Thursday, 1 June 2017


This is the first and last warning to all locals and neighbors supporting those terrorists..death is your destiny..i will propably write another book about how to dispose illegally killed corpses..there is this nice italian method of multiple cremations/burrials..hidden beneath the coffin..3-4 in one grave..or cut them into pieces and feed it to the animals in the the tibetans do it..thats actually my favourite..instead of flushing it down the toilet or selling it to cannibals..great idea indeed..dumb fucks..eye balls, ears, tongue, brain and penis will be used for a delicious meal..digesting the enemy..why not..i would break my vegetarian habits for that..just to be sure its really gone..real cannibal is the only meat i eat..but shhhh thats above top secret..right..youve just created your own destroyer..congrats..and just so you know..all those new bunker block houses have the controlled demolition already built in..maybe its you who should move..rather quicker than quickly..can you handle the truth..obviously not..i have to live with it since years..


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