Thursday, 30 June 2016


Nothing can be hidden anymore..everything will be exposed..guess thats one of the reasons why so many people in this country and elsewhere hate me so much..its not that i plan it..have to search for the secrets..i just walk into it..see things others not even recognize..the village idyll cannot deceive me..and now i know why they were so nervous when i moved all the other places i lived..darkness will be brought to light..loosing its power and victims..few days ago i found the first needle on the street implying that this small country side place is full of heavy drug users..and yesterday in the vogelsberg forest close to restaurant some hidden playground wood tent place i found a full costume of obviously criminal and insane is disturbing to say the least..the mask looked rotten and had a pattern of mold on it..on the inside was martina 5a/b written..must come from the school of hell..the band used to fix it on the head seemed to be newer..just like the robe which was made out of linen and fabricated in a low quality..self-made..the piece of cord was seperate in the lower part of the forest but seemed to perfectly fit into the picture of horror..who ever used this for whatever reasons is definately sick and dangerous..if anyone recognizes this especially children you might go to the police and tell them about..i dont have the things was disposed in a proper way..skeleton kuku ghosts should not cross my path anymore..i never want to see something like this again..neither here nor anywhere be warned i am your worst enemy..ive repeatedly heard about people who sacrifice victims for abuse especially young girls or children to demons in the forests and caves..and no one can/want to proove it because they officially dont/should not exist..but its obvious that the whole thing got out of control long time ago..and that not only a few people out there do get in exchange "magical powers" from those i saw a military convoy driving by with strange antennas on their cars..if you dont want to be publicly exposed just stop it..i have no problem hanging posters of this into the whole village..thats how murderous and creepy psychopaths look more..


Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Doing art is a wonderful cope with the terror around us, to heal ourselves and to display glimpses of the bigger of many tools to shape and create our world..i chose the middle path..and i would do it is what it regrets..neither heaven nor hell..but earth and the people..neither black nor white..but maybe all together, grey or vegan blood for them tho..yeix..rather bio+..pisspresso what else..eww..prexit, texit, sexit or many secrets they dont want the people to know..initiation should be for everyone or it is not the real deal..visualize everything you want protected into the geometrical octaeder shape..planet earth would be a fitting object..thats what i call earth defence..a nice party decoration more dream catchers or little horror ghosts..those people belong to jail..glitterflitter all over the place..from the tops of the mountains to the bottoms of the underground habitations..against evol angels and demons..ripping human hearts apart..and astral invaders of any sort..should send some boxes to the troops on the moon..and elswhere in the galaxy..


Saturday, 25 June 2016


Ive been infected with lyme disease by some tick..which has actually been released by millitary labs in the U.S. experimenting with biological ironic..sure not healthy for vampires and other bloodsucking creatures who have their origin in other secret millitary labs..right..possibly deadly bacteria..might be the reason why ive had pretty silent days and nights lately..sickness as protection or another attack of those who want to harm me and cannot do it we live in paradise island here..guarded by love, truth and unity..togetherness is the midst of a continent falling appart..nations loosing control..guess someone wants to destroy europe..and maybe it is pretty justified..ive spotted another place of shame in zurich which is part of the human trader cabbal church mason punk psycho clan who started this is located near to the house i lived in oerlikon where ive experienced hell on earth..just like in wetzikon not long time ago..villa45 and club79/97 are definately run by the same criminals who obviously still satisfy the needs of degenerated, perverted and sado-pedo secret service military police and other sick filth occupying and terrorizing the city since 2013..oppressing the population with stalking, hostile surveillance, poisoning, mass-mind-control, blackmail and many other secret and illegal methods..


Wednesday, 22 June 2016



Thursday, 16 June 2016


Satanists do not only have sex with children and animals..they also pee and shit on people..torture others to death for "fun"..drink their blood and eat them..from time to time..when the "rituals" demand it..i wouldnt want that to get public either..but its better when the people know so they can protect their families from those degenerated and perverted creatures..trapped in a cult that brainwashes people to the point where they obviously do the strangest and ugliest things in the world..for occult powers and influence over others..a bit more money to spend on dirty shits..sacrificing the innocent and old is this game..thought we live in the 21st century but some seem still stuck in the middle ages..or much before that time..


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

(B)MW 666

Just found the best radio channel ever..micro wave 666...great noise jammer by the way and a good method of checking radio frequencies for suspicious pirate looking forward to my scandalous swiss political art satire newspaper..other countries have that too and they dont act like little sissys because of all the goat fuckers out there..Martin Werlen is one of them i guess..a stalker and a terrorist too..and he obviously loves zlatan ehhh satan and BMWs..just like people who hang rosarys into their cars and have 666 on the license plate..what church is it again..who do they worship..right...


Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Its important to note all suspicious license plates of stalker cars aswell as taking pictures of observators stalking you by foot. They obviously are in debt because of several addictions or other crimes they committed. For example cocaine or sexual perversions. As the perpetraitors in our case are known for drug dealing and human trade its natural that the people working for such crime filth are as perverted like them. Police involvement should not be forgotten as they orchestrated the whole thing from the beginning which is documented in various reports. Ive seen that happening with people ive lived before who were cocaine junkies and became my stalkers aswell because they couldnt afford their addiction. So be warned of the people named in the reports as they did not hesitate to torture and hurt innocent for no reason and personal gain. Fuck them. Its recommended to not plan your day and travel destinations as this offers great opportunities to expose the stalkers. Even if there are hundereds of them just like in my case. Since ive exposed that our government/state/church officials abuse homeless people and friends of mine under worst circumstances (rape under hypnosis/paralysis or other mind-control techniques/devices, forced blood donations, human experimentation) they made my life a living hell. Its not justified in any way and i dont know since when such behaviour is legal in SHITZERLAND. Guess we can all have our own brothels now and force innocent and too young people to sell their bodies if police, military and secret services are allowed to do so. Next to heavy drug dealing and various forms of blackmail, violence and terror. Best financed by taxes. Nice. Fucked up brainwash heads. Dont support those psychopaths as they will all fall deeper than deep. So just keep observing and documenting everything that happens around you. Set traps, expose the stalkers and report them to the police as soon you have enough proof of people popping up in inappropriate and repeated manner. Its actually easy to proove once you have the right equipment. More on this topic soon. If some notoric stalkers listen to you all day and you would like to have some privacy or annoy your enemies its best to have a noise jammer. If you dont have professional devices you can make your own noises and feed them to those nutters. I prefer the fart tape. Eat a lot of onions or whatever makes you gas your ass out and record your best farts in a row until you have a good track of them and loop it. Put it in your stereo, head phones or other music playing devices and hope that they shit their pants, get bleeding ears or disgusted turn their bugs off. Thats what i am going to do on this matter until this war is over. Not less not more.


Monday, 13 June 2016


Another familiar looking alien living on our those more character than many humans express..sad society..


Sunday, 5 June 2016




Saturday, 4 June 2016


Ive just spotted a car with 4 huge megaphones on it..another nice weapon to mobilize/terrorize people or the ive caught many of those stalkers and soldiers in flagranti..they will all be reported as helpers of obviously criminal and insane filth who blackmails a whole country with their "terror-excercises" which are as useless as them..all potential informants who will lead us to the source of this mess..torture for torturers..the absolute sickness of warned of europes elites top psychopaths and makes no difference if it happens here, in syria or vietnam..its still a war crime and illegal..just like abusing children or unconcious victims, threatening with bombs or weapons, taking hostages and hostile surveillance in the sense of group violence committed by whole communities used as weapons against single civilians..paint their cars, stick up their wheels, throw food/waste and report each one of them as dangerous for society..probably patients for the next clinic..just like the gay nutters in the restaurant last time..absolutly ridiculous..i will never set another foot into those city hells..fuck all ya..


"Physical Surveillance is the art of hiding in plain sight and stalking a unwitting prey... Surveillance Countermeasures is the art of isolating the stalker and reducing the hunter to the hunted.."

Apply to face, hands, neck and behind ears. Made in the U.K. to N.A.T.O. standard, B.C.B. Int. Ltd. Cardiff U.K.
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Friday, 3 June 2016


Our vaticani priest werlen from einsiedeln just blessed our new gotthard tunnel (apperently not the longest in euope as there are sure many others in this vast secret underground world controlled by military-alien factions). Propably in the name of our out of control government and guess what he did this with others. A female priest, a iman and a rabbi. Very holy and really important thing to do. Who cares about them. Godhard might be the one they were praying for. Whatever. The typical swiss nonsense madness. And did you know that publishing articles like the previous one can miraculously heal you from any apparent shizophrenia and paranoia within days. How comes. If we are the dangerous here. The psychologically disturbed. I will definately have my focus now on antisurveillance countermeasures and the analyzing of the low and high frequency spectrum. Professionally. Until i become able to help others with the same problem. Fuck the rest. Do it yourselves. Or buy my following books or pieces from my online art gallery. I am done with repeating myself to people who are obviously all together completley brainwashed and unable to understand whats going on. Neither want to see/hear the truth, justice nor a worthy future for coming generations. We have to react and stand up as long we still have the ressources and the structures to do so. The false freedom in itself. Everything else should be secondary.


...For the people resemble a wild beast, which, normally fierce and accustomed to live in the woods, has been brought up, as it were, in a prison and in servitude, and having by accident got its liberty..easily become the prey of the first who seeks to incarcerate it again...(Machiavelli ca. 1515)