Friday, 30 June 2017


It has just been confirmed again that the national/local electronic companies/installers are in on the surveillance-torture conspiracy like many other construction groups..they have been involved since day one and are still driving around here even if it is weekend now and all construction sites are closed..masonic assholes of that sort were always part of those atrocities..especially neighbors in any location ive been before..most of them work for such companies..just make a list of all firms in the area and their employees and we have the local terror-group identified..including the nonstop involved secret pedo.police-puppets aka cannibal/murderer supporter and and emergency depts infiltrated as well..they are also responsible for the last such murderous incident where my neighbor used perfume to abuse the force again (left-overs are usually disposed at trash or recycling sites - useful content is regularly transported late at night in bagpacks/suitcases and most likely delivered to involved terrorists)..and yeah it was a black person who helped them do it..intitially wanted to move out..looking very much forward to it..unfortunately this astral-stalker.slave is still here spying for those satanic terrorists..they probably still try to kill or kidnap me for their illegal prostitution business..which has been reported at least 100 times to the ignorant swiss war-crime authorities..dont blame me for being is recommended to use the same electromagnetic weapons against those nazi-shitters..


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