Thursday, 31 December 2015


Artist-terrorist-collective al kreida vs. al creativa hit rome..we've launched several crystal-glitter-truth attacks on the egyptian-masonic roman-alien empire in italy..with unviolent techniques of exposure..veni, vidi, vici..even if they opened a package of a friend with crystals and stole light water from it before our journey..i've never seen such a density of filth before..unbelievable..especially in the st. peters church..satans throne was nice dark and nasty..and the evol goons at the holy entrance..another security segment delivered by the italian to many other groups that were present..the capitale remulus&romus police and some esercito militia for example..all safe or what..sure..blasphemia pedofilius nazio na(ta)le..the main street down from st.peters square where all the embassies are seems to be the vampire zone as i've seen some of them giving me looks that we already founded our own unsecret society called the true masons or Wahrmaurer with their own tools, wisdom, symbols and signs we've had nothing to worry about..i've also seen a swiss guard (someone should send them home and get them some therapy) walking around with some suspicious suitcase near the church..and i instantly had to think of the bomb they've put into my cat back then..after all we've seen from this jesuit psychopaths it would be no surprise if this was just another cover-up its clear that this story is far from way we let them get away with this..neither the vatican nor the swiss government..when we directly vandalized the vatican walls from the outside we've finally caught their attention and they sent some spys after us following us thru the streets..and we showed them our message and why we came..the city is a mess full of dirt from the middle ages..they stopped in time..the dead and empty temple halls on the surface as well as the awful puppet master holes underground..still playing this weird theater for the tourists and everyone else who still believes in the lies of the bloody roman empire..who killled their apparent beloved jesus christ who is still nailed on the cross..thats why we want voodoo-popes for all..i can do what you sorcery..he likes to be murdered with a cross too i guess..fair enough..papa is the bestie..after all unpleasant encounters it was still a very successful trip and also my last one to this obviously lost place..all other attacks will be coordinated from and with other countries..and functioning courts..beeing creative, confronting the seemingly powerful with their own imperfections and staying true to the self..thats what real angels save the world..from this hellish syndicate..unholy alliances spreading their wings of death over the planet..and the blind sheeps follow their shadow shepards into the dark tombs of the devil..from hell to hell and back..our only choice left..and by the way i recommend not to use these famous party bombs for new years eve..they contain the penisapes devil masks which get unleashed and some suspicious hats from belgium that are definately related to the judo-christian ritualistic abuser network..we should not support that..fill them with your own gadets instead..rather than offering your kids to a occult satanic ritual you're not aware of..which is the case in almost everything that we believe in and surrounds us..its created by them for this exact serve their gods..all of it..maybe feed them some loud fireworks..better than prayers or news..however this site will be updated from time to time for all serious investigators out there who are dedicated to end the tyranny of this cruel and abusive groups threatening our very future..and thats what will guide us thru the coming year..which will not be the year of mercy like some of these traitors and abusers might wish for..did they ever have for others..never heard of..this show is so old and over..just like the ruins around and inside of it..its not even fun to rip a head off that already wiggles..its only a matter of time until it falls off..just like babylon itself..digging its own grave with each day of denial and abuse..they've lost their authority ages ago and we should refuse to acknowledge it any longer..on a international level..all together..and stop their evil games of lies, manipulation and control over the masses..we dont want that..humanity doesnt need this..


Polizia Capitale Roma (Romulus + Remus)
Guardia civil
Guardia di
C.orpo di Vili-ganzia

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Switzerland is under control of a demonic pedophile police mafia with links to the churchish military. They legally use slaves, prostitutes and other criminals as personnel. No one is allowed to bother their illegal business otherwise they react with terror, lies, murder and false accusations. They severely abuse their authority on a daily base. Rule of law does not exist anymore. They must be stopped immediately. So my today's contrast program for Christmas will be: hang the Xmas tree or headz off. Everyone is invited to join this special full moon hell feast to transform the Christmas mass ritual also inspired by satanic demons and pagan gods. Ive already had my original Christmas on winter solstice day and now its time to get rid of all this filthy shit.


Sunday, 20 December 2015


Since privacy and rule of law are inexistant in the new world order terror regime and they even exploit contents and material from the internet to use against the writer or others its necessary to start a private or secret newsletter or completely stop any further publications on the internet and only write books. Switzerland is definately more than out of control and under the demonic tyranny of vampire shadow and alien influence and absolutely lost. Most of the population appear like satanic possessed zombies due to the extensive brainwash methods daily used on them. The rest are hybrids or members of the original alien races. They are very low vibrating and some are evol to a degree that is intolerable. I can't take it anymore and will soon leave the country. I could make the army go away but there are still enough of these creatures living here and terrorizing me with their astral observation. Kids but some everyone would love to get rid of. Useless filth that apparently came from no where. The underground city labs and bunker systems of a outcast and outlaw alien society. The ongoing invasion and occupation is severe, illegal and dangerous for every living thing on this planet. Our country is full of it. Normal humans are already a minority and despite the fact that there are also seemingly good ones among them its clear for me that I don't want to be a part of whatever they try to create here. Surveillance terror, poison attacks and human rights violations are daily business now. So fuck them and western civilization in general. Hopefully someone wipes it all out and frees the world from this ugly dirt. So in sending your governments a nice little christmas gift might help to remind them of their original duties assigned and payed by the people. For further updates also on our visit by the pope in rome contact:



We in Europe can all see very clearly now what climate change means and that it is already happening on a wide scale. It's midst of december and nature is blooming like in spring because of the unusual warm and mild temperatures. In the past years the climate changed very fast and I guess it's needless to say that we will not be able to stop it. No matter how much taxes we pay and how sustainable we live. It's even unclear what the exact cause of this drastic change is. Guess it's not only the fault of a seemingly overpopulated and greedy western society. Maybe the industrial part of the economy could be responsible due to the extreme pollution. But then there is this geo-engineering going on all over the world since a few years apparently to stop the climate change and we can ask ourselves if this really is the intention behind this chemtrail projects or if this is making it even worse. Creating sort of artificial climate for creatures from other worlds. Or is it because of the planetary frequency that is rising and also causes the temperatures on other planets of our solar system to rise as well and we are all just part of some cyclical event involving all worlds of our planetary system and that's what all the prophecies were about. It does irritate the life cycle of plants and can cause temporary grow reductions but maybe when they get used to the new climate its not necessary that they get permanently damaged. And if the time comes when we can use alternative technologies for a life in harmony with nature and other races things in our daily life could change as drastic as the weather and maybe it's just an invitation and a sign for all of us to change. Before its too late. Because if we do a whole new world of possibilities would open up to all of us.


Monday, 7 December 2015


Weve just hit another swiss vampire nest connected to the alternative organic goa scene where certain elements have been involved in the story with the streetpunk eliteprostitute slaves. It turned out that they use their events to trade slaves for sex and blood also due to a acute cocaine abuse that obviously brought them into debts with the drug mafia. Some of them even own brothels and seem heavily involved in prostitution for various perverted costumers. Vampires, pedophiles, occultists and sadists. There is a alternative factory with artists and anarchists that seems to be occupied by vampire forces connected to a dark brothel-like house called villa 45 where unconscious people get sold to such unpleasant creatures. I've been at a party there for almost 24 hours. The light I've created and spread with other aware people made them really uncomfortable because they could not take over the people or suck off their energy. They fleed with sunglasses. As they are greedy they wanted more and attacked my ex with a stick-like military weapon that instantly paralizes people. Obviously to feed their hungry masters on the other side of the street. They knew I've witnessed it and tried to get me off their way too. It seems they again installed a surveillance chip in my left eye when ive been there in the same way they take and abuse others without their knowledge. Especially in the days after the army made great terror around the place I live to kill or stop me from telling anyone. I survived as always and told as many I could and also tried to stop the creatures involved. But again it's clear that this is highly insane and illegal but the government is still not doing something about it. In all these years happened so many heavy crimes and they still think it's better to eliminate the truth than the dirt. Also thanks to the blind sheeps. Another occult secret we've exposed. The demonic Shepard God spells makes unconscious puppet dolls out of humans. Very holy way to treat believers. In secretly abusing them while under hypnotic magic. Best already installed in childhood. We will thank the pope and all other conspirative abusers of such occult tactics and wish they will burn in hell very soon.