecke einsetzen, ohne daß wir uns darüber bewußt werden.

Hier müssen wohl langlebige Wesen dahinter Stecken, eben Astralwesen. Und ihr Erfolg, daß die Illuminaten die reichsten und mächtigsten Menschen auf dem Planeten sind, war nur mit Hilfe astraler Wesen möglich. Aber man muß kein Illuminat sein, um im Sinne der Reptos zu arbeiten. Jeder, der korrupt ist, jeder, der keine Hemmungen hat, von den Energien Anderer zu leben, ist bereits vom Menschsein getrennt und arbeitet unwissentlich für die Reptos. Im Endeffekt sind auch wir, die wir es vielleicht gut mit der Menschheit meinen, infiziert, wie ich es weiter oben schon beschrieben habe. Genau genommen können wir uns selbst nicht trauen. Auch ein guter Freund kann von den Reptos über eine uralte Verbindung aus einem Vorleben plötzlich gegen dich verwendet werden. Deswegen ist es zur Zeit auch schwierig, größere Gruppen mit positiven Absichten zusammen zu halten. Sie werden mit Agenten infiziert und von den Grauen astral bearbeitet.

Laut Bartley und anderen Quellen gibt es die so genannten 'Milabs' - bedauernswerte, durch Militär (CIA) entführte, meist junge Leute. Diese werden durch Folterungen zum Einen gefügig gemacht und zum Anderen kommt es bei krassen Schmerzen zu Astralkörperaustritten. Mit dieser Methode lernen die Milabs ihren Körper astral zu verlassen, was dann später auch ohne Folter funktioniert. Recht willenlos und gehorsam führen sie alle Arten von Aufträgen aus. Astrale Spionage, astrale Angriffe und Ähnliches. Es soll über eine Million Milabs geben.

Mit den Milabs empfindet man wohl Mitleid, obwohl man sie energetisch abwehren muß, wenn sie angreifen. Bei korrupten Menschen oder den menschenverachtenden Illuminaten fällt einem das Empfinden von Mitleid schon schwerer. Ich glaube aber, daß man bei Allen in vergangenen Leben auf Folter und Zwang stoßen wird, die ihnen keine andere Wahl ließ, als auf die dunkle Seite überzuwechseln. Wer also im aktuellen Leben korrupt ist, ohne daß er offensichtlich dazu gezwungen wurde, ist schon in früheren Leben weit von seiner Seele getrennt worden. Heilung wäre angesagt, aber das astrale Überwachungssystem der Reptos läßt dies nicht so leicht zu.

Die kleinen Grauen sind ja Robots aber bei den großen Grauen bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, daß bei ihnen die gleichen Gesetzmäßigkeiten gelten; d.h., daß auch die Grauen aus tiefer Verletzung heraus "herzlos" handeln und sie gefühlsmäßig abgestumpft sind.

Viele Millionen Menschen, die Illuminaten und ihre Helfer, arbeiten vollkommen bewußt daran, die Menschheit in einen Sklavenzustand zu transformieren. Noch wesentlich mehr Menschen sind einfach nur korrupt und helfen so bei der Verschlechterung unsere Situation mit. Drogensüchtige, Alkoholiker, Schwarzmagier und viele religiöse Sekten bringen sich in mediale Geisteszustände und erlauben dadurch feindlichen Geistwesen freien Zutritt in unsere Realität. Da liegt unser Hauptproblem: Wir Menschen ziehen nicht am gleichen Strang. Wir verzehren unsere Kräfte, indem wir sie gegen uns selbst richten.

Wir haben uns daran gewöhnt, dass unser Körper erkrankt, verschleißt, altert und schließlich aufhört zu funktionieren. Wir denken, das ist normal und die Natur hat das so vorgesehen. Aber in Wahrheit sind wir die einzige Rasse im Universum, die nach kurzer Zeit wieder stirbt. Wir sind die einzige Rasse, die erkrankt und altert. Aber das ist nicht natürlich. Es ist alles künstlich.
Feindliche Wesen, die bisher von unseren Energien gelebt haben, die uns feinstofflich ausgesaugt haben, haben künstliche Systeme entwickelt, um uns schwach und sterblich zu machen. Die Zeit dieser Wesen geht zu Ende und wir können unser Energiesystem wieder in seine natürliche Ordnung bringen. Das bedeutet: keine Krankheit, kein Altern, keinen Tod. Bereits gealterte Körper regenerieren und verjüngen sich wieder.
Auch die Tiere und Pflanzen sind manipuliert und müssen wieder geheilt werden. Es steht uns frei, neue Pflanzen zu entwerfen, aber nicht durch Genmanipulation, sondern durch feinstoffliche Veränderungen im Energiekörper der Pflanzen, sofern die Pflanzenseele einverstanden ist.
Das endgültige Hinauswerfen aller negativen Wesen, erfordert noch Arbeit. Dann steht eine große Heilungs- und Blockaden-Befreiungsaktion an. Dazu gehört, dass alle Menschen aufwachen und verstehen in welcher Manipulation sie stecken, um dann zu erkennen, dass sie in vollkommener Gesundheit und Wohlstand leben können. Und dazu gehört auch, alle Fähigkeiten freizulegen, Fähigkeiten, von denen sie glauben, die gibt es nur im Kino.

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By G. & E. Moody


CAUTION - If you are EXPOSING the devil in any way, you better be doing DAILY Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance, breaking and RETURNING all evil being sent your way.

If you can hear the Oh the Blood of Jesus midi file, and it gets under your skin, don't turn your speakers off. The demons absolutely hate this song or any song that is about the Blood of Jesus. (How ironic..) The more this bothers you, the more demon infested you are. You actually could get some Deliverance by having this tune play in the background, and some demons may actually leave your home or apartment too. Copy the midi file and play it in your home over and over or just let it play on your computer. I have it set to play continuously. (My soundcard mysteriously crashed twice therefore it is recommended to play it 24 hours a day in loud speakers or subliminal all over the place..)


When you are Born Again as a Christian/Believer/True Worshipper, JESUS/Holy Spirit comes to abide in your SPIRIT. Demons CANNOT get INTO your Spirit.

Jesus spoke to demons that were WITHIN humans. Demons spoke to Jesus from WITHIN the human, using the human's vocal cords. During Deliverance, sometimes you speak to demons WITHIN the human. Sometimes the demon speaks from WITHIN the human, using the human's vocal cords.

Luke 4:18 - Jesus speaking - The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He hath anointed me to PREACH the gospel to the poor; He hath sent me to HEAL the brokenhearted, to PREACH DELIVERANCE to the CAPTIVES, [Believers] and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.

The Ministry of Jesus was threefold. He Taught, did Healings and Miracles, and cast OUT demons.

There is presently an alien invasion going on for the control of this planet. UFO's are being reported everywhere as are alien abduction experiences. Too many not to be true. Aliens are descendents of the biblical Nephilim (Gen. 6), the offspring of human women marrying fallen angels called "the sons of god" or "the watchers".

They had angelic intelligence, applied it to the knowledge of space flight and left the earth to colonize other planets. NASA photos of Mars and the Moon's dark side reveal the evidence of their being there. They were destroyed at the time of Noah and want their planet back again.

As the end of the age comes with the return of CHRIST, Satan is bringing back his forces: demonic, alien, antichrist, New World Order  and Illuminati to fight against JESUS CHRIST.

In the meantime, they are trying to exterminate humans by using chemtrails to poison us, electromagnetic fields to do tissue damage to our bodies, and abduction and genetic alterations of genes and to DNA corrupt GOD's creation and steal his glory.

Eighty percent of all abductions are done in the dream-state. They involve attacks on the soul: invading and occupying part of it (Archon Parasites). Or abducting the person to obtain eggs or sperm for their genetic experiments. The battle is for the mind. The mind is the soul. The soul can be torn or fragmented (Ps. 7:2).

We are in a bloody, fierce, spiritual battle of life and death. The battle is between THE FATHER - THE SON - THE HOLY SPIRIT and Satan; THE KINGDOM OF GOD against The Kingdom Of Satan. GOD is in total control of the world including Satan. This battle has been going on since Adam and Eve were made by GOD. It will go on until Satan is bound for one thousand years and then let loose for a little season to test the world to see if they are going to follow Christ or Satan.

Satan is Commander-In-Chief of The Kingdom Of Evil. Under him is one-third of innumerable (too many to be counted) fallen angels. There are billions of demons under the angels. The angels are the officers and the demons are the enlisted men. The forces listed in the verse are powerful fallen angels in the second heaven with Satan. They are telling the demons in the first heaven what to do. We wrestle against these rulers in the second heaven not against human beings and their demons.

Principalies Forces and dominions dealing with nations and governments; high-level satanic princes set over nations and regions of the earth; commanding generals over Satan's fallen army.

Powers Having authority and power of action in spheres open to them; supernatural and natural government; high ranking powers of evil.

The Rulers Of Darkness Of This World Governing the darkness and blindness of the world at large; operate within countries and cultures to influence certain aspects of life; governing spirits of darkness.

Spiritual Wickedness In High Places Forces being directed in and upon the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST in wiles, fiery darts, onslaught and every conceivable deception about doctrine which they are capable of planning.


By Jim Keith

Greed is the motivation for this war, a greed so pervasive that it encompasses the planet and all of the beings on it. This is a lust for control. More humanistic approaches to understanding mankind were replaced by a scientific philosophy that would be employed less as a measure for the understanding of man than as a justification for a new feudalism and mechanism of pure control.

It was rejected that man might have a soul or deeper significance than the merely physical, that he was in fact anything more than an animal. The materialist psychological doctrine spread rapidly and infected the thinking of most of the influential psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, and social planners.

A time-dishonored approach to the manipulation of mankind is through the philosophy and techniques of eugenics. this is the attempted perfecting of humanity through genetic means: selective breeding, sterilization, biological manipulation, and even murder for those considered unfit. Involuntary sterilization programs continue in many countries to this day.

The majority of persons graduated from high school are functionally illiterate and ill-prepared for doing anything else than saying yes to Big Brother and his telescreens. From the standpoint of the social controllers, there are many advantages to keeping the populace stupid. The purpose is populace control and promotion of the totalitarian world order.

Attitudes are mandated including attempted normalizing of homosexuality and playboyism, and abortion as a form of birth control. They want the children to take tranquillizers: the wholesale drugging of students who are being zombified. This is for the supposed Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Consider the effects of poor nutrition of poor food, television and other media, little parental contact with kids, and public schooling.

The goals are one-world order and simultaneous psychological control of the world. Current cultural deconstruction and leveling is no accident. They deprogram a subject to a vegetative state through torture and trauma, for subsequent reprogramming after the brain function has been sufficiently disturbed. Encounter or sensitivity programs break down an individual's personality and reconstruct it along lines agreeable to the group.

The information war is probably the most effective method of control ever discovered which is simple information management by television, radio, motion pictures, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country. There is monopolistic ownership.

The power elite have created and developed that wonderful field of public relations on an incredible scale. Public attention has been channelled away from more important issues such as poverty, human rights abuses, the equitable distribution of the wealth of the world, true political representation for the vast majority of humans, and media control by the elite.

Photosensitive epilepsy with strobing lights is similar to hypnosis. Messages can be patterned at infra-low frequencies over music. The great majority of the information that we receive from major media is designed to keep us confused, entrapped, and to motivate us without our knowledge. It is designed to undermine independent thought, and prevent understanding and analysis of institutional structures and their functions.

One technique of control is the destruction of traditional morality and the normalizing of deviancy. Cultural deconstruction succeeded in decimating American sexual mores, helped to fragment the American family, and left the population still more vulnerable to reproductive, cultural, familial, and mind programming. This caused a rejection of chastity, self control and moral public governance, as well as increased illicit sexual conduct.

Non-virginity, masturbation, promiscuity, homosexuality, etc. in the population is promoted. Research included child sexuality, manual and oral stimulation of children's genitals, and the timing of child orgasms. Wife swapping, easy divorce, swinging, the depiction of sex acts in the media, homosexuality, and sadomasochism are promoted as the norm to create a senate society satiated with sex, drugs, and TV. The war against sexual sanity and for mass control continues today.

Areas investigated were brain surgery including lobotomy; the use of electrical and chemical shock; the effects of stress on human beings, including hunger, fear, fatigue, duress, and torture; narcoanalysis; handwriting analysis; ultrasonic, subsonic, and vibrational disorientation and control; interrogation techniques; drugs that induced speech and amnesia, sensory deprivation and electrosleep; radiation; genetic research including gene splicing and the creation of mutations.

Also included are ESP; various forms of brainwashing; personality assessment; concussions produced by remote control; brain implants and electrodes; the use of prostitutes as agents; hormonal and glandular products; gases; poisons; drug agents that could be sprayed; and drugs, including LSD, amphetamines, morphine, nicotine, ether, psychedelic mushrooms, barbiturates, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

The paranormal and the use of ESP are used for espionage. The intelligence agencies have been formulating a secret science of advanced techniques of mind control. This involves planetary controllers, plans of eugenics, social control, monopolistic control of resources, and other forms of the suppression of the masses worldwide.

There is a curious conjugation between black magic, military intelligence, and mind control. All major patriot groups, normal workers, and workers in big corporations (government contract firms) have at least one or more 'sleepers' attached to them.

Techniques included dosing patients with drugs including Thorazine, Nubutal and Seconal, then giving them amphetamines to wake them up. At that point they would be blasted with electoshocks administered at voltages forty times greater than what was considered to be safe by most practitioners of the time.

Implanting electrodes into the brains could switch on and off a variety of emotional and mental states. Various types are radio stimulator, programmed stimulators, radio injector, electromagnetic broadcasting for mind control, and instrument guidance. Telerecording and telestimulation of the brain will be widely used.

It will be possible to maintain twenty-four-hour-a-day surveillance over the subject and to intervene electronically or psychically to influence and control selected behavior. These probes are being developed for acute and chronic recording and/or stimulation of the central nervous system.

There is the intelligence agency's mind control programs, media manipulation, sexual revolution, the restructuring of American society through the use of psychedelic drugs and mysticism, and an accompanying injection of mystical religion. It seems to be likely to be imposed on the majority by the World Controllers, a ruthless, efficient, and fanatical minority, inspired by some ideology or religion to create a one-world brain to act as a police of the mind.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of religion and occultism in the history of world control. In many religious or occult groups the zombieism of mind control is the entry fee. There is New Age religious manipulation and perhaps testing grounds for drug or electronic manipulation.

Psychosurgery and other behavior modification programs have been used by the government. Experimentation has been performed on those in prison, psychiatric systems, the inner city, cults, criminal enterprises, retarded children, and on an nonsuspecting populace which are violations of human rights.

In as many as two-thirds of the ritual abuse cases that existed, the victims had been subjected to a highly developed and uniform technology of mind control suggesting that there is a large network of practitioners of this kind practicing. Programming is started at about two-and-a-half years oriented to self-destruction and debasement of the person. This creates multiple personality disorder or some other form of dissociative disorder.

Smuggling of drugs and children, courier of information, programming of children, disposing of bodies, participating in porn movies, torture and interrogation, sex with political dignitaries, assassinations, and the seduction of female politicians and wives of politicians is done. There is religious / God submission / spiritual realm programming.

It is estimated that there are a total of one million children who are programmed. There is an underworld of mind control and ritual abuse that has been only been partially exposed.

Electromagnetic energy can be used to influence, disable, or kill humans at a distance. The spoken word of the hypnotist may be conveyed by modulate electomagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain. Almost anything could be inserted into the target brain mind systems.

There are beam weapons for anti-material or anti-personnel purposes, subliminal messages referred to as ultra-high-frequency silent sounds or silent subliminals, and remote viewing or out of body travel. Radio frequency radiation fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military threats. Exotic non-lethal laser, microwave and electromagnetic such as psychotronic and other mind control weapons could be used against American citizens involved in domestic disturbances.

These include radio frequency weapons, high powered microwave technology, acoustic technology, voice synthesis, and application of extreme frequency electromagnetic fields to non-lethal weapons.

A ready source of human fodder for experimentation has been found in prisons. A single ELF frequency can produce cancer. Whole populations can be controlled by ELF waves; this is the beam war.

A person's memory, consciousness, and sense of self can be fully accessed and modified by electromagnetic means. The most frightening thing is that the means for doing this already exists in a fully operational form on a worldwide basis. The entire human race can be mind controlled though the use of television and radio networks.

ESP and telepathy are used in mass mind control. Occult methods include the use of tarot cards and channeling. The ultimate control is where a person's entire perception of reality is replaced by another of the controller's choosing. Shaping is now done by propaganda, advertising and other less subtle means. These sorts of devices will be used to delete mind / brain functions that do not conform to the will of the mind control masters.

The gradual assimilation and control of all communications - and ultimately all transactions entirely, including those of perception and thought - is a long term strategy of the controllers. Mass control is here, eating up our freedom on a day-to-day basis like a fast-acting viral organism. Sophisticated approaches to the coding of information for transmittal to population targets in the battle for the minds of men and of an approach integrating biological, social and physical-mathematical research in an attempt to control human behavior.

Among the control strategies that can be and are employed by the elitist in a cybernetic world are the control of food, monetary supply, energy, and public opinion. The techno-fascists are approaching closure, and may have already achieved it. The media is used to brainwash us. The cybernetics approach to world management can yield the ultimate in control. The ruling elite will have effectively realized total control over the minds and bodies of mankind.

Here stands the New Man, controlled by the sorcerer, media manipulator, cyberneticist and weaver of dreams, his mind and body stolen from him and soul reduced to the impulses of the animal he thinks he is. The controllers are materialist and immoral putting into place mind control technologies, advanced surveillance, computerization, indoctrination, prisons and other people-control technologies that will render freedom meaningless and obsolete.

New technology has been used in the service of authoritarian control without regard for the rights of individuals. Mind control programs are going on in the military, religious cults, psychiatric experiments, and media. This is about mind control fascism, totalitarian control, technologies, and agents.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Another study about the widespread corruption and organized crime in Europe. Switzerland has not been monitored but it is evident that we have serious issues with abuse of power despite the presence of certain institutions assigned to prevent such problems. A farce like the rest of this horros show. There is no section about the corruption thru clergy members but this is also part of the anti-democratic movement and should be adressed aswell. But there is definately a convention on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction. Pretty sure Switzerland signed it too. Partly protected due to the big pharma industry. Still not meant for warfare and human experimentation. They might all need some deliverance from demonbuster or the new tv pipifex. Ridiculously authentic. And the masses still hype the swiss-american illitaroid terrorists and their unholy alliances. Propably looking forward to the day when they get poisoned, tortured or killed by them. Even pay them to do so. Poor slaves. Plain insanity. Dont you get it.


Revolutionary Pipifex & the Vatican Circus (links to episodes):

This is organised abuse of power, which causes injustice and social suffering. This pyramidal configuration offers some space to organised crime. [...] Organised crime uses corruption because everyone else does. [...] A ruling class that degrades the people is in turn degraded by it in a vicious circle [...] Organised crime just follows the general climate determined by the ruling class.

The prostitution market provides a good example of the wide-range of corruption tactics used by organised crime. The present research shows that members of police forces throughout the EU engage in corrupt exchanges with prostitution networks, even extorting bribes or even directly running brothels. Such criminal networks use corruption to obtain information on investigations, ensure continuity of operations, or even to develop monopolies in local markets. Immigration authorities, including embassy or border guards, have also been targeted to ensure legal entries or stays of prostitutes. In Member States with legalised prostitution (e.g. Germany and the Netherlands) criminal groups have corrupted some local administrative authorities in order to avoid brothel regulations. Finally, criminal networks also use prostitutes to lure law-enforcement officers, magistrates and politicians into inappropriate behaviour, later using evidence of the behaviour to blackmail the officials for protection or information.

In some countries (IT, BG, RO), ‘political patronage’ creates a vertical system of corruption that functions from top to bottom in all public institutions: administrative apparatuses, the judiciary and law enforcement (i.e. police and customs). In other countries politicians, magistrates, and white-collar criminals form closed corruption networks that are not systematic in nature. White-collar crime at the middle level of government bureaucrates is common (at various degrees of intensity) to almost all member states. In countries with low level of corruption, the cases are sporadic. The most wide-spread and systematic forms of corruption targeted by organised crime is associated with the low-ranking employees of police and public administration. Organised crime also targets tax administrations, financial regulators and any other regulatory body that might impact criminal activities, but in a less systematic and significant way.

Police have the most direct exposure and frequent contacts with organised crime and, as such, organised crime most often targets them. The main reasons why organised crime uses corruption are to obtain information on investigations, operations, or competitors, (FR, NL, UK) and protection for continued illegal activities. Occasionally, corrupt officers become directly engaged in criminal activities, running drug distribution rings or prostitution rings (CS-BG, CS-ES, CS-FR, UK).

Both institutional and external factors make the police vulnerable to corruption. In EU-10E countries, the low prestige level of police leads to organised crime’s recruitment of officers with low educations and problematic behaviour. The closed nature of the police and their relative isolation from other institutions leads to a high level of loyalty between officers and protection of their colleagues. Nevertheless, in countries with less corruption, group loyalty has the opposite effect on police corruption: even though when police work is not considered prestigious or well remunerated, police officers report or put pressure on corrupt colleagues (DE, DK, FI, SE, NL, UK).
Political and judicial influences on police can facilitate corruption. In some MS, local government officials under the influence of criminal networks exercise pressure or even influence the appointment of high-level police officers (BG, FR, HU, IT, LV, RO). This type of influence can reach national levels, where large criminal entrepreneurs control appointments of staff in police forces and special services. Pressure from prosecutors and magistrates can obstruct police investigations of influential businessmen who are part of criminal networks.

Money laundering was identified as one of the key reasons to use corruption in the financial, gambling and real estate industries. In these cases, the most common issue is bribing employees so that suspicious activities won’t be reported to regulatory authorities. The private security industry, where security firms are often instrumental in regulating the distribution of drugs in clubs, and the construction industry also cover up illicit cartels.

One complex issue that spreads across both definitions ‘corruption’ and ‘organised crime’ is the question of how to treat the direct participation public officials in criminal activities: particularly in cases where they are not simply abusing their ‘public powers’, but engaging in a range of criminal activities, or managing a criminal enterprise. Examples could be:
- cases of police officers running their own prostitution rings or drug distribution networks;
- politicians covertly controlling companies that engage in criminal behaviour;
- cases where criminals have managed to accumulate sufficient legitimate power than to directly participate in local politics (‘state capture’).

The policing of illegal drug trade is one of the key drivers of police corruption (Amir & Einstein eds. 2004). Newburn (2004, pp.26-27) summarized the characteristics of the drug market that make it especially vulnerable to corruption:
- it is usually ‘secretive, duplicitous and quasi-legal’ (Manning and Redlinger 1979 );
- the use of informants is widespread;
- it is extremely difficult to regulate;
- the ‘war on drugs’ rhetoric often increases pressure on officers for results;
- securing sufficient evidence to convict is often difficult (the temptation to engage in process corruption is great);
- officers may be required to buy (controlled purchases) or, occasionally, use drugs in the course of their work (as part of undercover operations);
- very large sums of money may be available to the corrupt officer.

In the US, the FBI (2009) has raised concerns that an increasing number of gang members in the military stationed domestically and internationally not only pose a greater threat to law enforcement due to their training, but also because they use their positions in the military to become involved in drugs and arms smuggling. This alarming trend should be seen in view of the fact that gangs in the US have already moved from retail drug or arms distribution to wholesale cocaine and marijuana distribution.

The scope and the level of complexity of corruption schemes targeting politicians, as well as the damage inflicted on the state or society, are usually far greater than when targeting other public institutions. Political corruption is the most effective and powerful tool that criminals could use, as it also enables them to influence the bureaucracy, law-enforcement, and the judiciary.

If and when criminals manage to extend their criminal activities from illegal (e.g. drugs) into any legal markets, and acquire a respected public face, their ability to corrupt politicians increases. The “legitimate” face of a criminal provides him/her with the legitimacy to meet openly with public officials, to donate to their political campaigns, or use his/her economic clout to support political parties. Whenever one observes direct links of politicians and criminals involved in illegal markets, the latter also have acquired significant legitimate economic power, which allows them to also use corruption to commit more sophisticated ‘whitecollar’ crimes.

- Elite networks. They exist throughout the EU. They may be built on different principles: family ties (mostly in southern Europe), classmates, club members, etc. Various forms of mediated corruption take place through these networks. Entrepreneurs can win a public tender, or legislation favouring their business may be passed, just because they belong to the right social network. The ‘favour’ may be returned after a long time. Favours may be balanced: i.e. obvious preferences to a single company, or respectively a single politician, are avoided. The most precious capital in this type of social networks is trust. In smaller countries, networks tend to have a smaller number of members and fewer power centres.
- “Insistent lobbyism” (“eindringlicher Lobbyismus”) is another common form it takes. PR companies support the interests of certain politicians. These companies are paid by certain industries (DE).
- Threatening/blackmailing politicians has also been observed, particularly at the local level. (IT) Some cases were reported, where local politicians are offered a prostitute or a large bribe. Following this the criminals collect evidence of the misbehaviour of the politician, and use it for blackmail him/her (IT, DE). A similar tactic is used for other public officials.

- Public perceptions: OC figures may be perceived as cultural heroes or “men of honour” (local level). Criminals (particularly white-collar ones) may manage to build a public image that manipulates public opinion (control over media facilitates this) (IT).
-  High-level corruption: as corruption spreads from the elite downwards to other social groups, impunity seems to increase its multiplying effect. This process causes increasing familiarisation with and tolerance for unorthodox practices, even among those who benefit very little from their own corrupt practices

Local council dissolution: this is a rather extreme measure to fight local level political corruption, but has proven the only effective tool to reverse ‘state capture’ at the local level where democratic principles and the fairness of electoral process have been subverted. In Italy, over the past ten years, about one hundred city councils have been disbanded on suspicion of being infiltrated by the mafia (IT).

Direct access networks:
- Small communities: whether it concerns a town or a small island (e.g. Cyprus, Malta, or Corsica) local elites establish networks, where representatives of the judiciary, businesses, law-enforcement, and politicians know each other. Insofar as white-collar criminals or traditional organised criminals are able to accumulate sufficient economic power to become part of these local elites, they inevitably gain access to local members of the judiciary.
- Social networks: formed around Masonic lodges (CS-FR, CS-IT, MT) or local political networks (CS-ES), members of the judiciary could have the opportunity to come in direct contact with crime figures, in secretive settings away from public view. In countries where religion plays a significant role, even a church could serve as a network (EL, NL).
- Personal and family networks: personal and family networks play a certain role in all Member States. In countries where extended families or nepotism are more common place, these networks feature much more prominently in corruption scandals (CS-EL, PL, BG). Schools (particularly elite ones) also provide an immediate network, especially in cases involving white-collar criminals. Spouses, particularly working as lawyers (or within other branches of the judiciary), could serve as intermediaries in accepting bribes (CS-FR) or in taking advantage of the network of corrupt judges to which the other spouse is a member (CS-BG).

In most Member States, there are four main market segments for prostitution: the street, brothels, elite prostitutes, and independent prostitutes. Although the four levels are often interrelated, the actors (prostitutes or criminal networks) in them are often different, as are the corruption targets.
-  Street and highway prostitution: this is the most conspicuous type of prostitution and most directly controlled by the police. Low-level corruption of patrolling police officers for protection/racketeering is most common (UK, BG, FR, ES, DE).
- Club prostitution (brothels, massage parlours etc): low to mid-level corruption of law enforcement is likely to be used to prevent raids and vice squad investigations (BG, UK, CY). Brothel-regulation-related corruption could also affect local government and tax authorities that enforce licenses or zoning laws (NL, DE).
- Elite prostitution: Elite prostitutes are used as a corruption instrument by organised crime to gain influence over politicians, magistrates, and representatives of multinational corporations (FR, BG, DE).
- Independent: the internet has provided an opportunity for some women to work independently as prostitutes. Little corruption seems to be involved, and organised crime, especially in countries where prostitution is legal, often does not control independent prostitutes).

Interviews revealed that police corruption is the most common type used throughout the EU to facilitate prostitution. Along with drugs, the prostitution market is a key driver to corruption within the police. In general, across the EU, police corruption takes place at the low level of the law enforcement hierarchy, where there is direct exposure to
prostitutes, pimps, and brothels.

In a 2006 case, 7 community police officers from the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis were sentenced to various prison terms for committing a number of crimes, including obtaining free services from prostitutes. In a different case in 2006, four police officers (3 from Marseille and higher level Commissaire, from Carpentras) received sentences of between 1 and 4 years for having financed and operated at least two swinger clubs that also involved prostitution. (CS-FR).

On May 8, 2008, the chief of the local police of Coslada (a Madrid suburb) and other 26 local police officers were arrested on suspicion of involvement in a corruption ring that involved extortion from prostitutes, bars and local businesses. On May 14, a judge authorized detention without bail for 13 of the arrested officers (SP).

Europol (2007) explains that criminal groups often try to extort nonintegrated minorities. Marginalised immigrant communities lean heavily upon their cultural inheritance and practices. They are cut off from the family structures that often sustain concepts of personal security and are unable to communicate with the indigenous population or its institutions. This has led to a concentration of specific criminal activities and the accompanying racketeering.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Non-human entities have visited earth long before humans existed..some of them seem to have interveined with the evolution in genetically altering/enhancing parts of planetary lifeforms..and so they have influenced all the following civilizations and humanity in general until have been made over our heads..human material for advance technology and occult powers which are also used against for one side and control over slaves for the other..certain human groups have already entered space and cooperate with different alien its not surprising that there are colonies on moon and mars already..russian-american joint ventures..right..another sign of international conspiracy..venus and saturn seem to be inhabited by inter-dimensional beings..propably the well known angels and devils..and still all neighbour planets circle around the sun which is nurturing them..shared roots..and soon to become part of the milky way galaxy..maybe we should expand our minds into those directions..nothing should be concealed..not even in space..


"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Living Stones
David Icke:
Secret Space Program:

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Missdiagnosed, misstreated and constantly dismissed..and one horrific incident and traumatic experience chased the other..the ability for self-healing can work a certain time..its part of the internal survival strategy..and i did great despite all the extreme situations ive been going thru..but its difficult to recover during ongoing and neverending trauma..which is part of their professional torture brainwash system..we all know..and it doesnt look like someone would soon interveine..or actively support the cause which affects us all..i have to do everything on my own..and so the invisible terror, the invisible torture and the invisible killing and night..since almost 4 years nonstop..poison, radiation, observation, harassment, attacks..its actually a wonder that im still here talking to people and getting up each day..guess many others would have been dead long time ago..and some are already..right..mainly inside..people just watch and we can wait until we have cancer or another serious illness and die..great plan..the clean and white murder and elimination of honest and brave people..shame on you..and still my core is intact and it will be enough determination left in there to have this all put back on your shoulders..the list is long but not impossible..its very wrong what is happening here..injustice and cruelness in its purest form..i hate this and i hate why dont you just shut the fuck up and kill yourself..thank you..i cant hear those stupid voices anymore, i cant see those hostile stalkers anymore and i dont want to be part of this totally disgusting and psychopathic society either..maybe i should start some baby poo business..there seems to be a huge underground market for that if any crazy preppers need some shit stock down there just call your no. 1 swiss kackapoo dealer..the country would be actually nice if there were no people..thats all there is and all that will be..dirt and dirt and another dirt..and hey look over there is also dirt..and even more behind it...






If you have experienced severe trauma or a life-threatening event — whether during a time of war or in a noncombat situation — you may develop symptoms of posttraumatic stress, or what is commonly known as PTSD. Maybe during the event you felt as if your life or the lives of others were in danger or that you had no control over what was happening. While in the military, you may have witnessed people being injured or dying, or you may have experienced physical harm yourself.

Some of the most common symptoms of PTSD include recurring memories or nightmares of the event, sleeplessness, loss of interest, and feelings of numbness, anger or irritability, or being constantly on guard, but there are many ways PTSD can impact your everyday life. Sometimes these symptoms don't surface for months or even years after the event occurred or after returning from deployment. They may also come and go. If these problems persist or they're disrupting your daily life, you may have PTSD.

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), also known as complex trauma, is a proposed diagnostic term for a set of symptoms resulting from prolonged stress of a social and/or interpersonal nature, especially in the context of interpersonal dependence. Subjects displaying traits associated with C-PTSD include victims of chronic maltreatment by caregivers, as well as hostages, prisoners of war, concentration camp survivors, survivors of some religious cults, and a parent or guardian with narcissistic personality disorder, whether in the grandiose or covert forms.

Situations causing the kind of traumatic stress that can lead to C-PTSD-like symptoms include captivity or entrapment (a situation lacking a viable escape route for the victim), as well as psychological manipulation (gaslighting and/or false accusations), which can result in a prolonged sense of helplessness and deformation of one's identity and sense of self.

Six suggested core components of complex trauma treatment include:

- Safety
- Self-regulation
- Self-reflective information processing
- Traumatic experiences integration
- Relational engagement
- Positive affect enhancement

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is a condition that results from chronic or long-term exposure to emotional trauma over which a victim has little or no control and from which there is little or no hope of escape, such as in cases of:

- domestic emotional, physical or sexual abuse
- childhood emotional, physical or sexual abuse
- entrapment or kidnapping.
- slavery or enforced labor.
- long term imprisonment and torture
- repeated violations of personal boundaries.
- long-term objectification.
- exposure to gaslighting & false accusations
- long-term exposure to inconsistent, push-pull, splitting or alternating raging & hoovering behaviors.
- long-term taking care of mentally ill or chronically sick family members.
- long term exposure to crisis conditions.

When people have been trapped in a situation over which they had little or no control at the beginning, middle or end, they can carry an intense sense of dread even after that situation is removed. This is because they know how bad things can possibly be. And they know that it could possibly happen again. And they know that if it ever does happen again, it might be worse than before.

The degree of C-PTSD trauma cannot be defined purely in terms of the trauma that a person has experienced. It is important to understand that each person is different and has a different tolerance level to trauma. Therefore, what one person may be able to shake off, another person may not. Therefore more or less exposure to trauma does not necessarily make the C-PTSD any more or less severe.

C-PTSD sufferers may "stuff" or suppress their emotional reaction to traumatic events without resolution either because they believe each event by itself doesn't seem like such a big deal or because they see no satisfactory resolution opportunity available to them. This suppression of "emotional baggage" can continue for a long time either until a "last straw" event occurs, or a safer emotional environment emerges and the damn begins to break.

The "Complex" in Complex Post Traumatic Disorder describes how one layer after another of trauma can interact with one another. Sometimes, it is mistakenly assumed that the most recent traumatic event in a person's life is the one that brought them to their knees. However, just addressing that single most-recent event may possibly be an invalidating experience for the C-PTSD sufferer. Therefore, it is important to recognize that those who suffer from C-PTSD may be experiencing feelings from all their traumatic exposure, even as they try to address the most recent traumatic event.

Monday, 17 October 2016


The years have passed without any consequences taken by the government and other involved institutions assigned to such problems. Neither in our country nor by any other european instance. None of the crimes have been stopped, none of the criminals have been convicted or eliminated and there is no trace of most victims or witnesses that have been directly involved since day one. This indicates that the informed groups are still not interested in solving any of those cases and still have their focus on eliminating citizens who oppose this agenda. We still have enough proof and there is always our word and our side of the story which will not disappear by those stalking surveillance torture techniques executed by the mentioned crime groups and state members. Also since day one until today. Apart from all the general atrocities committed we still have this issue with the chemical weapons that have been repeatedly used in highly populated areas of zurich city. Especially around the main station. Mass-intoxication. And how the government dealt with it. I remember when i returned to the clinic after another attack and ive asked the doctors if it is possible to find traces of it and they denied. Now that ive recovered from all the traumatic terror ive been thru because of that slave trade vampire cannibal war i see very clear that there would have been enough possibilities to proove the substance used and some of them still are to that day. It seems very persistent. And i know how much blood samples and other tests have been done during that time. Not for investigative reasons as weve learned. Its all about profit and torture in those clinics. The destruction of clear thinking and intelligent people. Murderers just like the elite they serve. So we have to assume that those attacks are closely connected to the sex slave house case and still there is the fact that it did not change anything in that matter. We have to consider it to be one of the many coverup measures that have been taken by our greedy and insane government. Human experimentation could be another pleasing factor for such degenerated subjects. I guess Mr. Blattmann as swiss military chief always carries a little bit of baby poopoo in his pocket so he can smell or lick it in between his absolutely horrendous decision meetings. Surely inspired and manipulated by his american allies. He propably fucks them in their gay asses aswell. They are all gay now in the military and police or sadist abusers who like to rape unconcious or paralyzed/hypnotized victims. Necrophilus and pedophilus seem to like each other a lot. Thats where all the billions of taxes go. Fuck you you fucking fucks. I will dance the day when you have all disappeared. Propably by the creatures with which youve started joint ventures in our mountains. Right. You will pay for this and nobody else. Thats how it will be. It is already part of history. Just like you are. All of you. Especially the ones occupying our village. I want payback and i am going to have it. And so i have great plans for all of you and many surprises in all of my bags and pockets. Each one of this huge terror crimes will be solved and exposed. One after the other until none of you nazi assholes are left. This is my promise to you. Because i am still alive. But i will never be able to live alone again in this country unless i want to be killed or hijacked by such militant psychopath forces. We know that since Bäretswil. Full hell hole crap. And so im here protected by the people i live with if i like it or not and so i will use this as an advantage to have the last of your dirty secrets spread all over the world which is the only thing you deserve. Publicity about the real fucking crazy things that are happening here in this country called shitzerland or switzooland. No other words fit for something low like this. I try to live an ordinary life afterall but it will never change the fact that you torture me and many others aswell. I will not let this continue just to hide the dirt which this country represents. From bottoms to tops. Nothing left than corrupt and insane psychopaths and brain zombie citizens. Who freely enslave themselves in producing more child slaves for the system. Even if this is the last thing on earth we need and want right now but its a great excuse to not face the real world out there which is also hidden from the unsuspecting children who have been born into plain hell. You could actually sacrifice them straight away it would spare them a lot of pain and suffering in the future which none of us wants to be part of. Yeah keep doing party and watching TV that sure helps a lot. The invasion has already taken place all around us. Also in spots you would not expect it. People dont know how to see the signs but they are all over the place. They leave traces even if they are invisible most of the time. However the people are so deeply jailed in their programmed coma state of mind they cannot even cope with the "normal" and visible madness around us. The majority of the population is not be taken serious anymore. Just not. Sorry. If we keep following them we will all end up at some human butchery. Or another nazi gas chamber. If this is where you want to lead your families just keep on participating and dreaming in this illusionary horror society full of lies and dirt. Go away. Force your false and oppressive reality on someone else. I prefer animals and plants more than controlled puppets and demons. And if i remember correctly this has always been the case since ive realized what this world is. I am not using credit-/payment banking cards and all the money i get is spent on pure foods, activist artist materials, shieldings/protection and the exposure of this international terrorist networks. And i am not talking about ISIS or such. Our governments are the enemies. They are at war against the population. Installing the total enslavement. We dont use WLAN frequency weapon and no eye-phones only old models who stay at home switched off most of the time. Can be pulled into their swisscom kackahell asses. Thats all there is. My rooms are shielded with different materials to damp the EM-field resonance torture. Most electronics should be turned off anyway. Try to be as independent as possible and use the time for exposure, learning, tactics and informative art. Spiritual growth if possibe under such hostile circumstances. Id rather be dead than a slave of this insane society. Keep driving your stupid money cars until you drive with your dumb little heads into the next wall. I will pray each day and night for the rest of my life that all of you will get what you deserve. And worse. Much worse. Things could be great and much better all over this planet. Dont tell me. I know what is possible. And all you can do is oppressing the solutions to your and our problems. But hey guess what. I dont give a shit anymore. I would be happy to see it all go down. More with each day. I see the necessity in it. Its just too much. All borders have been crossed and people should not accept this. Not one single day. We are more than them. Much more. We have the power. We always had it until they stole it from us. Behind our backs. Kept us in this ignorant sleep of false and bloody luxury. Should be pulled into their asses aswell. Best twice. Just like all their perverted pricks and sick servants. Dont you know that wearing a uniform is like taking off your brain suit. If you ever had one. Brain cell 1 or 2. Maybe both. Never used i guess. And so everyone understands why money and weapons alone will never solve problems. It makes it only worse instead. Another nice example of something that is naturally regulated. Guess air worths more. Which they now want to own aswell. The insane greed for control knows no limits. And we in Switzerland always were a mekka for the sickest members of society. Maybe because they were always allowed to do whatever they want here. Just like the zionists who held their summit for world domination in basel aswell. They sure have drunken some child blood afterwards. Instead of wine. Eating the body of christ is actually really meant literally. Fuck you you old stinking fucking bastards. Why dont you die already. The world would not miss any of you. Not a second. Once you will only have the choice about how you want to die. None will be spared. Not even them. Even if they believe this in their poisoned and possessed little kacka brains. And if this is the only way to stop them we will all be glad to go down with them. Do it and destroy yourself. I am not going anywhere. Rising up will be now the opposite then. Your choice. I am done with it.


BZ is a stable white crystalline powder that is only slightly soluble in water. It is described by the U.S. Army as a “central nervous system depressant.” It can “disrupt the high integrative functions of memory, problem solving, attention, and comprehension. A relatively high dose produces toxic delirium, destroying the individual’s ability to perform any military task.”

It has been used several times over the past 40 years, most famously against the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War by the United States and against Muslims in both Bosnia and Kosovo by Yugoslavian troops. Veterans groups over the years have charged that U.S. soldiers in Vietnam were exposed to it and suffered long-term neurological effects.

BZ intake can be treated with a chemical called physostigmine, a compound that enhances levels of a substance (acetylcholine) between neurons in the brain. The drug has a history of successful treatment on patients suffering from carbon monoxide intoxication. Also called eserine, physostigmine has also been used to enhance memory in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

BZ is a glycolate anticholinergic compound related to atropine, scopolamine, hyoscyamine, and other deliriants. Dispersal would be as an aerosolized solid (primarily for inhalation) or as agent dissolved in one or more solvents for ingestion or percutaneous absorption.

One of the anticholinergic compounds, 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, was assigned the NATO code BZ and was weaponized at the beginning of the 1960s for possible battlefield use. BZ was invented by Hoffman-LaRoche in 1951. The company was investigating anti-spasmodic agents, similar to tropine, for treating gastrointestinal issues when the chemical was discovered. In 1959 the United States Army began to show interest in using the chemical as a chemical warfare agent. The agent was originally designated TK but when it was standardized by the U.S. Army in 1961 it was designated BZ. The agent commonly became known as "Buzz" because of this abbreviation and the effects it had on the mental state of its casualties.

The PNS effects of BZ are essentially side effects that are useful in diagnosis, but incidental to the CNS effects for which the incapacitating agents were developed. These CNS effects include a dose-dependent decrease in the level of consciousness, beginning with drowsiness and progressing through sedation to stupor and coma. The patient is often disoriented to time and place. Disturbances in judgment and insight appear. The patient may abandon socially imposed restraints and resort to vulgar and inappropriate behavior. Perceptual clues may no longer be readily interpretable, and the patient is easily distracted and may have memory loss, most notably short-term memory. In the face of these deficits, the patient still tries to make sense of his environment and will not hesitate to make up answers on the spot to questions that confuse him. Speech becomes slurred and often senseless, and loss of inflection produces a flat, monotonous voice. References become concrete and semiautomatic with colloquialisms, clichés, profanity, and perseveration. Handwriting also deteriorates. Semiautomatic behavior may also include disrobing (perhaps partly because of increased body temperature), mumbling, and phantom behaviors such as constant picking, plucking, or grasping motions ("woolgathering" or carphology).

The use of chemicals to induce altered states of mind dates to antiquity and includes the use of plants such as thornapple (Datura stramonium) that contain combinations of anticholinergic alkaloids. The use of nonlethal chemicals to render an enemy force incapable of fighting dates back to at least 600 B.C when Solon's soldiers threw hellebore roots into streams supplying water to enemy troops, who then developed diarrhea. In 184 B.C., Hannibal's army used belladonna plants to induce disorientation, and the Bishop of Muenster in A.D. 1672 attempted to use belladonna-containing grenades in an assault on the city of Groningen. In 1881, members of a railway surveying expedition crossing Tuareg territory in North Africa ate dried dates that tribesmen had apparently deliberately contaminated with Hyoscyamus falezlez. In 1908, 200 French soldiers in Hanoi became delirious and experienced hallucinations after being poisoned with a related plant. More recently, accusations of Soviet use of incapacitating agents internally and in Afghanistan were never substantiated.

Because BZ is odorless and nonirritating, and because clinical effects are not seen until after a latent period of 30 minutes to 24 hours, exposure could occur without the knowledge of casualties. No currently available field military or civilian detector is designed to disclose the presence of BZ or other anticholinergic compounds in the environment. Confirmation of the exact chemical involved in an incapacitating agent exposure would have to await laboratory analysis of environmental specimens containing the agent. The HEPA filter in the canister of the chemical protective mask prevents exposure of the face and respiratory tract to aerosolized BZ. The chemical protective ensemble protects the skin against contact with BZ or other incapacitating agents dispersed as fine solid particles or in solution. Protection against ingestion would depend upon a high index of suspicion for BZ contaminated food or drink.

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Überall dort, wo sensitive Daten verarbeitet werden, muss die Datensicherheit im Vordergrund stehen. Denn schon mit relativ geringem Aufwand können ganze IT-Systeme von aussen absichtlich gestört werden. Auch um einen unerlaubten Zugriff auf sensitive Daten durch Unbefugte zu verunmöglichen, sollten geeignete Massnahmen getroffen werden. Denn selbst ohne Kabelverbindung lassen sich viele Daten auf Computerbildschirmen, Grafik- und Videokarten bis zu einer Distanz von zirka 100 Metern mit entsprechenden Mitteln einsehen.

EM shielding (electromagnetic shielding) is the practice of surrounding electronics and cables with conductive or magnetic materials to guard against incoming or outgoing emissions of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

EM shielding is conducted for several reasons. The most common purpose is to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from affecting sensitive electronics. Metallic mesh shields are often used to protect one component from affecting another inside a particular device. In a smartphone, for example, a metallic shield protects electronics from its cellular transmitter/receiver. Radiation shields in mobile phones also decrease the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy that might be absorbed by the user.

To increase the security of air gapped systems, EM shielding is advised. Conventionally, physical isolation and a lack of external connectivity have been considered adequate to ensure their security. However, proof-of-concept attacks have demonstrated that acoustical infection can be enabled by exploiting the electromagnetic emanations of the system’s sound card.

Air-gapping is used in the military, government and financial systems like stock exchanges. The measures are also used by reporters, activists and human rights organizations working with sensitive information.

A number of different materials and techniques are used for EM shielding. Wires may be surrounded by a metallic foil or braid shield to block errant EMI from the cased wires. Audio speakers often have inner metallic casing to block EMI produced by the drivers so they don’t affect TVs and other electronics. Complete continuous enclosure is not necessary so long as any openings are smaller than the electromagnetic waves that need to be blocked.

Special conductive paints can be used to prevent the EMF from networks escaping the originating business to prevent eavesdropping or wireless attacks. These techniques are like a miniature Faraday cage, which can prevent signal corruption that would cause electronics to perform unexpectedly.

Electronics may also have connections filtered for EMI by use of electronic components like capacitors, ferrules and grounded wires to minimize the effects of EMI noise -- even twisting wires together with grounds can reduce lower interference.

Magnetic materials must be used for EM shielding in environments where the magnetic fields are slowly varied below the 100Khz range as a Faraday cage-type solution is ineffective in that situation. With magnetic materials, the EMI is drawn into the magnetic field of the shielding.