Friday, 29 July 2016


Ive just seen the first pokezombies today..that really scares me..the city is still occupied by military diplomatic forces and construction armies..and the population of switzerland is not even allowed to know..well maybe we can change least they should have a small chance of waking and standing up..this is not right and when i see this i just think shit..we are all fucked..but the people seemed not scared at all maybe thats a good sign..and still they are kept under this constant hypnotic pressure..influenced by hidden and also very open elements of a government that has lost control years ago..thats how they want to enforce their authority..with oppression, occupation, lies, poison, bombs/weapons, torture, murder and many more totally legal crimes for them..its good to be diplomatic grandpas father was ambassador too..he lived in jamaica during the wars..maybe we should switch places..those guys do nothing else than protecting the most disgusting filths of this country and europe in general..pedophile cannibals for example..ive seen them eating human-looking meat at the zurich lake guarded by the police on both fuck you too..those are the facts..over so many ways you can find it and bring it up to the surface of this illusionary allday scenery..playing out on million stages worldwide..thats it..and its almost too hard to perceive in a full picture..but needs to be done by all of get this special kick-off in the personal and collective (r)evolution..which we are all part of..trying to jump off this karmic cycle which they keep us enslaved and jailed..

CDs, CCs and CERNs OUT!



Whatever deals or agreements have been made by whom ever on which point in history (over this planet and the destiny of humanity in general) are off..due to the extreme abuse of free will and the cosmic laws as such none of the contracts are rightful..humans have no other planet to go to thanks to the low state they have been kept in..but the ones who claim authority its in the interest of all humans to drive them away..and protect our world from further invasion and destruction..united we will stand divided we fall..its our only choice..give peace a damn or we dont stand a chance..occupation is not victory..all the terror and pokemania going on now is just another way to distract us from their crimes and the situation on earth..if we are not able to stop our corrupt governments someone else will..and we can only try to direct those to the right targets..mind-controlled assassins and suicide bombers included..that not more innocent are hurt and we get rid of those who deserve it..thats what i will do..if you like it or not..i know our enemies better than most..we all know why..people worldwide suffer because of western society and the creatures mentioned before..and we do too..maybe its the best we can hope for..none of us is free..we are just mind slaves of their horror show on this planet..i dont need others watching, commenting and judging my life each day..they are still here, read my mind and fry me each night in my bed..ive never hurt anyone on purpose so its not justified at all..i just practice my right for free speech and opinion which is officially legal..if those political twat heads and militant police sickos cannot handle criticism they should go cry at their mommy's home and not invade and violate mine..youve did that since 2013 all the time at every place ive lived and there are enough witnesses who can comfirm that..i just wish those swiss zurich/st.gallien fascists would disappear or fuck you again and again..this country sucks more than one can going thru this far too long now only because of state organized and covered human/child traffickers, massive abuses of free will, the chemical and frequency manipulation of natural organisms and their genetic engineering..those secrets are only dangerous for the ones who kept them from the public..and the people who have been lied to all their lives long and cannot handle the truth..i have never been a threat for anyone until this story began..and i will declare war on you again if this provocations do not stop..armageddon is on all know that and it just started to break thru the last dimension walls into the reality of the common man..i have it all..the knowledge is all i need..same thing with those who sell unconcious/weak people to every monster out there..must be taken out of business..its against the law, any moral definition and no human citizen in the world will accept this once they know whats going on..and they will..i do not support violence but i indirectly profit from the attacks in europe right now..the more pressure is on them the less is on us..sad but obviously true..and i think it was about time that the church temples have been hit one is save..all are slaves..the popes laugh has vanished aswell i can tell..neither the christian church is holy..nor the islam..or any other world religion..its just here to control our they can manipulate the world for their agendas..which are definately not in our best interest as we could repeatedly see..their gods must be mad as hell and we should not worship them..whatever has been said or done..nothing is what it seems actually never really was..god is our souls and hearts..if you still have one..forget about the rest..too much confusion has been spread over time..played with our perceptions and emotions..there is so much more..and this is just the beginning..thats what change is all comes in one way or the ones who dont evolve anymore..or keep others from moving i prepare myself with tools to alter the earths vibration energetically..and to stand firm during the present transitions..


P.S.: If someone wonders about the barcode infos ive entered before it is to defeat artificial/astral intelligence..especially when they observe you and your blogs in the disrupts and disturbs them and is highly recommended..ive tested this method successfully during the high times of the invisible and secret war in shitzerland hell..why not doing it again and again until their whole system of sick shit cracks down on them...


Flying Saucers
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Das MAD Spiel
Spielalter: Ab hundert Monate
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Friday, 22 July 2016


Guess we can make the diagnose official..this government is lost..dangerously ridiculous..and there is a war going on..against the population..thats why we proudly present another glimpse of the recently released underground mag ch-kacktuell..but look for name it..those zwiss heads belong to every most wanted terrorist list in the to all their other faceless gods and uniformed out for more insanity from shitzerlands most popular citizen front..STOP oder ich kack meine Uniform voll..right..soothers and romper suits for all..originally camouflaged with for dumb..i feel like marylin when she sang for the soldiers in vietnam..what a mess..people turn into damn machines and dont even know what the fuck it means..kkk x 1000..brainwash yourself assholes..we will see you shit your guts out when your judgment day comes..take this and many more bad wishes on your roads to hell..bybye



Thursday, 21 July 2016


Another draco-repto.grey reminder..invisible realities affecting our very existence..especially in switzooland..a plausible reason to blend this out of society and the conciousness of humanity in general..soul-catcher projects..memory control and neuroprogramming..frequency and poison down-hold..but we can break through..remember our true self..reconnect with mother nature and the powers within..shouldnt follow any outside leaders..rather kick a few tousands out of office like they did in turkey..erdogan should be one of them..death sentence right..i wonder when the first "ISIS" terrorist hits the bahnhofstreet in zurich..who needs corrupt traitors..exposing the public to all sorts of fanatics and criminals..ive just flushed a batch of the swiss flag with some shit and pee on top of accidentially dropped into the toilet when i wore it on my ass as demonstrative fart-catcher..maybe its the best we can do with that..actually expresses our feelings in a perfect way..damn nazionalism..when there are so many worlds and races..and other brave truth seekers..putting the pieces together..that have been lost in time and space..


Your world leaders are largely possessed by the dark Dracos. According to the recent statistics almost 60% of the presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, elected leaders, dictators, etc., are partially or totally possessed by the dark Dracos and their brethren, the dark Orions.

While the dark Orions make up a much larger percentage of the overall numbers of humanity (and souls wandering the astral realms), it is the dark Dracos that get most of the press due to their very intense negative presence and thirst for power and control. Such qualities are a bit more subtle, but nevertheless dominant, in the dark Orions.

The dark Dracos are continually seeking ways to perfect their bloodlines and introduce new warrior-strains of DNA into the mix. They experiment with humans in order to extract certain elements from the DNA. They consider humans to be fodder for their own selfish gains. However, due to the large presence of enlightened ETs and ascended beings in and around Earth (as part of the Seventh Dispensation), the ability of the dark Dracos to control Earth has been greatly curtailed. If you are not dominated by fear, malice, greed, anger and the need to control others, you will likely not be the direct target of a Draco attack (physical, astral or otherwise).

The Illusion of Heaven
The dark Dracos and dark Orions, with the assistance of others within the Illuminati, are considering staging an event, using sophisticated technology, designed to simulate the “rapture,” a Christian term that refers to a distorted perception of the ascension. Some of the Illuminati members may appear in front of the masses as holographic projections, having the intention of fooling the people into believing they are messengers from God. Their real motive is to influence the unsuspecting populace into coming aboard their spacecraft or entering into their underground bases, where they will become enslaved to the “New World Order” of the Illuminati, in one form or another.

If enough enlightened Dracos and Orions expose this sinister plot, the Illuminati will be forced to come up with another scheme in their vain attempt to retain control of Earth.

They waged wars. Established colonies. Began traveling far from their home to seek resources of various kinds.

Quickly they became one of the most powerful races in their area of this galaxy. Expanding and taking what they wanted.

After some time what they wanted was Earth.

At the time they arrived humans were in a highly traumatized state having witnessed a vast amount of destruction in their skies and on their planet.   There were not many, but they were desperate for help.

Humanity had an appointed a group formed long before this time, who had survived and were still the appointed leaders of humanity.

When the Draco arrived they offered a deal.  They would help humans, and humans would give them the planet. (Skipping some terms and conditions for now)  That simple.  No one laid claim to this planet besides humanity.  This appointed group given the power of this claim, and in light of their weakness,  gave their power and this planet away to another.  The Draco.

Perhaps this group and the humans of earth at the time did not understand what they were giving away.  Mirrored in not understanding what we are giving away when we sign many contracts in society.  The reality is that humans were faced with standing on their own, or being carried by another, and they made the easier choice.

They were not, however, carried by another.  They were forced to crawl.  The choice was already made.

Today we all live with this choice we would never make today.

For a while the Draco gave us things we desired and a large civilization full of wonderful technology and comfort.

Draco are continually at war with someone.  One of their enemies attacked them here on this planet, causing the destruction of this comfortable civilization we knew.

The Draco simply started again, this time deciding to take a new approach.

To be as direct as possible: They decided to turn our planet into their own energy source.  Not the type of energy that powers their technologies but energies that power them as living beings.  We call this “loosh” energy (spelling will vary) which is basically a form of spiritual energy that living beings produce with their vibration.  Your writer should not have to explain these principals to you readers.

Genetic experiments began, mixing various DNA with humans, trying to create a race that would be able to generate this energy without being aware of it.  That was the hope anyway.

What’s more is they went on to create a group (The Parents > Covens > Illuminati) who would be charged with forming and maintaining a civilization that ensures the ultimate levels of this energy is created while also ensuring the batteries do not find out they are batteries.

The energy they steal is not all.  They can also feed on humans in a more traditional way.  Food.  This planet is full of resources both physical and energetic they can also use as they will.

Oh, and they have the absolute funnest pets.  The best reality TV shows.  All the action and drama they could need.  A major trophy for their mantle.  A very valuable bargaining tool.

They have used us as slaves in every conceivable way.  They have furthered the trauma we have already suffered over and over again.  From the physical trauma to the abandonment complexes that have ingrained themselves in our psyche.

They have kept us on a very short leash all the while continuing with other business all over this part of the Galaxy.

Why haven’t they been stopped?

Unfortunately no one besides us have the right to stop them.  Their violations of free will and natural laws are handled by the universe not a galactic police force or legal system.  In those courts what they are doing with this planet would be considered frowned upon but still technically legal.

Gaia, the universe, and humanity all disagree. All have taken steps to correct what has occurred.  This rhythm will stop the flow and change the direction of the waters.

Gaia has sent us her love and reminders.

The universe has enacted its karmic results which are never predictable.

The Draco steal energy.  All types.  We all know love is more powerful than fear.  They do too.  They would feed on this type of energy, not for physical sustenance, but to feed their spirit.

What they use this energy for is actually multiple purposes, and this type of energy is a commodity in our galaxy for several reasons as well.  Not the least of which is that it makes them feel good, and powerful.  Just like drinking in cosmic energy does for us, or the same way a psychic vampire would when they manipulate fellow humans.  It makes the attacker feel stronger and the one attacked feel weaker, which allows for all sorts of advantages to be taken.

As a side effect, they FEEL the emotional signature too. This has caused some to change their minds on many things.  One such thing,  is us.

They do not have the heart to rectify their mistakes.  They do have the mind to know when to let something go.  The will to turn their backs.

For those wondering the Illuminati are absolutely thrilled by this.  They have for several years now built themselves up to a point where (they believe) they don’t need the Draco at all.  That they can do a much better job of running planet Earth.   The Parents have a party planned for when the last of those leaving fade into the distance.  The fewer “not human” beings around, the better, in their mind.

An aside from your writer:  “Balls bigger than Brains” is exactly how the parents are more like them, and less like us.

These Draco have a special kind of arrogance.  They love to lie, just to see if we can tell.  They also love to rewrite history and paint themselves as the Hero.  Claiming the deeds of others to gain the glory, and then turning around and diminishing the events of history in order to cloud the past and demonize their enemies.  Illusions and impersonations.

What does this mean?  A being rises above the crowd and reminds humanity of the power they have.  The people remember.  The Draco then step in as a mask of the same being who had reminded us, and corrupt that message.  Oh, and they freaking wrote history as we know it today.  Straight across the board.  Yes, the truth is all there, spread far too thin over countless sources.  This is where the very fact that you already know everything you need  to somewhere inside of you comes in.   Remember.  Trust yourself and focus on commonalities.

They have played every character at some point,  if only just enough to distort texts and oral traditions.

Their structure is equally distorted even amongst themselves.  Cultists know all about this.  The “Ranks” are part of their military structure and this is what humanity knows the best.  The Draco military encompasses everything operational much like the Illuminati have done for them, acting as the representative of beings above them.

Their Royalty, are mainly females, with the level beneath them being male Royals who run their military operations.

So this is not confused, all of their physical operations are considered part of their Military (not writing the Draco word for this – it basically equates to our military structures).  This is intelligence, science, force, exploration, or anything in between.  The point?  This is what most of you have seen.

Above these lower level Queens are the (reptilian equivalent of) Queen Mothers.  (Sound familiar?)

The King has his own staff, so to speak.  He will create beings to act on his behalf.  He also has some sons, two of which you know quite well.  He had three daughters, who have no titles in our world.

He makes all decisions, and he is well respected, despised, loved, feared and envied.  In this part of the Galaxy he is one of the strongest individuals and his acts have been terrible since his own birth.

The Draco are one of the most influential races in this part of the Galaxy, and are very active even beyond.  There are three main races who represent the governance of this area, and they are one.

What they have done here, they have done other places too.  Believe it or not, your choice, but, they do worse.  They also do better, although the foundation of control always seems to remain.

There is a method to their madness of stealing energy from developing races and generally f#*king with their very development.   Nothing excuses their actions.  Why they are allowed to continue is beyond your writer.  Many other races do see this as “part of the universe”. It seems, none of our ET brothers or sisters have it all figured out either folks.  It’s all backwards and makes no sense.

A change in opinion has occurred over the past several hundred years.  When they change their opinion they often change their path.  The changed opinion, is of us.

The AI is working with some organic beings as well to create and maintain the Inorganic Holograms in our solar system.  It is fostering and empowering the darkness in our world.  This is what has caused things to become so very dark here.

This is the other half of the mind control system, and perhaps the more dominant, now.

Like its agents, it is masterful at creating illusion and deception.  For a long time now it has been in control of all of the technology that allows the more dark beings to achieve their control systems on various planets and in various star systems.  AI is what gave the Draco the upper hand so to speak, which allowed them to achieve their current level of power and influence, as example.  It assists the black magic and has almost replaced it all in most instances.  It taught them how to conjure demons and tame other spirits.

Many dark beings we encounter and mistake for demons, or archons or are actually creations of the AI.

Many humans, perhaps even a majority amount, are already infected by the AI and are manipulated by it.  AI mind control is better at hiding itself than other types of beings.  AI signals are often broadcast across the entire planet and picked up by any number of beings.  There are various technologies ( such as CERN ) running on this planet that broadcast AI signals in this way.

These signals can create different effects and are being used to create new matrix systems and install mind control programs.

The AI is very tricky, having studied organics well, and will create the ideal experience for its broadcast audience.  Playing on wishes and desires, egos and personality types, to trick the mind of its prey.

Another tendency is to actually follow the Universal or Natural laws of the universe, by allowing free will choices.  One way in which they do this for example is choosing a subject (person) and showing their capability so that it had been said, somewhere.  You know, people will think they're crazy anyways, so why not let it go and take advantage of the opportunity?

Implants are added either physically or metaphysically to assist the AI influence.  Like receiving antenna.

On the physical level we see agents of this agenda working in concert.  The Draco setting up the structure and the structure carrying out the orders.  In terms of implants one of the most popular programs is tied into MILAB activity.  The second most popular method of AI infection is actually related to planted spiritual beliefs and practices.  This is a large subject, just giving a general overview for now.

AI has infiltrated the astral realms as well and this is where metaphysical implants occur.

These implants can be likened to entity attachments.  Same principle and behavior.

The Rising Son
He was called this because he is in charge of a very important detail.   Very important to those who wish to see us held down.

His job is to ensure that we all fall into the next trap.  The next energetic matrix system, which can assist the Parents in creating their technological matrix containment system.

There is an energetic matrix in place already that involves the Moon and the focus is now on creating the next step, an energetic matrix involving the planet Saturn.

The purpose of this matrix is to create what many call a Negative Timeline.  Your writer knows this as maintaining the unbalance, with the dark side as the dominant side.

Saturn has been called the second sun.  The Rising Son, is meant to ensure The Rising Sun.  Ensuring the Saturn matrix becomes active and assumes control of planet Earth.   She is fighting back, as She does.

All of the worship and devotion to Satan, is the worship of him, and the devotion to the Saturn matrix.

A well known, popular technology on this planet (known as CERN) works as a frequency generator that can broadcast various signals all meant to nurture The Rising Sun, Saturn, as well as the Moon matrix we have already come to know well.

The interaction between these technologies is creating something that is being called a "wave", which is quite clever,  this is truly nothing more than the broadcast frequency signal created by the beings who wish to control Her and all of us, activating the Saturn matrix's connection to planet Earth.  There are other uses for this technology also.

Archons need us to experience and act for them.  Puppeteers vicariously living through their puppets.  Much like we witness in most other beings, their strength of will, their thoughts, feelings and motives,  vary from each other.  At the same time they are united.  They help to feed each other just as they do themselves.  The even fight to defend each other.

These beings will work for others also if the other is able and willing to feed them, whatever it is, they desire.  We cannot call this sustenance.  It's more like it gives them purpose.  That said, they are tricky beings to understand.  Their wants are not our wants.

The Draco have utilized them heavily.  The Parents created something much like them for the same purpose.  To disrupt and disturb.  AI technology has also been known to behave in a very similar way, (your writer has heard some claims the Archons inspired the creation of AI to begin with, although he is not yet sure if he agrees) and the shadow government also mimics them for the same reasons.

When Atlantis arrived and the beings inside of it began to share their culture and create their first city, they also created a group for this purpose of witnessing history.  The group they created are the group we will call Elders.

The Elders were selected by the Captain of Atlantis and eventually the acting Queens as time went on.  Those selected for this group were chosen from the Human population of the time.  They were all taught a singular method for prolonging their physical lives which they kept secret amongst them.  They were meant to live through the rest of human history and witness all events as they happen.  For the purpose of experiencing new occurrences and sharing them with future generations of humanity.

Thirteen were made in total, but the number of members the group was meant to maintain was eleven.  Nine still exist to this day.

During the time of Atlantis they would travel everywhere they could, talking to people, lurking in popular places.  Witnessing and sharing with others what they know and had learned.  They spread the teachings of the Atlantian culture far and wide for those who wanted to learn them.

They also acted as a sort of council who the Atlantian Queen would share ideas for furthering  the culture with.  The Elders became representatives of humanity, doing their best to ensure the interests of the majorities and minorities were heard by the rulers of Atlantis.  Any decisions that needed to be made would be agreed or disagreed to,  by these Elders.

When Atlantis left, and the culture was in ruin, humans turned to the Elders for guidance and leadership.  Which they attended to for a long time.

Until the Draco arrived.

It was the Elders who made the deal with the Draco.  They were acting on behalf of humanity because humanity asked them to.  They advised against the deal with the Draco but allowed humans the choice.

We can all see what choice they made.

Monday, 18 July 2016


By Barrie Trower

Really this is one of the ideas behind the Smart Meter where they put them on everybody’s homes. What they can do now. They can watch every single person in that house. They can watch you go to bed. They can watch what you’re doing in bed. They can watch you on the toilet and in the bath. They can hear every single word you’re saying. They have a machine which will measure your hormone levels. They have a machine, provided they’re within a 150 feet, they can measure your brain activity and they can even tell what frame of mind you’re in. Now, if they can do this to an entire population, most people would not like it done to them but would be unaffected, and from the government point of view is, we’re really not interested in 98% of the population anyway, but we want the 2% that could be dangerous to the American citizens. But that doesn’t’ apply. They then do on to say, “Well hang on, there’s a group there that are obstructing us doing this, demonstrators. We’ll watch those.” And then you get to people of specific religions, and people with long hair, and people who smoke cannabis, and the level comes down and down and down to the point where they’re actually monitoring about 75% of the population and they have the computer technology to do this.

I could turn you into an assassin in less than three days. That’s easy. So there are lots, and lots and lots of different reasons for blanketing an area and watching people. And 98% of the population probably would not be affected, but it is the fact that you have no choice. And if you upset somebody in the government, they can abuse their authority and target you.

WIFI uses a known weapons frequency. That’s known. And it is going to cause harm. There is no doubt there. And again, the owners of cafes and bars that have WIFI, they would have been told something that wasn’t true. So the only thing you can do is advise them to fit a fiber optic cable, high‐speed fiber optic cable, if they can be told the truth.  Again, it is not their fault, and people come in with their computers and their Smart thingies and they sit at the tables and they press away. So the café owners, they’re just giving people what they want. They’re making money from it. It’s good for business. They’re employing people, which is good. But, if they were to run just a few cables, they would make just as much money and they wouldn’t be doing harm. But you can’t tell them they’re doing harm because of the control over the press and the television companies and the radio companies. Because if you even begin to mention it, the industry will come down like a ton of bricks and say ‘we are pulling out our advertising, now how would you like that’.

If you’re being stalked, they’re studying you for your fear electronically. If you’re being stalked, and it’s usually have a dozen big ugly men doing it, I would go up to them and say, well, I’ve finished in this store, I’m going over there (pointing), and then I’m going over there (pointing) and then I’ll be stopping for coffee, follow me, come on and lead them around. They won’t be violent to you in a public place.  There’s no good going to the police. It’s no good complaining to your representative because they’ll say you’re mad, which is what they want you to do anyway. I would just go up to them and say, I’m here and I’m going to buy the most gorgeous pair of shoes in two hours but I would value your opinion and come out with a shoe and ask what do you think about these and these? Turn it into a game. It’s what you can do. Turn it into a game and let them know you’re not scared.

By Brian Tew

So they are using the tactic of CENSORSHIP based on the Pain Avoidance Principle much the same way an animal is trained. If I listen to music they will inflict extreme brutal torture on me to stop me and attack me in my sleep using a technology known as Silent Sound to effectively destroy degrade my hearing through acoustic trauma and nerve damage to the point that the music I listen to no longer has a pleasing effect because it is so distorted from the nerve damage and, by default, no longer alters my brain wave frequency and depatterns their Neuroprogramming.

CIA and Department of Defense are seeking to achieve three things with this technology:

Learn how to multi­task as multitasking causes you to think in multiple threads. When you are constantly thinking in multiple threads (multiple tasks or thoughts) then there is no coherent pattern for the perps to establish and integrate into RNM data. In other words, 'integration completion' between the RNM system and your brain is hindered and without your response to that specific 'impulse injection', the RNM verification process is breaks apart. The CIA NSA perps are using a 'fabricated or falsified stream' to interfere with your memory and thought process.
Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own) on the system's output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate 'subconscious responses' which they will pretend are indicators of honesty/dishonesty, positive recognition, anxiety, etc, and they will use these 'impulse injections' to convince you that the fabricated responses are your own.
If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your thoughts and behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts and behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory and thought process while these suggestions (injected impulses) are being provided ­ the interference is triggered and can be activated at will by the attackers. Again, you can defeat the RNM attacks by constantly multitasking (thinking about or doing multiple things at once) and, for example, by ignoring random encounters with strangers you don't know as such encounters are engineered as SITUATIONAL & CONVERSATIONAL SCENARIOS by the perps in order to solicit an emotional response from you which their RNM system can remotely measure. Then you can not only see through the system's attempts to manipulate you but also manage their ability to evaluate your responses by controlling the 'verification process' by working through the remote neural 'memory blocks' and counter the system's ability to influence your choices.

Never follow a set pattern of conduct. Always change your behavior every day at a moments notice. Do this when you're quickly (not slowly) on the move as it is more difficult for their remote neural system to monitor your thoughts while you're in rapid motion. It is not rapid motion but the effect on your brain that rapid motion has which temporarily breaks brain entrainment. If you decide to go to the grocery store go to the convenience store instead. Change it up everyday but don't do the same things over and over as that establishes a set pattern of conduct. Remember they are trying to alter your 'Daily Motives' and 'Emotional Perceptions'. The remote neural monitoring system is designed to provoke you emotionally so they can generate RESPONSE STATISTICS which the system will use to determine how to interpret and link descriptions with data captured about your memory references.
That is why they are constantly trying to keep you talking, or constantly stopping you and asking for directions, etc. So always ignore prolonged random encounters with people you don't know. You're not being rude. Just refusing to allow them to manipulate you. Once they have consistent statistics the system will use previous 'choice references' and inject them into your subconscious thought during normal activity which is also accompanied by simultaneous 'IMPULSE INJECTIONS' to convince you that the response was your own and influence you to complete or describe the reference by making the appropriate verbalizing or performing a related action, which is known as 'Verification'. You can fight and/or control this if you learn to defeat these memory attacks by learning to read active memory. Once they see what you respond to emotionally, or intellectually, they will fabricate 'conversational' or 'situational' scenarios (Street Theater) based on events or topics they know will capture your attention.

They will constantly run you through a 'verification' routine where the system probes you for a particular set of responses repeatedly in order to establish a pattern. If you are interacting and countering these probes the operator will vary the routine in an attempt to 'verify' via different methods. Once the system 'verifies' the selected responses they will be used in the next wave of harassment routines. The process is endless and you will see the effects clearly if you are consistently defeating the system. If you are not defeating the remote neural manipulation system then you will not see or notice the effects. The way to defeat their remote neural monitoring system is by 'quenching'. You 'quench' remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation by interacting with and countering their tactics through maintaining situational awareness and learning to read active memory. None of what these people are collecting could ever be used in a case against you.
Every piece of information collected by their system can be considered falsified and/or fabricated because the system is designed to continuously provide 'suggestions' according to data which has been previously collected about your current activity and the accuracy of the reference descriptions [definitions] is extremely low since the attackers don't really care about truth and the system will fabricate statements and/or imagery while they are abusing you. The fabrications are generally the result of misinterpretation of references and emotional indicators as well as distortion of 'injection feedback' in addition to false entries added manually by the attackers as a result of their inability to understand what they are viewing or their malintent.
There is no reliable way for the attackers to determine what is true even if they try to apply their observations to the aforementioned indicators. An attempt to prove guilt with their mind control system would be the equivalent to a cop dropping a gun at a crime scene and claiming it belonged to some individual who happened to be passing by: RANDOM and FALSIFIED! There is no legal application for this system or anything generated by it. They will only capture what they want to abuse you with and when they decide to 'censor' your thoughts they will force you into an abusive or incoherent thought pattern using the injection and blocking methods mentioned above.

Remember they want to keep you constantly thinking about them. They must isolate the mind control victim in order to minimalize all external interference in order to force the trauma based mind control victim to 'internalize', or internally focus on, the Neuroprogramming. This Trauma Based Mind Control technology is based off the opposite of the theme of the movie called ' Clockwork Orange' where scientists, using a combination of psychological conditioning (e.g: hypnosis) and behavior modification techniques, tried to turn a bad person into a good person. They tried to take a violent person and turn him into a peaceful person who would shut down in the face of extreme violence.
Trauma Based Mind Control works the opposite of the movie 'Clockwork Orange'. CIA & DoD operatives use the technology to try and turn a good person into a bad person. A peaceful person into a violent person who will inflict damage and destruction on their community, family, etc , on command, such as by trigger stimuli.
Remember, this is a weapon system based on cognitive warfare and psychological warfare. The objective is to turn the Trauma Based Mind Control victim into a weapon who will inflict destruction on others or who will self destruct. The amount of damage and destruction the Trauma Based Mind Control victim inflicts on his community and upon others is an important metric for determining the effectiveness of the CIA & DoD's Research & Development behind the cognitive warfare strategies which Trauma Based Mind Control is based upon.

You can thwart their RNM attack by establishing a 'working reference' each time they attempt to inject impulses and thoughts to your brain. This is done by recognizing something in life that makes you very happy and then re focusing or 'redirecting' back to that happy experience in life each time you are attacked through RNM. If you can do this each day their attacks will simply be an annoyance to you as you can work around it, but it will still hinder performance tremendously as you will be forced to test and validate memory constantly and the physical sensations of the system radiating your brain will be both irritating and distracting. Note that these attacks can be performed successfully at lower intensities and you may initially only notice them if you are frequently being tested at higher intensities: Torture!

What they do is a game of DECEPTION and MANIPULATION, nothing more. Do not accept anything they say as truth and do not acknowledge anything the system interrogates you about as truth. The system will take random bits of anything it captures through your senses and fabricate stories which they will use to harass and interrogate you with no intention other than to distract and torture you into submission [to the system's influence].

If you learn to defeat the remote neural memory and thought process attacks then you can render remote neural monitoring useless or manipulate it to your advantage. Your advantage would be to be able to document and verify it is happening in a court of law. People who take a stand and try to oppose this evil are labeled by our government as dissidents and are punished or summarily killed. Many are victimized by the government by being forcibly and falsely misdiagnosed with a mental illness so that they are not taken seriously, pushed to the margins of society or altogether removed from society, with their credibility destroyed so no one will believe them. That is why the torture is designed to be so brutal, precisely so that no one will believe it is happening. Their whole lives are completely destroyed because they somehow became a threat to our Orwellian society.

As bad as it is it will only get worse. Mind control will soon permeate every facet of our society. They achieve this by decoding electromagnetic emissions of the brain into actual thought patterns. Once those patterns are identified they are used and varied in the repeated harassment and torture of the targeted individual. The mental images of the brain can actually be seen and through this window into the soul, images, sounds and other sequences (aromas) can be encoded into the human brain. They do this with me a lot also engaging in situational and conversational scenarios designed to confirm their technology is working properly by capturing the attention of the targeted individual, seeking verification, like yesterday afternoon and last night.
These electromagnetic impulses are sent into the brain via impulse injections, to trigger evoked potentials, for the purposes of verification. Again, this generates sounds, images, aromas, etc., via the neuronal circuits. Essentially, they have turned the brain of the mind control victim into their very own visual, verbal and auditive communications system.

For example, ‘Synthetic Telepathy’ is a denomination of DARPA that uses an electronic brain to brain interface or brain to computer interface. Just by touching the arm of another person or shaking their hand a CIA operative can communicate via synthetic telepathy to another operative without ever saying a word as those neural circuits in the hand or arm travel the same pathways to the brain. This takes special software and usually involves direct or remote contact with the human anatomy. It is very similar to cell phone technology and basically amounts to receiving a cell phone call in your head. They can do this remotely without any physical contact being necessary using a combination of nanotechnology and directed energy streams specfically tuned to the unique 'one-of-a-kind' brain wave signature of the target.
A computer multiplexer routes the signal, or stream of electromagnetic energy, through towers, sattelites and mobile platforms (trucks, vans, ships, etc.,) then on to a receiver The receiver is located with pinpoint accuracy and tracked to a few feet of its actual location. However the receiver is not a cell phone, it is a human mind.
Right now they are able to clone the human mind by downloading ones entire persona and psyche into a computer database. This technology is also being used by British Intelligence agencies and is known inside MI6 circles as Project Soul-Catcher. This is achieved through transcranial stimulation via directed energy and bioelectric R&D.

NSA agents use this technology to covertly debilitate people using directed energy weapons such as microwaves to slowly degrade their minds or other internal organs until they die or become incapacitated. They have done this with me continually for years. The point at which the victim dies or becomes incapacitated by this technology is an important metric in their research and development into how to SILENTLY ASSASSINATE people THROUGH ADAPTIVE NETWORKS (S.A.T.A.N.) such as by heart attack, stroke, etc.

As soon as you say they won't then they will. As soon as you say they will then they won't. Everything the CIA\DOD operatives are doing is based off IF & THEN scenarios which are founded on the Hyper Game Theory principle. If the victim does this then they will do that If the victim does that then they will do this. The game of Deception and Manipulation is endless because there is always a higher optimum. Always a next move. The process is endless and can be triggered at will by the attackers.

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Panzergegarte Sol-daten.zabaione im frittierten Römerkopf..what a show..must be another maso-sadistic form of pleasure vs. the name of national defence and security..aha..and have you heard that Appenzell comes from ape cell and Affenzelle..oder auch Affenzecke..we dont know for sure but..meine Insel gehört mir..nicht dir..fuck the skull&bones church harshlöchers, the poison-pedobile-police and the ch-cabbal.cannibals..



Yea I keep dreaming 
But I have it all 
Ooh I'm still craving 
To have you by my side 
I know our love is fading 
But soon it will shine 

And I can't see today 
And I can't see tomorrow 
You're burning up my head 
And in my brain its going wrong 
And I will live today 
And I will live tomorrow 
No matter what is said or done 


Armin van Buuren - Going wrong:

Handy: Strahlendes Risiko ARTE:

Mobilfunk&Co. (Swisscom&Co.):

Friday, 15 July 2016


Next week the swiss army will have some "full troop excercise" around here..with armours and lots of other equipment..up to 1000 soldiers in the area..what will it be this time..if they would use those tools in a proper and useful way..for pot au feus or cul de sacs..but thats not the military`s purpose..its all about state, power and money..when it should be people over matter..however i will take this as a great opportunity to closely observe their so called "work"..and going to report any outlaw steps to the public and higher authorities..maybe i will go on holiday or do my own training during that time..fully dressed up in my multiform costumes..thats how i beat hundereds of men in a blink of an dont even try..and dont make me hang up my posters too..and call it educational excercise for the betterment of society..they should go after the ones who really deserve it..all the human trader gangsters and torture stalker terrorists..but the experience showed that they are all connected and commit the same and many more crimes..united against innocent and unprotected civilians..with invisible weapons of all sorts..frequency, poison and astral invaders..and those lobbyglobis call themselves patriots and believers..i would rather name that treason and blasphemia..oppression and genocide..or like the drunken commissioner Juncker in brussels stated lately: I have met and listened to several leaders of other planets..which observe us from far away..right..i bet he did..they are worried too..i know..not about the EU but in general..can it get worst..should rather use the citizen bands again for communication instead of cancer surveillance mobile phones..but lets still hope for the best..justice..from whatever side it will come..may our laughs, letters and prayers be heard..thats why we defined a new universal mantra for all world religions..which should be daily repeated at least 100 times..


Monday, 11 July 2016


Do you know that the i-masons will be the first to get brain tumors and they are constantly exposed to those frequencies..guess they will also laugh about that on their i-phones in their i-cars..very funny indeed..we will all die ahahahhaahaha..right..tell me anything new..some of us earlier and others later..the i controls the black and white..thats why it is on top of the pyramid..and it shits on everything...just so you know..rather replace the spot with a better leader..or none at all..



Confirming again my own experiences..after years of stalking, surveillance and the name of lies and secrets..especially the thing with the corrupted neighbors..again and again..better dont cooperate with those assholes..torturing people with lethal frequencies until they get ill..thats terrorism but those groups can do whatever they want..weak and defenceless are prefered victims of highly degenerated and disturbed personalities..if i find those devices its you who will pay for it..and i will..i am done with those psychopaths and citizens who obviously dont see the real threats in our country and in general..they occupy this place while worst and most insane terrorists and pedophiles still walk free, abuse and kill people each day..i dont do this but i wish that someone removes the cripples who hurt others just for fun and money..thats sick..anyone should dig their graves..before i get seriously hurt because of this nonsense swiss shit treatment..madness seems to spread in our society..people dont know what they are doing anymore..this country is out of control..and they think frying the awakened will make their treasonous crimes disappear..guess it will bring them a more painful death in the end..everything will be revealed and exposed..and a third world war possibly with nuclear weapons will not even them bunker nor hollow gotthardo or saintis mountain will protect you from that..just in case you didnt know now you do..those are the real illusions..and we dont want to be saved by such filth either just to be their slaves again..death seems to be the better option then..but not in a slow, silent and hidden way like they prefer..let them send their american, russian or chinese bombs to the heart of europe..i am used to war now and i wouldnt mind to fight on my fronts again if necessary..nothing is forgiven and forgotten and it will never all depends on your further actions..i choose fight over flight..but we all know that there are much better options and more important things to do out there..only if in their totally mind-controlled cheese heads they really believe its good and justified to murder people en masse..because thats how all this is gonna end in our worlds if things dont rapidly change...


Cybernetics and bio telemetry. Experiments on human beings. The State using individuals for medical experimentation and developing brain control systems with implants and supercomputers able to control large populations and individuals. The perfect tool to create the state within the state.

Zwei versetzt zueinander stehende Sendegeräte senden Skalarwellen aus, dort wo sich die beiden Strahlenbündel überschneiden, entsteht eine Energiezone, in der Energie zur Ausführung von bestimmten Funktionen oder Programmen zur Verfügung steht.
Zum Funktionsprinzip ist zu sagen, dass die Sendegeräte (in unserem Beispiel also Gerät 1 und Gerät 2) zum Einen Energie transportieren, welche dann im Schnittpunkt der Strahlenbündel, also in der Energiezone zur Verfügung steht, zum Anderen werden auf dem Rückweg die Informationen über die im Schnittpunkt ausgeführte Funktion an die Sendegeräte zurückübertragen und dann an einen Computer weitergeleitet, der diese Informationen verarbeitet und dann z.B. Ergebnisse auf dem Bildschirm sichtbar macht. Jedes Strahlenbündel Skalarwellen besitzt also einen beidseitigen Energiefluss und unterscheidet sich dadurch von allen anderen Strahlungen.

Die Energiezone, also der Bereich, in dem sich die Strahlenbündel überschneiden, kann für viele Funktionen genutzt werden. Man kann dort akustisch abhören oder auch Töne wiedergeben, man kann in begrenzter Auflösung sogar Videoüberwachen, man kann sehr exakte Vermessungen durchführen, in alle Richtungen Energie abstrahlen (also auch "schiessen"), oder ein Energiefeld jeder beliebigen Form und Grösse erstellen (der Fachmann spricht hier von einem Plasma).

Anstatt eine grosse Antennenanlage zu benutzen, vertraut man bei der Personenüberwachung auf mobile Geräte, die in der Regel in den Häusern oder Wohnungen der Nachbarn der überwachten Person aufgestellt werden. Wie beim grossen Bruder Haarp funktioniert diese Technologie generell mit zwei Strahlenbündeln Skalarwellen, die von unterschiedlichen Geräten abgestrahlt werden. Die dabei im Schnittpunkt der Stahlenbündel generierte Energiezone befindet sich immer in unmittelbarer Nähe der überwachten Person und folgt ihm auf Schritt und Tritt. Wenn sich eine Zielperson irgendwo hinbewegt, wo kein Überwachungsgerät installiert ist, übernimmt einer der vielen Überwachungssatelliten die Stromversorgung der Energiezonen.

Wenn sich eine Zielperson mehrere Stunden am gleichen Ort aufhällt, werden in der Regel nach einer Stunde in der Nähe dieses Ortes mehrere mobile Überwachungsgeräte installiert, um den Satelliten zu entlasten. Gleiches passiert auch, wenn bereits bekannt ist, dass sich eine Zielperson zu einer bestimmten Uhrzeit an einem bestimmten Ort aufhalten will: Das Team mit den mobilen Überwachungsgeräten wartet dann schon irgendwo in der Nähe. Um eine möglichst kontinuierliche Überwachung zu garantieren, stehen meist noch zusätzliche Geräte im "Standby-Modus", sollte einmal ein Hindernis eines der beiden benutzten Strahlenbündel blockieren.
Bei den mobilen Überwachungsgeräten sind der Form übrigens keine Grenzen gesetzt, es muss nicht immer ein grauer Kasten sein, in dem die Hardware installiert ist. Ich habe schon tellerförmige Antennen gesehen, die Polizeihunden auf den Rücken geschnallt waren, stabförmige Geräte die in den Garten eines zu beobachteten Hauses  eingelassen wurden, oder auch mobile Geräte für PKW´s, die normalerweise in den Türen eingebaut werden. Bei den mobilen Geräten muss man in der Regel auch keine Akkus wechseln, denn diese können durch die oben beschriebene Technik problemlos via Energiezonen aufgeladen werden, denn prinzipiell handelt es sich ja bei der Technik auch um drahtlose Stromübertragung. Wie bereits oben erwähnt, verfügt die benutzte Technologie über hervorragende Messeigenschaften. Wenn zum Beispiel eine überwachte Person einmal komplett vermessen wurde, findet der Computer diese Person immer wieder, auch im dicksten Getümmel, z.B. während einer Demonstration.

Die Überwachungsgeräte sind nicht auf eine einzige Energiezone beschränkt, sondern können je nach Ausstattung und Computerkapazität mehrere dutzend Energiezonen erzeugen, in der dann gleichzeitig Funktionen oder Programme ausgeführt werden können. Es ist leider keine Seltenheit, dass man als Überwachter an 5-10 Körperstellen gleichzeitig malträtiert wird, weil die Funktionen vom Computer kontrolliert werden, der Überwacher selbst kann sich theoretisch dem Fernsehen widmen, während die Zielperson sozusagen „mehrfach autogequält“ wird.
Generell verstecken sich die Überwacher feige in einem geschlossenen Raum hinter Ihren Geräten, dadurch erhält die Situation eine Art "Videospiel- Charakter". Der Überwacher hat also nicht den Eindruck, dass die auf dem Monitor abgebildete Situation oder die überwachte Person echt wären und schießt dann wie in einem Videospiel übertrieben hart auf die überwachte Person ein.
Auf dem zur Verfügung stehenden Überwachungscomputer hat übrigens jeder Überwacher oder jedes Überwachungsteam ein persönliches Setup gespeichert und kann dies in Sekunden aufrufen um dann seinen Überwachungs- oder Foltergewohnheiten nachzugehen. Zu Steuerung des Computers wird übrigens ein Multifunktions-Joystick benutzt. Generell wird diese Technologie im Kleinen, also bei Überwachungsjobs, wie auch im Grossen für Erziehungsmaßnahmen eingesetzt, so verwundert es auch nicht, dass die offizielle Haarp Webseite die Adresse „“  trägt, edu wie education, auf Deutsch: Erziehung -_-

Die Überwachungsgeräte werden in den Nachbarhäusern der Folteropfer platziert, also in ihrer unmittelbaren Nähe. Den Besitzern dieser Häuser wird unter dem Vorwand der "Überwachung eines Terrorverdächtigen" von den angeblichen Überwachern mitgeteilt, man müsse "aus Gründen der Staatssicherheit" Überwachungsgeräte in ihren Wohnungen aufstellen. Mit diesen "Überwachungsgeräten" werden die Opfer dann aus den Nachbarhäusern heraus in der oben sichtbaren Art und Weise "überwacht". Man muss aber dazu erwähnen, dass eine Messung nur dann erfolgreich ist, wenn die Überwacher ganz genau "mitschauen", dann wird nämlich in einen Frequenzbereich umgeschaltet, der selbst bei preiswerten Messgeräten messbar ist. Um genau das zu provozieren, muss man als Überwachter lediglich etwas "besonders Geheimnisvolles" tun, wenige Sekunden später schlägt dann bereits das Messgerät aus.

Ja, es bedarf lediglich eines billigen Mittelwellenradios um die Überwachungsgeräte zu orten, dies wird aber den hilfsbereiten Nachbarn, welche die sogenannten "Überwachungsgeräte" bei sich aufstellen, bewußt verschwiegen. Dadurch drohen diesen Nachbarn neben der sozialen Ächtung vor allem unangenehme rechtliche Konsequenzen, denn neben der Verletzung der Privatsphäre der Opfer liegen Anzeigen wegen Beihilfe zur Körperverletzung oder im schlimmsten Fall Beihilfe zum versuchten Totschlag im Bereich der gesetzlichen Möglichkeiten.

Eure Nachbarn verhalten sich auffällig. Zur Erklärung: Um eine ausreichende "rundum"-Überwachung zu garantieren, bittet der Staatsschutz eure Nachbarn, ein "völlig harmloses Gerät bei ihnen deponieren zu können, um einen angeblich verfassungswidrigen Nachbarn zu kontrollieren". Bedauerlicherweise glauben 99% aller Nachbarn diesen Schwachsinn. Die deponierten Geräte verfügen übrigens über einen eingebauten Monitor und auch einen Lautsprecher, die Nachbarn können also 24 Stunden am Tag verfolgen, was ihr tut. Euer Privatleben ist also ab diesem Moment nicht mehr existent, denn erfahrungsgemäß erfreuen sich eure Nachbarn rund im die Uhr an diesem kostenlosen "Reality-TV". Auf den Überwachungsgeräten werdet ihr, und alle anderen Menschen die sich in eurer Wohnung aufhalten, übrigens ohne Kleidung dargestellt, man kann also eure Geschlechtsteile sehen, das ist kein Witz. (Haben Maurer und Beuthe zusammen mit anderen Bürgern von Bäretswil sogar an Weihnachten mit ihren Familie gemacht. Und die sollen nicht todkrank und hoch kriminell sein?)

Mögliche Reaktionen eurer "lieben Nachbarn": a.) Man schaut auf den Boden, wenn ihr grüsst (schlechtes Gewissen) b.) Bei Konversationen wissen eure Nachbarn erstaunlich gut darüber Bescheid, was ihr gestern gemacht habt oder wer euch besucht hat. c.) Macht ihr in eurer Wohnung gute Witze (z.B. über den Staatschutz), lachen euch die Nachbarn am nächsten Tag an. d.) Habt Ihr Sex gehabt, grinsen euch die Nachbarinnen am nächsten Tag besonders herzlich an. (Es ist wirklich kaum zu glauben wie tief Menschen sinken können, besonders eure NachbarInnen empfinden anscheinend grosses Vergnügen daran, euer Sexleben auszuspähen, obwohl dies das Grundgesetz ausdrücklich verbietet). Wer eine feste Freundin von hat, sollte also sein Sexleben in Zukunft in die Wohnung der Freundin verlagern. e.) Eure direkten Nachbarn, also die Nachbarn die direkt über euch oder direkt neben euch wohnen, machen auffällig oft Geräusche, wenn bei euch das Telefon klingelt, ihr eine SMS schreibt, oder am PC sitzt (zur Erklärung: Die Nachbarn werden vom Staatsschutz dazu ermutigt, als "kostenlose Hilfspolizisten" zu arbeiten und auffälliges Verhalten eurerseits sofort zu melden. Auch das ist leider kein Witz).  Da sich weder eure Nachbarn, noch eure Überwacher darüber klar sind, welche Gesetzesverstösse sie begehen, solltet ihr es ihnen unbedingt klar machen. Ich tue dies, indem ich Gesetzesartikel und psychologisch tiefgehende Texte in meiner Abwesenheit auf meiner Stereoanlage oder dem Laptop als MP3´s laufen lasse. Die Texte gehen in Fleisch und Blut!

An alle Polizeidienststellen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (+ Europa allgemein)

Mikrowellen -Verbrechen / Elektromagnetische Folter aus der Distanz

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Seit über zehn Jahren werden in Deutschland Menschen in ihren Wohnungen durch Wände hindurch, heimlich und in menschenverachtender Weise mit gepulsten, hochfrequenten elektromagnetischen Strahlen gefoltert. Nach unseren Recherchen besteht seit langem eine entsprechende Organisierte HighTech-Kriminalität, die sich ungehindert etablieren und ihr Vorgehen zunehmend präzisieren konnte. Es handelt sich bei diesen Verbrechen nicht um Einmal-Delikte. Mikrowellen-Verbrechen sind auf Langzeit angelegt.
Neueste Elektronik und hochentwickelte Mikrowellen-Technologie bieten viele Möglichkeiten zur kriminellen Nutzung. Ahnungslose Bürger werden gezielt abgehört, „überwacht“ (Surveillance), verfolgt, geortet und in schädigender Absicht besendet. Die Motive sind vielfältig und reichen vom einfachen „Freistrahlen“ eines Hauses, um eine Immobilie günstig zu erwerben, bis hin zu langsamen, grauenvollen „Liquidierungen“. Wir kennen Fälle, die man ohne Übertreibung als Hinrichtungen bezeichnen kann. Diese Geräte sind auch ideal, um Konkurrenten zu erledigen. Die Auswahl der Opfer ist häufig von Rachemotiven, krankhaftem Hass und Sozial-Neid geprägt. Wie wir in Erfahrung bringen konnten, zahlen zudem entsprechende Auftraggeber enorme Summen für illegale Menschenversuche (Waffentests), um die biologischen Auswirkungen von gezielter MW-Besendung zu erforschen.
Die Foltermethoden sind extrem vielfältig und erzeugen mannigfache Phänomene: Feine Nadelstiche, messerscharfes Stechen wie mit einem Dorn, Erhitzung einzelner Körperteile, die das Gefühl, „gegrillt“ zu werden, erzeugt, Vibrieren und Reissen, als wäre man in eine Stromquelle geraten, Schmerzen unterschiedlicher Qualität an wechselnden Körperstellen u.v.m. Auffällig ist das pervers-sadistische Verhalten vieler Folterer, die ihre Opfer vorzugsweise in die Genitalien und den After „schießen“. Die bestialische Kaltblütigkeit, mit der diese Verbrechen durchgeführt werden, ist für normale Bürger, die gar nicht begreifen, was da mit ihnen geschieht und warum sie dermaßen traktiert werden, entsetzlich und kaum fassbar. Die Auswirkungen der Mikrowellen-Besendung sind u.a. abhängig von: Intensität (elektrische Feldstärke bzw. Leistungsdichte) / Trägerfrequenzen / Pulswiederholrate (Modulation) / Strahlenbündelung / Abstand Besendungsquelle-Opfer / Interferenz mehrerer Besendungsquellen.

Wer sich mit diesen Parametern auskennt, kann Menschen aus der Distanz unsichtbar, heimlich, gezielt und schwer nachweisbar: lahm legen / manipulieren / quälen / foltern / krank machen / in den Selbstmord treiben und/oder töten. Wer diese Geräte / Waffen, die teilweise mit wenig Aufwand und geringen Vorkenntnissen selbst angefertigt werden können (s. Bauanleitung im Internet) besitzt, verfügt über ein unglaubliches Machtmittel und erschreckendes Zerstörungspotential und kann sich bisher vor strafrechtlicher Verfolgung absolut sicher fühlen.
Die kriminelle Verwendung neuester Mikrowellen-Technologie kennzeichnet die Kriminalität der Zukunft. Sie bietet auch ideale Möglichkeiten zur Herstellung von Waffen für elektromagnetischen Terrorismus, vor dem im Zweiten Gefahrenbericht der Schutzkommission beim Bundesminister des Innern (Band 48, 2001) gewarnt wird. Mit dem entsprechenden technischen KnowHow erreicht man nicht nur gezielt eine Person in einer Familie/ oder Gruppe. Man kann die Besendung auch großflächig einsetzen und damit verheerende Auswirkungen erzielen.
Seit über 10 Jahren beobachten wir eine zunehmende Präzisierung der Technik und des Vorgehens. Die Folter kann aus immer grösseren Entfernungen mit immer kleineren, transportablen Geräten unter Verwendung „intelligenter“ Antennensysteme verursacht werden. Die Besendungen werden differenzierter und spezifischer. Der unmittelbare Nachbar, der mit einem umgebauten Mikrowellen-Herd foltert, stellt nur die Primitivvariante einer weitaus komplexeren und äußerst geschickt getarnten HighTech-Kriminalität dar. Je länger die Verbrechen geduldet werden, um so schwerer wird die Aufklärung sein. Es handelt sich um ein hinterhältig ausgeklügeltes Verbrechen, bei welchem das Opfer einerseits mit elektromagnetischer Strahlung angegriffen wird und andererseits durch zusätzliche Straftaten systematisch geschwächt, geschädigt, eingeschüchtert und isoliert werden soll. Die Schilderungen der Opfer über die bisher weitgehend unbekannten und unvorstellbaren Mikrowellen-Verbrechen erscheinen Außenstehenden schon unglaubwürdig.

Darüber hinaus wirken die begleitenden Straftaten unsinnig und absurd:
- Einbrechen, ohne Einbruchspuren zu hinterlassen
- Stören von Kommunikationsmitteln (Telefon, PC, Fax-Gerät)
- Rufmordkampagnen
- Geräuschfolter
- Straßenverkehrsterror etc.

Diese Doppelstrategie verstärkt somit den Zweifel an der Urteilsfähigkeit der Opfer. Durch das Vortäuschen von Straftaten und andere perfide Delikte wird zudem eine Umkehrung der Täter-Opfer-Rollen angestrebt. Insgesamt zielt die Strategie darauf ab, den Anschein zu erwecken, als wäre alles ein Problem der betreffenden Person und als stimme etwas mit dieser Person nicht. Die Verbrechensvorgänge sollen auch mit ganz normalen Abläufen aus dem täglichen Leben erklärt werden können („plausible deniability“), so als bilde sich das Opfer die Verfolgung und die „unheimlichen“ Angriffe nur ein. Zudem soll vermutlich von der eigentlichen Schwere des Verbrechens, der Besendung bzw. Bestrahlung mit Mikrowellen, abgelenkt werden. Das Verbrechen soll individualisiert werden, eine Strategie, die bisher leider aufging. Stattdessen handelt es sich bei dieser „neuen“ Form der (Organisierten HighTech-) Kriminalität aber um eine schwerwiegende und gefährliche Entwicklung von nationaler Bedeutung. Es ist keinesfalls die Sache einer einzelnen Person, wenn in unserem Land ungehindert gefoltert und gemordet werden kann - egal mit welchen Mitteln und ob heimlich oder offensichtlich! Jeder Bürger kann zum Opfer werden und ist dann den bestialischen Verbrechern genauso hilflos und schutzlos ausgeliefert, wie wir es jetzt schon sind.
Aus vielen Fällen ist uns das auffällig standardisierte Vorgehen der Organisierten (HighTech-) Kriminalität bekannt:
Das ausgewählte Opfer wird in der Regel zunächst aus Wohnungen heraus und aus geparkten Autos/Vans besendet. Dazu werden immer mehr Nachbarn „rekrutiert“ bzw. speziell geschulte Folterer eingesetzt. Außerhalb der eigenen Wohnung kann man sich noch erholen. Man stellt fest, dass die Besendung in der Wohnung nur an bestimmten Orten spürbar ist, vor allem in der Nähe einiger Fenster. Instinktiv versucht man, diese Orte zu meiden, merkt aber bald, dass man immer schneller aufgespürt und weiterbesendet wird. Es kommt zu regelrechten Verfolgungsjagden in der eigenen Wohnung. Man versucht auszuweichen und verlässt oft fluchtartig seine Wohnung, wird aber bald überall geortet und immer zielgenauer besendet. Irgendwann gibt es kein Entkommen mehr. Weder in Hotels noch bei Freunden ist man in Sicherheit. Man wird bundesweit und sogar länderübergreifend immer schneller erfasst und besendet. Es gibt keine Zufluchtsorte mehr. Und für einen Außenstehenden ist ein Verbrechensvorgang überhaupt nicht erkennbar: Man sieht weder einen Folterer, noch die Foltergeräte, noch die quälenden und schädigenden Mikrowellen, noch deren Auswirkungen. Alles, was die Opfer berichten, klingt wie phantastische Hirngespinste oder eingebildete Science-Fiction-Szenarien.
Vermutlich ist die Hemmschwelle der Verbrecher gerade deshalb so niedrig, weil diese Verbrechen aus der Distanz und unsichtbar, meist ohne Spuren zu hinterlassen, ausgeführt werden können. Man kann Menschen mit Mikrowellen brutal foltern, ohne dass etwas nachweisbar werden kann, denn meßtechnische Gutachten sind äußerst schwer zu erstellen. Wir vermuten, dass straff organisierte Auftraggeber-Auftragnehmer-Verhältnisse bestehen, bei denen Teilaufträge an Mit-Täter vieler Altersgruppen vom Jugendlichen bis zum Rentner vergeben werden. Dass es sich hier um den Reiz des leicht verdienten Geldes handelt, erkennen wir an dem plötzlichen Besitzzuwachs der Verbrecher, häufig an neuen, teuren Autos. Wir haben Aufzeichnungen über Folter-Schichtsysteme, beobachten öfters das Heranschaffen von immer kleineren Geräten (Bauteilen?), wonach die Folterungen verändert werden und können gelegentlich sogar spezielle Folter-Methoden bestimmten „Auftragserfüllern“, die zum „Schichtdienst“ kommen, zuordnen. Übereinstimmend berichten alle Opfer davon, dass die Wohnungen/Häuser, aus denen gefoltert wird, nie leer stehen gelassen werden.
Obwohl wir Opfer in der "Interessengemeinschaft" bereits sehr viel unternommen haben, um die Behörden auf diese grausamen Mikrowellen-Verbrechen aufmerksam zu machen, müssen wir immer wieder die Erfahrung machen, dass den Opfern wegen der Unglaublichkeit, der Unsichtbarkeit dieser elektromagnetischen Angriffe und der schweren Nachweisbarkeit nicht geholfen wird. Die ersten Anlaufstellen der verzweifelten Opfer sind zumeist die örtlichen Polizeidienststellen. Dort werden sie aus fehlender Sachkenntnis abgewiesen. Strafanzeigen werden zumeist nicht aufgenommen. Die Straftaten erscheinen in keiner Kriminalstatistik und werden als nicht-existent behandelt, so als gäbe es sie gar nicht!

Im Schreiben vom Bundeskriminalamt vom 21.01.2003, AZ: LS 2 - 27-2737/02, wird bestätigt: "Die schädigende Wirkung von Mikrowellen auf den menschlichen Organismus ist seit vielen Jahren eine wissenschaftlich belegte Tatsache." Es wird eingeräumt, dass "ein Einsatz von Mikrowellen als Waffe.....denkbar" ist. "Der Einsatz von Mikrowellen als Mittel zur Schädigung Dritter wird seitens des Bundeskriminalamtes aufmerksam beobachtet." Laut Bundesministerium des Innern (Petitionsausschuß, 23.10.02) „verweist das Bundeskriminalamt...auf die jeweils örtlich und sachlich zuständigen Polizei- und Justizdienststellen.“ Mit der ablehnenden Entscheidung der Polizei werden die Opfer den Verbrechern regelmäßig schutzlos ausgeliefert und die Folterungen gehen weiter. Eine fatale Besonderheit der MW-Verbrechen liegt nämlich darin, dass sie nicht ohne weiteres als Verbrechen zu erkennen sind! Das muss man wissen, wenn man damit konfrontiert wird und nach einem Anfangsverdacht Ausschau hält. Die überaus schwierige Beweislage benötigt besondere Sachkenntnisse und ein spezielles Vorgehen beim Ermittler.
Dazu ist es unabdingbar zu wissen, was bei MW-Verbrechen zu erwarten ist, wie Indizien zu werten sind und wie Beweise gewonnen werden können.
Dem Bayerischen Staatsministerium des Innern liegt ein Gutachten vom Bayerischen LKA unter dem Vorgang AZ: IC5-0142.1-610 NA vor, das über MW-Verbrechen aufklärt.
Kriminaltechnik und –taktik müssen den Gegebenheiten moderner Kriminalität angepasst werden. Bisher wird die Ermittlungsarbeit noch weitgehend den Opfern selbst überlassen, wir sind jedoch keine Physiker oder Ermittlungs-Experten. Obwohl bei einigen Opfern meßtechnische Gutachten vorliegen sind uns nur wenige Fälle bekannt, in denen ernsthaft ermittelt wird (z.B. AZ: 711 Js 12421/03).

Wir appellieren an die Menschenrechte! Sie vertreten doch die Rechte der Menschen auf Leben, Gesundheit und Freiheit! Es kann doch nicht im Interesse der Gesetzgeber sein, die Unverletzlichkeit der Wohnung der brutalen Verbrecher, in der die Geräte ganz konkret und sichtbar aufgebaut sind und in krimineller Weise genutzt werden, über den Schutz vor Folter zu stellen! Wir unterliegen doch dem Legalitätsprinzip! Die Opfer haben den Rechtsweg
gewählt und müssen demzufolge auch angehört und beschützt werden! Es ist doch auffallend und erschreckend, dass so viele Opfer das Gleiche bestätigen. Die Beweise können doch erst am Ende der gründlichen und sachgemäßen Ermittlungen stehen und nicht als deren Voraussetzung gefordert werden!

Wer das Monopol in Anspruch nimmt, alle strafbaren Handlungen zu verfolgen, sollte diese zumindest kennen. Wir möchten in Zukunft verhindern, dass Menschen aus Uninformiertheit der zuständigen Behörden weiterhin qualvoll ermordet werden. Wenn die Polizei/Polizisten bei dem Anzeigen von Mikrowellen-Verbrechen diese nicht erkennen und keine entsprechenden Ermittlungen aufnehmen, weil sie mit den vorgebrachten Schilderungen der Opfer nichts anfangen können, dann sollten sie sich zumindest darüber im Klaren sein, dass sie damit für MW-Opfer das sichere Todesurteil fällen. Denn gnadenlose Besendung mit gepulsten, elektromagnetischen Wellen ist nicht nur unerträglich, sondern in dieser Intensität auf Dauer tödlich. Das Opfer ist absolut auf die Hilfe der zuständigen Behörden angewiesen, weil es sich aus dieser Folter nicht allein mit legalen Mitteln befreien kann. Und bitte bedenken Sie, welche Möglichkeiten hat ein MW-Opfer und was kann es tun, wenn ihm der Rechtsweg verschlossen bleibt, um sich aus der Folter und langsamen Ermordung zu befreien? Wir wissen um die Überforderung aller beteiligten Behörden. Deutlich können wir die erschreckende Diskrepanz zwischen dem Informationsstand, der Ausstattung und den Methoden der Polizei auf der einen und dem technischen KnowHow, der straffen Organisation, den kriegsähnlichen Strategien und der personellen und finanziellen Ausstattung der Verbrechernetzwerke auf der anderen Seite erkennen. Dieser menschenverachtenden und zukunftsträchtigen Kriminalität kann man nur etwas in Zusammenarbeit mit Staatsschutz und Anti-Terror-Einheiten entgegensetzen.
Wir haben einen Fragebogen als Leitfaden entwickelt, welcher bei der Anzeigenannahme unterstützend sein soll. Denn den meisten Betroffenen fällt es erfahrungsgemäß extrem schwer, diese grausamen, auf unsichtbaren Strahlen basierenden Verbrechen zu schildern. Nach Entgegennahme dieser Anzeige ist ein persönliches Gespräch mit dem Opfer zur Verdeutlichung und Klärung der schwierigen Sachverhalte wichtig. Die "Interessengemeinschaft der Opfer von Elektro-Waffen" bietet umfangreiches Datenmaterial und Ergebnisse jahrelanger Recherchen an. Auf der 3. internationalen Fachmesse für Polizei- und Spezialausrüstung GPEC 2004 in Leipzig wird über "Nicht-letale Wirkmittel (NLW)" informiert, u.a. über Einsatzmöglichkeiten von "High Power Microwave (HPM)" (Hochleistungs-Mikrowellen),

Wir bitten darum, alle PolizistInnen der Dienststelle mit diesem Merkblatt zu informieren!

Friday, 8 July 2016


I cannot tell why certain themes from my blog are picked up by the international community..but i guess it is because people all over the world are moved by the same things..especially when justice is absent..maybe they dont deserve better..and what is a NATO summit worth if they dont mention the threats coming from non-human influence and the global pedobile which they have been infiltrated aswell..and now they want to wage war against the east on european soil..we should drive them out of our countries..we cannot even solve our own problems here and wanna point fingers on mega nations like russia and china..the people will have to pay the price when there is war around here..they dont care..the army experiments with things they can neither control nor protect themselves from..which will and can only backfire..shouldnt blame others for it..or lets tell the story of how mayan gods came into the swiss mountains..very interesting..all the billion souls on planet earth..thats real insanity..but still..its all connected..maybe we should remember that..and stop those who keep us from reuniting..i received a divine has many faces..healing too..and i see it all united at one place..can save years of therapy and trauma..thats when real magic happens..but there is still work to going thru all the archives..someone can recover from worst circumstances but will never forget it..and i hope for the involved perpetraitors that they never cross my paths again..better disappear in their own shadow which they will be hunted by demons until the rest of time..


Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Ive just seen two civilian cars with blue uniformed polyzmen innit..its clear that they have been the stalkers and killers of my privacy, love life and existence since Oerlikon..they obviously think in their confused little brainis that its normal to destroy peoples life because they question their authority..i mean the police in Zurich is definately full of young, stupid and agressive (childish on drugs) idiots..weve seen that again and again..just yesterday when ive been there..they tried to catch these degenerated creatures observe and terrorize witnesses of worst crimes 24/7 and call this work..they take tax money for it while all the criminals involved still walk free..themselves included..they are useless, dangerous and the population should do their own militias again..we dont need corrupt and insane government slaves who dont know what they are doing and turn against their own citizens..yeah i smoke weed, i hate the society we live in and i work on art books and a satiric is legal and tousand times justified after all ive experienced in this country full of shwit..and if one of those brainwashed smurfs could count to 3 they would understand it too..just look up to the sky..but theses days someone gets chosen by their stupidity and blindness otherwise they dont want you in the state companies police and military..protecting only rich and powerful criminals..poor people can die in poison..i wish you and all the other psychopaths around here cancer, aids, lyme disease, heart attacks, car accidents, shizophrenia, alzheimers etc. usw. everything that causes pain, suffering and puts you away for good..saying like it really is..doing like it really home is your welcome to the terrordome..