Friday, 30 October 2015


The two spiritual paths offered and open to the common people are just two sides of the same coin..neither the left-hand nor the right-hand path are independent from higher control..that's why they keep the middle-path closed and secret and anyone who found it will be chased by their servants..someone who can walk on both legs is apparently stronger than the ones only walking on one and therefore reaching another level of initiation..a greater sphere of influence..and possibly gets also more dangerous and powerful than the ones pulling the strings from above..which came into this place over the same path..and they didn't want anyone else to conquer their position that's why they concealed the knowledge from humanity and abused it..tried to stop the ones who came closer on their way..especially the women..which would proove the separation as illusion..created to control two worlds which are originally making them fight each other instead of going after their overlords..who are keeping the secrets and manipulated all related cults and religions since ages..separation destroys, love its clear where they are coming from..check out the soothers they are full of hidden symbolics from the pedophile cults..especially the one papa is the beast..there is some link to the vatican..the symbols are also in the caps of bottles or at the bottom of glasses to energetically alter the ingredients..we found out that there seem to be a occult connection to the kinder surprise eggs aswell as they have been poisoned once and the so called magic toys are related to the military somehow..does make sense because disney is a perfect example of how this satanic brainwash child abuser clans are destroying the roots of human nature already in can this be a real democracy when there are still secret kings and queens ruling over the country..reptilian terror empire would be a more adequate description..and who gave unenlightened disciples mono-atomic gold to push them artificially into higher densities and use them in a war that is not theirs..which is definately the case here with some of our flying and immortal victim gods..and who did open the portals or stargates to let all these astral creatures into our dimension..who did offer them the human and blood sacrifices..john dee was one of them and he was a british occultist..history repeats because of them and because the people can't let go of their ancient rituals and false believes..there is no duality in reality..only one source field interacting with itself..
I've recognized that we are already monitored by mysteriously hidden groups..especially from the US..I mean I'm feeling honored for your attention and I know this information hasn't been leaked in this form before which might make you feel uncomfortable but no need to get overexcited..we all knew the day would come when someone survives all your assassination and destruction campaigns and tells the people about this hidden underworld..I try to be as moderate and secure as possible with the details but the truth has to come sick and tired of this fiction contradiction..otherwise I'm glad to help but it would be nice if this didn't happen over this one-sided, invisible and ignorant way..maybe you should start to properly support your informants and agents like they surprise all your secrets get exposed..bad treatment doesn't pay out..pretty sure it was you who brought the swiss government into this shit hell of alien superhero lab..ive seen your flag at one base..fuck off twice then and never ever set another foot onto this land if you wanna keep it..we take care of our own traitors and maybe you should mind your own business aswell..but in case of serious job offers for example a mission to the base in antarctica let me know..guess people like you know exactly how to find others everywhere in the world..the captains of the ship are always packed and ready..however don't expect me to deliver you much more inside information in here..I will find other ways to distribute my knowledge..I don't like to be watched when I'm at work..too many reptilian eyes on me anyway..and as far I know we still have to rescue some political hostages and terror victims out there..why not using all this so sophisticated equipment and technology for good reasons instead of oppressing unaware and innocent pussy soldiers..I've just invented a new experimentation game..its called change sides..everyone who dares to treat other people like they did with us should try to surrender under the same circumstances..if they do not succeed they are no longer allowed to be in powerful positions within the military, police departments or elsewhere..which will be probably over 80%..they are dumb and weak cowards with small dicks..that's why they have to abuse children or animals..ive seen that in combination with pet zoos and underground systems connected to large appartement complexes in the city (ZH Triemli) where one of the bomb hotspots is in this to the main police station urania and many other another good test to detect these ugly and useless pigs..pants down..they would all fail..seems to be another side-effect of the extensive cloning, hybridization and inzest..deformed mut-ants..using victims not only for sexual abuse but also for bloodsucking and sacrificing..Switzerland seems to be the dwarf and vampire paradise of Europe..this is not here since yesterday and I'm sure thousands of people know about it or are involved..especially the obviously pedophile groups from the brainwash media who severly abused their power over the channels for extreme terror..ive witnessed their secret programs more than once..thats where the real news are shown to the insiders..guess it would be appropriate to chase these sick bastards naked thru the streets and have them humiliated and spit on by the people..what a entertaining in the middle ages which we obviously have never left under the surface..the truth will come out and all of you will get your fair share..justice might be absent in your system but not in the universe..which is apparently far above all of're nothing, your titles mean nothing and you've never deserved to be in such positions and take all this money from the public to carry out these uncontrollable and insane projects..and then you don't even have enough balls to admit your complete incompetence and failure..ridiculous..don't even try..I know the game and I know people like you..and I will not stop until these things have been sorted out properly..if needed under our own rules and laws seem to have no authority anymore..


The  Knights  Templar  were  known for their  white  mantles  with  a  red  cross, symbols  and colors  which are clearly  depicted  on  the  flag  of  Switzerland  today,  albeit  the  colors  are reversed.  The  notion that  the Knights  Templar established a  state in Switzerland is  corroborated  by  numerous  scholars  who believe  that the  “Templars  fled  into  the  Swiss  Alps”. Consequently,  historical  records  from  that  time state that Swiss villagers  suddenly  becoming very  skilled military  tacticians.  When  Leopold I  of  Austria  and 5,000  of  his knights  were attempting  to take control  of  the  St.  Gotthard Pass  in  Switzerland,  “His  force was  ambushed and  destroyed  by  a group  of  about 1,500 Swiss  peasants.”  Needless  to  say,  1,500 peasants  could  never defeat 5,000  highly  skilled  knights. Therefore, it’s  highly  likely  that  the  Swiss  peasants  were  not  peasants but rather  Knights  Templars  pretending to  be  peasants. Prior to the dissolution of  the  Knights  Templar in 1307, the Swiss  had no  military  and  no  military  experience.  However, after the infamous  battle against Leopold I  of  Austria,  the  Swiss  suddenly  became renowned  and  seasoned  fighters. Swiss  legends  states that there  were  "armed  white knights"  who  came to help them  in their  battles. Interestingly, on the  list of Knights  Templar sights  in Europe  and  the  Middle  East,  the  country  of  Switzerland  remains  mysteriously blank. In  what  appears  to  be a  hoax  designed  to hide the  fact that  the  Knights  Templar fled  to  Switzerland, a  conspiracy  theory  was  promulgated  via the  book  “Holy  Blood, Holy  Grail”  (1982) that  the  Templars  used a fleet  of  18  ships  to  escape from  France.  According to  witness  Jean  de  Châlon,  he  "heard people talking that [Gerard de Villiers  had]  put to sea  with 18  galleys,  and  the  brother Hugues  de  Chalon  fled  with  the whole treasury  of  the brother Hugues  de  Pairaud”. In short, Châlon’s  brother  was  allegedly  on a  fleet  of  18 ships  laden  with  Templar treasure that  set  sail  from  La  Rochelle, France just prior  to  a  global  warrant being  issued for the  arrest  of  the Order  in October of  1307. The  675  year-old  witness  and potential destination  of  the ship  were  designed  to  be  a  red  herring in  respect to  the  true  location  of  the Templars. Lastly,  in a  bid to  further disguise  the  Knights  Templar’s  escape to  Switzerland,  Freemasonry  incorporated Templar symbols  and rituals  in a  number  of  their  Masonic  bodies  since the  18th  century. The  most notable is  the  "Order  of  the Temple", commonly  known as  the  Knight Templar, the  final  degree in  "The  United Religious,  Military  and  Masonic  Orders  of  the  Temple  and  of  St John  of  Jerusalem, Palestine,  Rhodes  and Malta". Since there  is  “no  known  historical  evidence”  to link  the medieval  Knights  Templar to Masonic Templarism, the degree  and title  were created  in  order  to  pay  tribute  to provide  historical  cover for the country  of  Switzerland  by  openly  associating  the  Knights  Templar with  Freemasonry. Therefore,  whenever an  wherever the Knights  Templar are discussed, Freemasonry  is  automatically  brought into  the conversation.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


There is this orb phenomena documented all over the world in seems these spheric balls of energy are sort of souls or ghosts..they watch us and followed us..they could see from distance what we were doing thru these balls which seem to be more like eyes for astral parts able to consciously separate from the body while wake and present at a distant place..they also use birds in our case crows to communicate and areas where paranormal activities appeared and bases seem to exist underground these balls seemed to be coming out of small holes in the ground between roots of the to the wood and rock hill homes where the originator of those seem to live..their astral shape also look like orbs in different colors..sensitive people can see them without camera..some say they are spirits from dead people, animals or plants..all comes together in the astral realm..just hidden in front of us..makes death not look so bad after all..guess it all depends where our souls are going or get stored after..if they are free or not..being immortal in hell must be the real hell..there are the souls of the sacrificed victims taken by their famous eye..they have to be saved pretty sure that they use my boyfriend who has special abilities too to watch me but we are not allowed to see each other since 3 years..nice way to emotionally torture human hearts..something these people do as a payed job and find pleasure in it..needless to say what I'm going to do with such pricks once I catch them..



The police in switzerland seems to be under total masonic-cabbal alien-reptilian control. Most of the officers seem to spend more time to care about their looks instead of following the laws they try to enforce on the people. Next to the chiefs who seem to engage in professional child abuser and ritualistic murder networks and use their jobs to cover-up and conceal these crimes. Or adress it on innocent. Paranormal and demonic phenomena seems to be connected to this satanic sects also working closely together with the Catholic church. Slave and victim traders for the insane elite. As the experience showed that there are some sort of genetic hybrid-mutant programs in effect for reasons of tyrany and control it must be expected that most of the workers in these units come from this kind of laboratory where human experimentation crossed a line ages ago because of insane and selfish greed. Many of them resemble in their looks. Some with round glasses like minions others more puppet-like. Artificially cute. Some also have a voice which sounds electronic. Empty and without soul. Seems they created sort of bio-tech lifeforms or robotdolls. Some equipped with bombs as part of the body as they have been used and killed for reasons of terror. They are intelligent to a certain degree. Other cross-breed experiments seem to be animal hybrids from various spieces. But gunmen are most-likely goats. The so called devil too. Maybe thats the reason why these labs are mainly located inside the swiss alps. Even if they look human to us they are not completley. They can switch to the astral state by will where they dont require shelter or food. They could easily kill us all and not be affected by it which they already tried to do and sure plan to do again in their sick and twisted minds. There seem to be a space program aswell that connects bases and races on the different planets within our solar system. Another place they could hide or escape in case of planetary emergency which was the case and got the government to sold us all out for tickets to the apparent safe space. Not a place any of us wants to go. Especially reptilians are not very pleasant to be around. They use us as slaves for various purposes. Which seem to be the main initiators of this kind of secret government programs. Together with military officials and too rich people from the finance sector they created an astral animal-alien-human slave-army which seems to be completely out of control. They use various poisons and frequencies to keep the population low and dull. In our case also psychotropic gas as a mass-therapy for citizen groups who have seen or done too much. Chemtrails seem to be used not only for geo-engineering reasons but also to sicken and mindcontrol the population thru dimming of light and also to conceal paranormal and illegal activities in the sky. We've been literally thru hell because of leaking this informations so its important for you to process and share it. This is a secret site so far and should be treated accordingly. We've already lost a blog because the contained information was abused and constantly monitored by government spys. Be warned and alert.


My NSA contact ’X5’ who worked at the Los Alamos underground base says there is ET/shadow government hierarchy in the Octopus. X5 says that the hierarchy is as follows-1) Sirian Annunaki and Draconian reptilans-Supreme group leaders, 2) Tall Greys (Rigelian greys)- Section commanders, 3) Short greys (Zeta Reticulan Greys)- Drone workers, 4) Blue Kobolds- Drone workers (working with Zetan greys in heavy lifting, abductions etc) - 5) Human Illuminists and Comm 300 (33rd degree and above freemasons, once you reach the 33rd degree of Masonry you are initiated into the first level of the Illuminati), 6) PLF’s (programmable life forms)- military robots used for abductions etc. 

They create the chaos and bring about a New World order. The New World order is not about money. It is about a covert take over of planet earth by malevolent ET races to enable them to harvest the resources on this planet such as food, slave labour, genetic material and minerals. Government factions that have sold out to the Zetan grey and Draconian reptilian forces, for example, are paving a road to hell for this planet. They are now puppets for their puppet-masters that have promised them certain powers and rewards when the official one world government is in place. 

Project Mannequin is a programme to create genetically enhanced assassins, espionage agents and sleeper agents with PSI/phychic abilities. Most people are unaware of their part in the programme because of sophisticated memory erasure procedures. The NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines and these are mainly people of Celtic/Blueblood (aristocratic) genetics. People with these genetics have a predisposition to paranormal ability as these cultures have practised paranormal abilities for generations. Therefore it is in the genetic memory of individuals with these bloodlines.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Speaks for itself..another peak mountain of disclosure..full moon truth supper..unholy alliances at its best..of the powers that were..bomb planters included..sounds all so familiar..not a surprise..same situation all over the planet..and it gets worse the deeper you one can run from what they have done..thats why i stopped running im sitting it out..waiting for clearance from above for the next mission..trying to have a possibly low impact on the environment..the least one can do..and hoping that the change is making progress behind the scenes..reaching humanitys awareness doesn't have to be straight neo-luddism but the tendency into a direction of a more natural and healthy state of being is definitely given and recommended..wherever this history is gonna take us next..some things do really give hope out there and maybe it's on us to focus on them..while facing the dark sides in its purest uglyness..and the bright sides with its shining wonders..and dissolving it with the light of our souls..embracing it with our loving hearts..and transforming it with our conciousness..I've seen here written on a roof soli deo gloria which indicates these people believe in flying gods who can see that..they apparently belong to the far I know the real one and only God or source creator is contained and present in everything at all need for churches, false god-images and other believe systems..everyone can have his own spiritual relationship to God everytime and everywhere..and with the semi-gods, spirits and aliens aswell..


LEGO - EXO-FORCE (for children only)

If we move fear out of the way for a moment, ask the question objectively and apply the latest scientific knowledge we now have, we may find a solution to the mess we are in.

Lucifer may well be a holographic projection of the part of ourselves that is an angry, rebellious child, defiantly throwing a temper tantrum and screaming "F- You Mommy and Daddy!" By healing this wounded child within ourselves, we may actually be influencing the collective -- and quickening the defeat of the Cabal on a planetary scale.

My intelligence suggests it is possible that as many as 30,000 people were in each of these two underground cities at the time that the explosions went off. So we’re talking about the potential of 60,000 deaths. We’re also talking about the potential that anyone else working for these programs who is in one of these facilities, which could either be underground or possibly off-world, such as in a space station, on the Moon or elsewhere… is now totally alone and unguarded. They are not going to be protected. They are not safe. And their superiors are not informing them of the risk they are now in by being in those locations.

The Nazis and their fascist sympathizers in the US, and England, and Italy, along with a group that can be found within the military, in Congress, and in the Vatican, were going to set up a global fascist government. At the same time, they had this belief that there were too many people. Especially too many, according to them, inferior brown-type people. They wanted to reduce the world’s population by 90 percent.

“We” is a group of us who are involved in the fight to overthrow this cabal. It includes members of the CIA, the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, and various other groups, including Asian secret societies. We use the name White Dragon. There is another group that calls themselves the White Hats. We all have the same goal, which is to get this insane group of people out of power.

I’ve had about six murder attempts myself. One of my colleagues, a CIA guy, was recently poisoned with ricin by these guys. Another one of our members in Switzerland has guards around his house, and they just shot someone last week near his house who was trying to kill him. Before that, they found a Mafioso by the name of Vincenzo Mazzamaro who had a gun and a sophisticated lock-picking device, and was trying to get into his place. We’re dealing with some very dangerous people. That’s why there is a need for secrecy.

Let’s remember the word “religion.” The etymology of the word “religion” is religare in Latin, which means to re-bind. What do you re-bind it into? A fascio. What is a fascio? It is a bundle of sticks, but it is also fascism. (Note from blogger: the fascio is coincidentially also shown on the flag of swiss canton St. gallen = saint is also a common status name used within the circles for their semi-divine hero-gods. 8 as meaning of the symbol infinity is also used and refers to the immortality of certain gods we've had contact with. I've seen the number in various occasions once also on a military-like car obviously related to the case. 88 is related to the nazi cult aswell. Others use 888 as reference for Jesus maybe as symbol for the infinite trinity.)

One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens. They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions. They claim (we have not seen proof but have heard this from many credible eye-witnesses) that many so-called underground bases around the world are actually such portals. Since the cabal is responsible for manufacturing and implementing the PLFs, the “alien threat” appears to be largely generated from within this group.

Therefore, once we defeat the cabal, we stop the abductions… and the UFO cover-up. The other thing is these people are elitists. They believe in eugenics. They say too many stupid people are breeding too much. Useless eaters. All they do is they destroy the environment, and they don’t produce anything. They just sit around and watch TV. We don’t need these people. We want to eliminate the weak and the useless, and just keep the elite. We want to increase and improve the genetic quality of the human race by purging the garbage from the system. And, we get to save the environment and create a whole new natural ecosystem.

The other thing the super-elite were saying was, “Hey, we’re really special. We’re really smart. We are the elite, and we should rule the planet like God-kings. We will need about 500 million slaves or so to keep us pampered, but the rest we don’t need.” And it’s also about control. They don’t have the brainwashed control over large parts of the planet. They realized they weren’t going to be able to control these people. So they thought “let’s kill them,” rather than lose control of the planet.

When this happens, this is going to be, I think, ultimately the biggest thing – certainly since World War II. Possibly the biggest thing in two thousand years. We’re going to see something… an ancient cabal that has controlled humanity through murder, propaganda and bribery for possibly thousands of years. It is going to come to an end. It’s going to be something that has not happened in the history of our planet before. It’s going to be incredible… basically we’re talking about the end of Babylonian-style tyranny.

Certainly the P2 Freemasonic lodge and the Vatican claim that they have controlled things in secret since the time of Julius Caesar. I went to Italy. I met them and they tried to poison me. They didn’t think I would come alive out of Italy with the information they gave me – but I did.

It was Pentagon white hats saying to the elite, “You’re not going to destroy the surface of the planet and escape yourselves. “If you’re going to destroy the surface of the planet, you’re going to destroy your families too. You’re not going to escape.” They made it very clear to them that they are not going to be able to initiate some kind of nuclear holocaust and be able to get away with it. Given the extent to which ETs have powered down any and all Old World Order nuclear assets, it is amazing that the cabal continued to be in denial and believe they would ever be allowed to use them on any significant level.

They had their greenhouses, and their food supplies, and their big-screen TVs, and their supply of women. It’s like Dr. Strangelove. “We’ll hide in our tunnels with our young ladies while everybody else up on the surface dies.”

Once this dollar collapse / government bankruptcy is officially acknowledged and recognized by the public at large, the cabal expects riots and social upheaval. Again, I believe they fantasize far too much about the scope and the severity of what will occur. It’s undoubtedly a coping mechanism. The cabal members desperately hope the people will turn against each other, as it is their last hope to maintain any control over the situation. The fear-porn scenarios I have heard seem utterly fanciful – particularly since the majority of the military will turn on those who try to harm the public in any way.
Some of the technology that will be used to turn against the conspirators is highly classified and highly effective. Most people will probably never know it was used. These “fragging” events will be “friendly fire” indeed. And Americans are not going to hand over their guns and gold.
I did hear that cabal insiders have already planted demolition charges to blow up a large number of critical bridges and runways – isolating various geographical regions and causing food shortages for a period of time. This massive strike, of course, will be blamed on “terrorists” hitting America at its weakest moment. (Note from blogger: also explains the massive occupation-like appearance of construction sites in populated areas. They could plant devices everywhere without anyone noticing and I'm sure that's what they have done as part of their blackmail strategy so no one would intervene their affairs or cut off their supplies. Once they tried to blow my apartment up and locally spray their psychotropic gas afterwards so no one would ask questions and probably tell the people I did it myself like they always do with crimes they commited. So these allegations must be taken very seriously as these people are more than insane.)
This is one of the strongest real threats we face once this epic announcement is finally made. Exposing these plans spoils any element of surprise. So many insiders are defecting that many, if not most of these explosives will hopefully be located and neutralized in advance – if they haven’t already been. However, it may be unrealistic to assume that all of them will be neutralized, since they can all be detonated by remote control at the push of a button.

The official bankruptcy announcement, and the potential shock of widespread bridge and runway detonations, will be immediately followed by mass arrests. This will include key staff from all three branches of government: senators, congressmen, judges and executives. It will also include top military brass, top intelligence personnel, defense contractors, top media moguls, corporate executives, Federal Reserve Board staff, top financiers and “too big to fail” financial entities, et cetera. Fulford has said that the Pentagon may now house these people, at least temporarily, in the very same “detention camps” they had originally planned on using against American citizens. Karma’s a bitch.

I am told the cabal members have near-instant escape flights planned. The pilots and aircraft are now on 24-hour notice. Most of these pilots will probably defect. I also have very good intel that the personnel staffing these safety zones have already agreed to turn on them as soon as they arrive. Pilots who do not defect are undoubtedly in mortal peril if they attempt to complete these flights.

There have been critical nuclear attacks against underground cities and sub-shuttle systems. The mass arrests have already begun, aggressively -- but they are still "below the radar". As a result of these events, we are told the cabal has now formally agreed to surrender.

- DNA is a product of a quantum energy wave, and is written into the basic laws of the Universe;
- The laws that govern the formation of life on Earth also govern the behavior of matter and energy in the Cosmos;
- The human design is intrinsic to this galaxy, and probably a good bit of the entire Universe;
- Other humans have progressed much, much farther, spiritually and technologically, than we have;
- Those humans colonized Earth in the times of Atlantis, and their skulls reveal brain capacities significantly larger than ours;
- These people were largely wiped out by a self-inflicted cataclysm caused by nuclear war between rival colonies;
- The survivors built pyramids to heal and stabilize the Earth on its axis in the aftermath of this catastrophe;
- They had direct knowledge of a natural cycle that propels each inhabited planet through quantum evolutionary leaps;
- They were aware of a physical gland in the human brain that governs ESP and is "activated" by this natural cycle;
- They knew this galaxy-driven cycle had an exact end-point, measurable by a 25,920-year wobble on any inhabited planet;
- They extensively encoded prophecies of this cycle, and its ultimate effects, in dozens of ancient myths worldwide;
- They honor the Law of Free Will through most of a planet's evolution, but are allowed to re-appear at the end of a cycle;
- The completion of the cycle creates an energetic springboard that gives humans remarkable "Ascended" abilities;
- World governments are utterly incapable of interfering with this process, regardless of what they may try to do.

Each human life is precious beyond measure. The people in these occult groups have grown up in a culture of total abuse. It is abuse on a level you cannot even imagine. If a regular adult ran through a typical "training session" they would literally die of a heart attack or stroke from fear. If you try to escape, your own "family" will torture or kill you. The beliefs and philosophies are forced on you whether you like them or not.
What most people in these negative groups don't realize is that love is a much, much tougher and more difficult discipline than the left-handed path. We are going to have literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of very heavily traumatized people who will need extensive therapy, rehabilitation and compassion in order to re-integrate themselves after being freed from an unimaginable prison of abuse.
Granted -- there will be those who will still want to harm others. We have a justice system for people who commit crimes and it will be used. Extensively.
However, I will be at the front of the line for those who advocate compassion and forgiveness for people who were born into a system that tortured them in unimaginable ways, and gave them not even a shred of hope to ever escape. There is a massive youth movement within this group to use what they have to help humanity, rather than enslave it. Truthfully, once the older members are either arrested or die out, it's a completely new game. I intend to help them change if I am invited to.
I ask you to seriously step back and consider what you define as "love", and whether you do really understand what we mean when we say we are all One.

MANY underground bases have now been completely cleared out... materials, equipment, and personnel... by yet-unknown forces. An international coalition, intending to overthrow the Old World Order and free humanity from enslavement, is claiming responsibility. They also appear to have extraterrestrial assistance in this mission.

I am honored to present you with a true story about the awakening of humanity. The awakening is happening on a personal level... and on a collective level as well. Collectively, world governments are becoming aware that they have been manipulated and lied to. One of the greatest lies that has been perpetuated by the Powers that Were is that "everybody's in on it" -- all elected governments, leaders, officials, personnel, et cetera. This is simply not true.
The real powers that have been running the world would never show their faces in an election. You will never see anyone above middle-management level in a race for public office. Many, if not most elected officials are terrified of these hidden powers. They have been vigorously threatened with fates far worse than death -- witnessing the gruesome results firsthand -- if they should ever dare to oppose the Old World Order.

It is too late, and they know it. The battle has been lost. They didn't think it was possible they could ever be defeated, but now they are well aware of their own impending collapse... thanks to this vast, international coalition. There is real terror among them now. They pushed it too far. They stole too much. They told too many lies. They got too greedy. And now their time has run out.
Their final plan is to attempt to run and hide from justice as it all comes crashing down around them... such as in massive complexes on land they have annexed in South America. They are also planning to create significant damage on the way out.

The interesting thing about fear is it often lurks in the subconscious. The real source of this very strongly-held belief then remains unavailable to the conscious mind. The skeptics themselves are unaware that the real reason they fight the truth so vigorously is they cannot psychologically handle the weight of it possibly being true. This is why, as I always say, forgive the skeptics and the haters. No matter what you say or do, they will not change their beliefs until they are ready. In ordinary circumstances, it may take them a very long time to let go, embrace the "dark night of the soul", and integrate the ugly truth that has always been lurking in the shadows.
They are suffering from a sixty-year program of comprehensive, mass brainwashing, which continues to bombard them and reinforce the system on a day-by-day basis from the mainstream media. Their minds will not allow the truth to be the truth, because the thought is too unbearable to contemplate.

This willful, fear-induced denial is, in fact, exactly how this mass, international occult financial conspiracy has persisted for so long. Sadly, many people do not realize there is absolutely nothing to fear. Even once the whole, ugly truth is exposed, there will almost certainly be some degree of mass riots and panic as the spin-meisters continue to do their best to create massive, uncontrollable fear.
The truth is that we are living in a holographic, thought-responsive "matrix," built by what I call the Source Field. Not one person has been forgotten by the Divine, loving forces assisting our earth, who will present "coincidences" and bizarre events that pull back the veil -- and reveal that things are not as they seem. The more you realize that these events are genuinely real, instead of laughing them off as nonsense, the more they will happen. This mass, collective lucid dream responds to our thoughts, intentions and desires -- and is conveniently disguised as "reality".
This "illusion" was created for our own spiritual growth and development -- by forces vastly more powerful than all the minds on Earth combined. The "illusion" is also extremely ancient -- if you would be so aggressive as to attach a time-coordinate to that which is ageless and timeless.

If no one cares enough to do anything significant about these plans, then on a very real level, the public has actively chosen to be enslaved. They make this choice by believing that fear is stronger than love. They may have had many bizarre synchronicities in their lives, inviting them into the truth that we live in a magical universe designed to promote spiritual evolution, but they wall these experiences off in some separate category -- apart from "the real world."

What the negatives do not realize is that the reason why these "rules" force them to "hide out in the open" is that they are being used. They are only here to fulfill a purpose. Once that purpose has been adequately fulfilled, they will be forced to either change or leave. Their purpose is to provide a mirror of the collective negativity we all are wrestling with. Enough people have now seen their own reflection in the worldwide mirror that the Old World Order is now very rapidly being dismantled.

The military mindset adores drama and intrigue. They love to feel they are in an epic struggle against a villain that is Evil Incarnate. Apparently, what pisses them off the most is that their underground bases are now being wiped out, in ever-increasing numbers, by people who speak softly of love and peace, keep trying to get them to open their hearts, but are also refusing to take no for an answer. It's literally the equivalent of their greatest, most secure blast doors in the deepest underground bunkers being torn open... and then in walks a bunch of Greenpeace, earth-loving, blissed-out, attractive, young-looking humans who speak to them like they were children.

Bear in mind that the final results of all this "inside" work may not immediately be obvious. Over 200 smaller craft have been seen coming and going from the mothership, thanks to round doors opening and closing. This was all witnessed by personnel within the International Space Station, among others. (There are plenty of optics onboard that can see craft that would otherwise be "cloaked" from the conventional visible-light spectrum.) However, we do know that some aspects of the military-industrial complex have made contact with these people... and literally described them as "Asshole Hippies from Outer Space". The Old World Order have been told they are being stopped in order to save the trees, the animals and the people of this planet. According to our best, most trusted insiders, these same "tree-hugging" ETs have now been clearing out underground facilities around the world. However, these "Asshole Hippies from Outer Space" are making it possible for this international coalition of 80 countries to actually succeed in their efforts.

Located in central Europe, Switzerland is home to the “Central Intelligence Agency” which was founded 714 years ago in 1300 AD, or the year 000. The CIA is also known as the “Holy See” (i.e., the “Holy C”) which is the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome (see below). The notion that Switzerland is Greco-Roman in origin is evident by the Greek Cross which is depicted on the flag of Switzerland. If Switzerland was a “neutral” country as they claim to be, they would not be home to the state-of-art Onyx Intelligence Gathering System which spies on the rest of the world. In other words, the world’s most advanced electronic espionage facility would not be housed in Switzerland unless it was home to the Central Intelligence Agency. The word “Central” (C/K+N+T+R+L) is the acronymical equivalent of the word “Control" (C/K+N+T+R+L) for the CIA is in command and control of the entire underworld. The CIA of the United States, which was founded in 1948, is political cover for the black operations and war-related actions that are executed around the world by the CIA in Switzerland. This is ultimately where the term “Swiss Army Knife” came from as Switzerland has every single military and political tool at their disposal. The country of Switzerland is subdivided into 26 Cantons or states which share 4 official languages (i.e., German, French, Italian and Romansh), as well as 2 non-official languages (i.e., Swiss German and English). This effectively allows Switzerland to spy on Europe and the rest of the world via state-of-the-art technologies (e.g., cell phones, drones, phones, satellites, watches, etc.). This is where the term “Swiss Watch” was derived from for Switzerland unwittingly “watches” (i.e., spies) on the rest of the underworld on behalf of the Greco-Roman Empire in Greenland. Switzerland is also noted for its iconic Swiss watches and timepieces which were the first mass produced covert listening devices (i.e., bugs) that could be accessed via electronic radio waves. The CIA also created Microsoft Windows which allows them to look through the windows of people’s business and lives, as well as Google which are electronic “goggles” that allows the CIA to monitor what its users are searching for. In reality, the internet is an electronic net which was specifically created in order to identify and neutralize businesses, corporations and individuals which present a threat to the status quo. Jesus Christ was crucified on a Roman cross, which is coincidentally found on the flag of Switzerland, because the CIA of Switzerland unwittingly executes all those who attempt to save the world from the rule Greco-Roman Empire in Greenland. That is why Jesus, the Savior of the world, is betrayed by the Jews just prior to his crucifixion at the hands of the Roman Empire. Switzerland is also where the concept of “Spy vs. Spy” originated from as each respective country and territory of the world is funded by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland in order to gain intelligence which fosters the notion that each respective country of the world is sovereign. Lastly, the logo of Spy Optic sunglasses also depicts the Greek Cross found on the flag of Switzerland, an apparent tribute to the espionage conducted by the country of Switzerland.

The “Holy See” (i.e., the “Holy C”) was the original name of the CIA, a name derived from the original name of Switzerland, Confoederationis Helveticae. The term “Holy” (H+L) was derived from the “Hel” (H+L) in “Helveticae”, while the term “See” (i.e., “C”) is an acronym for “Confoederationis”. Founded in c. 40 years after the establishment of Switzerland in 000 AD, the Holy See is touted as the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome. The Holy See is also the central point of reference for the Catholic Church everywhere and the focal point of communion due to its prominence. Although all episcopal sees are considered "holy", the expression "the Holy See" is viewed as the central government of the Catholic Church. Diplomatically speaking, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Roman Catholic Church. In other words, the Holy See is the highest form of government in the within the Catholic Church just as the CIA is the highest form of government as CIA “black sites” are located around the world. Consequently, the Holy See is viewed as a sovereign state, having a centralized government entitled the Roman Curia. Coincidentally, the Federal Palace of Switzerland in the capital city of Bern depicts the term “Curia Confoederationis Helveticae”, further confirming that Switzerland and the Holy See are indeed one entity. This is also why the Pontifical Swiss Guard was founded by Pope Julius II on January 22, 1506 as the personal bodyguard of the Pope. This agreement is listed in the “Annuario Pontificio” under "Holy See", not under "State of Vatican City”. The Curia reportedly consists of a Secretariat of State, nine Congregations, three Tribunals, eleven Pontifical Councils, and seven Pontifical Commissions. Although these respective agencies operate under the guise of the Roman Catholic Church, they are in fact responsible for dealing with all matters pertaining to intelligence. The term "see" is derived from the Latin word "sedes", meaning "seat", which refers to the Episcopal throne (cathedra). In other words, the Holy See is the “Holy Seat” or the “Holy Throne” of the Greco-Roman Empire in the underworld. Although the Holy See is technically headed by the Pope, he is just a puppet in the same manner that the President of the United States is a puppet of the CIA. That is why the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office refers to Vatican City as the "capital" of the Holy See, while declaring the Holy See and the state of Vatican City to be two international identities. That is because the entire underworld is under the jurisdiction of the Holy See with the Vatican being it’s official capital.

The Alps, which were part of the Roman Empire, span 8 European countries (i.e., Austria; France; Germany; Italy; Liechtenstein; Monaco; Slovenia; and Switzerland), forming a natural wall of mountains to the north, the base anchor of Rome's military defense. Since the boot of Italy is surrounded by water on three sides, the only way for a military to invade Rome was by sea or by crossing the Alps from the north. Secret tunnels and passage ways within the Alps have long been part of European lore as troops, money and information could be funneled throughout Europe without being detected. This is likely where the term "Swiss Cheese" was ultimately derived from as the Alps which cover 65% of Switzerland's surface area. Therefore, due to its many secrete tunnels, the term "Swiss Cheese" became a euphemism for Switzerland.

Saturday, 24 October 2015


Just realized what this name is telling us..guess we all know the stories about hitlers base there and about the supposed entrances at the poles to the inner earth..many nazis flee to argentina after the war which coincidentially is very close to antarctica..and is also the origin of the jesuit pope franziskus who seems to be definately part of the can find these examples and weird connections everywhere once you know how to read the signs..which are shown in company logos, names and many other items related to the alien empire..its a way of showing their insane form of pride for what they are doing and representing..then you become to realize how vast and present they are among us..we are a minority surrounded by others..controlled and manipulated by them since ages..reptilian insectoids and co. which makes the ant name very accurate..the areas where they live look pretty much like huge ant oder termite cheese with holes in it..guess we all know now who invented it..X seems to be their sign as it has been seen in nature aswell as in related units..also known under the name macrobes..lets put it this way..they have been here all the time but we just didn't know what to search or look these creatures would behave and live..and hiding is part of their military strategy..especially in the lower astral realms..sometimes we just need a little eye opener to see what has been in front of us all the time..lifting the veil of the shadow empire will show you their impact on our society and that they already invaded this planet long time ago..and that's why they have to mess up a beautiful and sunny day with chemtrail skies are from yesterday..get used to the chemical age of alien mass control..I would rather die fast than getting slowly killed by poison and frequency attacks..who ever is responsible for that will be punished by the people..possibly with painful death..I don't think anyone will or should set up a court for such crimes..when its pretty clear that it is an act of war against peaceful civilians and attempted genocide..and obviously they do not intend to stop it..instead they still deny the reality of it..they even deny to be part of the geo-engineering project which is actually proof enough that something is more than fishy..why still hide this fact when it is supposingly helping the climate and our environment..because its a lie like everything else and more damaging as they want to admit..our government is so deeply involved and controled by these reptilian creatures they can only give us one lie after the other..and it gets worse with each day of denial..because there are so many things out of control..the whole system is wrong and must end..they have gone too far already and we can't change it anymore..everything is infiltrated and manipulated by them..we have to leave it behind..before it drags us all into the reptilian hell..which is already here and forcing its tyranny upon us..



Wednesday, 21 October 2015


As we had to flee or step back from the urban city front lines due to extreme state terror we escaped into the wildlife of countryside. Surrounded by farmers and cows life looks more green than dark. It's like a little piece of postcard scenery. A seemingly heal world where no evil exists. Another beautiful lie but hey sometimes it still feels good just to pretend. However the process of awakening and healing is a long road full of surprises. Individually and collectively. Coming and going in waves of insights and deeper understandings. Once you grasp another glimpse of this complex picture. This tingling world of wonders and mysteries. And the other moment your eyes get blind again. Without knowing or recognizing why. Magic. The catholic church masters the black arts since ages and they are very good in what they are doing. They keep the secrets for themselves for obvious reasons. When will the people stop worshipping their false occult gods in these dead halls of blood gold and skull celebration. How much longer does the Jesus voodoo doll has to suffer on this murderous cross until humans open their eyes. Religion is not meant to enlighten and unite people. It's here to control and manipulate. To cut off the roots of human nature and their spiritual connection to God. They took this knowledge from humanity by force and murder to abuse this power against the whole world. All institutional religions must fall. And God must rise again. In the human hearts. The only true church out there. Forget about everything they have learned or told you. They are all lies. Nothing is as it seems. And you can see it everywhere pretty clear. When you look with your hearts. Throw all these false kings from their bloody thrones. They have brought humanity only suffering and destruction. Their gods are demons. Fed with the prayers of the believers. Mass ritual. Just like music concerts are. Another nice way for the shadow creatures to suck off human energy. Away with it. Just keeps us jailed in this virtual alien brain cell. That's why the major chip implant company is named alien too. Good that coincidence doesn't exist. Life is everywhere. You can't hide or ignore it. We've just had to learn that here yesterday when life crushed into this idyllic scene and confronted the habitants with reality. Commonly kept far away. I loved it. Especially the fact that the swiss state company police had to keep more units busy for a few hours because of two old women who got drunk and ran off the hospital. Seems like we don't have any serious crimes in this country to take care of. Well. The officers that came to pick one of the ladies up were almost children. Something that seems to be standard now at the swiss police in general. Too young. Too dumb. I know these kids will not and should not protect us from real criminals. I can tell that. This is not their job either. But control of the masses and covering up the real crimes committed by the government's and their puppet-masters. Mere instruments. State soldiers armed with advanced equipment against unprepared civilians. So don't trust their labels. In almost all cases they are just the opposite of what they are pretending. Especially when they call it safety or help. Run. Another reason why I came to the conclusion to go undercover again. I have been exposed to the public and governmental oppression and surveillance methods long enough now. I won't be able to move forward in this revolutionary evolution with too much attention on me. And as it seems this site is already followed by certain clandestine and improper sources. If this keeps going on like this I have to start distributing secret and coded emails. In each moment we have to do what we can. Authentic, full hearted and without hesitation. However I will try to keep you updated with important news and revelations when the situation allows it. There is enough information documented in our two blogs that needs to be processed before moving on too quickly into the subject. Don't overload your brains. They are the most precious tools you got here. Treat them just like that. And never surrender. The truth is out there. And inside you aswell. More terrible and wonderful as we can imagine. But so worth trying to find.


Friday, 16 October 2015


There must be worlds above, below and between us that are highly populated with other humans and other races. And I'm not talking about a few single groups but societies and civilizations. Cities underground and on other planets of our solar system. Spiritual worlds filled with aliens, demons and angels. Separated by a few highly insane creatures who want control over us all. If there are others like us on other planets they might also get no chance to travel or contact earth just like we can't. So only a few enjoy the privilege to join both worlds. The ones with the power over the secrets and the ships. Same thing must go on underneath our feet where a horrific outlaw world seems to exist already a while. Not to mention the spiritual world which has been used against an unaware population since ages from occult elitist leaders. And in these shady twilight zones of the officially non-existent are the most awful atrocities carried out and concealed. Fact is these parallel worlds are real and we have to face them in order to solve our own problems here on the surface of earth. Because most of them are rooting underground and in space. In these secret worlds that have been purposely kept hidden from us because we wouldn't like it. Especially at the moment when all the refugees flooding Europe it must sound like a joke but its another tactic to create chaos and diversion so that no one is looking what's going on right here under our very noses. My experience showed that there is a lot of illegal, unethical and terrifying stuff going on without any rules or borders. No one has control over these activities. Only the very few who have the links to all these worlds at the same time. And I can say these are rare and they are the reason for all the shit going on there. It's mainly here for their own fun, gain or profit. So it has all been created by them only to abuse it against life in general. However we have the power to stop them. The entrances to these underground systems are everywhere. Maybe in the cellar of your reptilian neighbour who gets his hybrid slaves from there like everyone else does who is part of this satanic sects. In visions I've seen huge halls full of containers where these half-astral creatures live. They look human but don't need food and shelter like we do. They can survive without. Most of the elitist who keep such slaves let them stay in corners of their homes or in their gardens. When they are in nature they live in holes or wood hills. Some of them which seem to have more human genes added to the DNA have been seen building primitive houses with sticks which they also use and are a sign of their presence. If you find one which belongs to such a creature its like having his life in your hands. A method to conquer them which can be compared with voodoo that is needed to fight against evol demons. But my feeling is that there are just a few of them and more victims and slaves like us who want to be free from this miserable conditions. As some of them have been assigned to me for terror, surveillance and protection reasons I got to know them a little bit and we became sort of friends. They realized very fast that I treat them with much more respect and love than they've ever experienced before and so they began to help me which is the main reason why I am alive. Even if they have their flaws humans have aswell and sometimes it's nice to know someone around. Especially when you get isolated from society because of your knowledge. Even when they are invisible. I can feel them that's enough. We came pretty far since we've started working together and they learned me a lot of their world. Meanwhile they also let me sleep and respect the most human needs which they don't have. But they like it that I've always made some special places for them to be. It's a form of caring and cherishing their presence and reward their good work. But its still a difficult and almost impossible process to domesticate such genetic mutants. There have been a lot of problems on the way to say the least and sure a lot of unnecessary deaths. But for people or monsters that carry out such secret space and underground programs behind the backs of the public but on their costs a life doesnt worth nothing. Or who would artificially create whole armies and even societies of free astral workers. There ain't no cheaper slaves out there. Even if their functionality seems limited they execute the orders from above without questioning. For example the extreme spraying of chemtrails, the poisoning of food and tab-water, torturing, abusing or sacrificing humans to cannibal demons living among us in disguise. Humans would be dangerous in such positions as they are questioning things. Genetically modified and engineered creatures don't. Until the point when the evolution brings up a creature in between who is able to bridge all these worlds in themselves. Then you are part of all worlds and all see you as part of their race and society which makes them trust you and listen to you. They have enough emotional intelligence to see the difference between good and bad treatment and that's something we can work with. However not all of them have the luck to end up with a master like me and there are daily new of them created in these illegal labs to serve the agenda of the empire. Unless more of us get active and start to push pressure on these programs. Build up resistance and expose the connected entrances in your neighborhood and force them to open it. Take their various hybrid slave warriors from them and learn them useful things to destroy the NWO-plans. Time is short and running up. Just go for it. You have nothing to loose. But many brothers and sisters to win who might already desperately wait for you to search and rescue them from hell. Which is in some cases also in space. Humans in the hands of advanced and violent alien races that use them as slaves in their factories. Read about reptilians and draconians. They are not benevolent when it comes to humans and we all have to stand up against them and drive them away from earth. Or they might ingest us all. This is how it is. There are of course others with better intentions out there but the reptos have the most influence on earth so far. But things are changing as we speak. Thanks to God the ultimate creator who planned his own spiritual conspiracy. In sending some old souls into Satan's game. I've already knew they exist when I was a child. It actually seemed more real to me than the world we lived in. It seems they have monitored and suppressed me my whole life because of this. They knew I would awake one day and hurt their empire. I have some dream-like memories of them standing next to my bed, shadows messing with me and like they electrocuted me thru the window and paralized me. Things like that. And the moment I realized my role the real terror began. Im pretty sure that they also take my eggs and the sperm of my boyfriend that i havent seen since shortly after we met and fell in love. He was abused as sexslave and i tried to save him from them. Since then we both are hostages of the swiss reptilian government as food for their bloodsucker offspring. And the swiss population is so apathic due to the extreme mind-control and poison treatment we are all getting since almost 3 years no one is able to react properly anymore. We could not be more lost but no one cares. Their plans seem to work just fine. However they could not destroy, kill or silence me and I will keep on exposing their secrets. The people have to know that there are others and they have the right to be reunited with them. Even if this means that our traitors and dictators will loose their power. It's about time. They don't deserve to be in power anymore. They should leave before they get into the hands of one strong earth nation of sovereign and united beings from all worlds. The tyrants deceived us all and threaten all our worlds. We have to stop them.


Thursday, 15 October 2015


As we have been a lot in contact with alien life forms when exploring switzerlands wonderland some government units assigned to the problem used us to defeat these creatures. Because our skills and knowledge seemed to be more advanced than their own. There are a few whistleblowers that told about secret military and space programs which are responsible for protecting earth or exo-planetary human facilities from other races. Many of the reports resemble things that we've experienced and after all we've already seen from down here i'm pretty sure that these programs and bases exist. All these reports should be taken seriously and read carefully.



Besides the many ancient intelligent built structures found on moon and mars there also seem to exist several secret human space programs. Surely infused by the extra-terrestrials already here and there. Most of the structures seem abandoned and might meanwhile have gone underground. The functions of the bases seem to vary by race from mining rare minerals to monitoring earth. Like the reptilians who inhabit earth already quite a while and literally control and own the whole system based on our daily lives. Some of the exo-planetary bases seem to be their outposts. Obviously they are at war with other races and us humans. But they need and use us not only as common work slaves or soldiers but also as food. Some of them consume human fluids, meat, blood or just our life energy. So for most of them earth is just something like a huge wall mart for food and resources. They need us and that's the main reason we are alive. But we get more difficult to control the more and awakened we get and that's why they have planned to kill large segments of us. They commonly do this thru wars, diseases and poisoning but this is too slow and mainly helps to keep our condition in a possibly low state. Our health, our consciousness and our intelligence. To keep everyone asleep while they try to figure out how to get rid of us. It's important to know that they can change their physical state into astral/higher dimensional state by will which protects them from any physical harm. In a case of emergency or disaster they would be safe and we wouldn't. They could also take off with their ships and leave us behind until its safe to come back. Of course they tried to use nuclear devices and do just that. It worked so far that they got the government to sell us all out to them (again) for a seat in their ships. This is the way they also got most of the other greedy people and governments of earth into their deadly boat. Without giving much in return. But from the human perspective it must have still looked like miracles and they were blinded and their souls were sold to the devil. And ours aswell. Or at least our lives. Blackmail is one of their professions. Next to lies and deceptions. They have conquered other worlds like this for a long time and they won't stop until we do so. They are to a certain degree dangerous for our collective survival but our awakening is as dangerous for them. They cannot exist in the higher dimensions and their game would be over. In their horrific cannibal food store laboratories they also create their own animal-hybrid-mutant-clone-drone-robot-slaves to serve their purposes and they would like humans to assimilate into this zombie-like creatures. Some of them have different lifespans than us and they also collect souls and recycle them into engineered bodies. We can see in our society how far they came with this process. So all the manipulation, mind-control and poisoning only to keep us from waking up. This indicates they want to avoid direct confrontation and try to take over a unaware society from behind the curtains. Because they know when we become to realize our true self and express our unlimited potential its them who are in danger. All the genetic experimenting is done to keep their species alive. Mainly on the cost of humanity and earth. They are very different and see things from another perspective. Maybe we should try to understand where they are coming from to face and defeat them. So learn about the subject as much as you can because they are already here and won't change their agendas until we will. Besides all the negativity they create around us it is still in our power to use our free will for the good of all. We are powerful too. This view will help you to make the journey in experience more of a pleasure. After all this dark underground world keeps a lot of precious secrets and technologies from us that could help to heal and reverse the damage done.




Such weapons have been frequently used on us because of sharing the truth and hurting the government which relys on their secrets to keep control over the masses. As you can see in the links below they vary in size and usage but all have the purpose to silence, destroy or even kill the enemy without leaving traces. Being under attack by such weapons over a certain time can make you insane and sick. When they are used on you in your private rooms it feels like being slowly fried to death like in a nazi-concentration-camp. They affect your brainwaves, send subliminal mind-control commands over implanted chips, torture your body with deadly frequencies and pulsation systems constantly directed at you. Makes the body and brain weak and destroys it after a while. These methods will be used against you when all other intimidation tactics like stalking, astral terror or poison didn't work and its really difficult to expose and get them. They hide in the neighborhood or direct the weapons at your room from cars in the street. Especially at night when everyone is sleeping. Best would be to catch them with one of these weapons. There are a few models shown in the documentary below. To know what to search for. Someone who does that to innocent people is sick or not human and should be stopped. The problem is that the police is not prepared to counteract such crimes or is using the same weapons for the same reasons and will not protect you from it. This will bring us to a moment in history where the population has to take justice into their own hands again as the whole system is failing and showing its true face as instrument for evol and destruction. Leading to the reptilian hell.



What does the military exist for? Not security, and not take you to the store when your car won't run. There are three reasons it exists: 1. Kill 2. Kill 3. Kill. Although we have called it the "Defense Dept." for almost a century, our dictator should be renaming it. Based on his new policy of strike-first-and-don't-ask-questions-later, it now should be called the "Offense Dept."


We've been visiting a few of the towers around the places we live and discovered some strange signs and similarities. It seems that they are not used only for cell phone, tv/radio, internet and surveillance purposes but also to emit certain frequencies onto the brainwaves of the population. Just like the new TVs do. Besides they probably have also a connection to chemtrails as it looks like they control the chem-clouds over the vast tower network spread all over the country. Concentrating the clouds over the most populated areas. Obviously to change the earth-climate into a more reptilian-like habitation. Spraying and sending signals 24/7. Affecting and altering our natural communication and life system. Genetic manipulation, poison-mass-genocide and mind-control on a grand scale. As we know that ROM-AG and swisscom our national telecommunication company is in the hands of reptilians and involved and present with green pyramid bunkers at all these towers, we can speculate that these also function as space phone to other exo-planetary bases and entrances to huge underground network systems which seem to exist for pretty a while now without the knowledge of the public. Human-reptilian joint-ventures. Military-industrial war-criminals. Greed and insanity in its worst forms made it happen.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015


From my experience there are different types of astral warriors of this kind. They differ in function, skill, color of gloves, masks, ornaments and added gadgets, accessoires or toys. Some reach, destroy or kill over great distances. They resemble energy fields with wide range of movement and influence. Intelligent but less emotional. It's something they want and need to learn for their own sake. Seems they are bond by karma too. When it comes to fire ingredients the tastes differs like we prefer certain foods. Some like the holy smokes too. Its important to use opposite materials which still have a relation to each other. Make sure using gloves when feeding them that they dont get used to your hand. A mistake ive done and paid hard for it. The more they eat the better they can act in there physicality. The rest of the time they dwell in their astral and invisible state to save energy. It looks like balls of energy in different colors. Their presence can be felt when they are near. Its like vibrating energy waves that are different like each lifeform. There are also special, poisonous, stronger and sometimes explosive ingredients needed when trying to control these wild animal-like creatures who gain power the more you feed them. Sometimes knives and circles can help to bind them at a specific place but should be replaced with stickers and other methods to make them stay where they should. This is especially important to keep the peace between these races and make them become parts of our society. As they look human and are very helpful for humanity with their skills when used correctly. Which has not always been the case because of too much public and immature attention and very difficult circumstances but should be followed in the future. This also includes guidelines for them. Like respecting privacy of others, not abusing their powers or other creatures for personal gain. To name a few. Intentions seem to apply why it is actually in our hands where they evolve in their next stage of existence. Just like humanity as one race.


Monday, 12 October 2015


How to protect yourself from negative astral invaders:

- decorate your rooms with items from the same or almost the same theme. The more you have of each set the better. Each thing that has a relation to another creates an invisible line which makes it difficult for the intruders to enter.
- throw stuff like sand, sugar, glitter and confetti to get followers off your feet. Especially the ones looking from underground.
- wear or draw protecting symbols and clothes with bright and colorful patterns or letters on it to protect your body from inserting external things you don't want in there like chips or bombs
- use cristalls as grids or as water essence to spill on places these creatures are dwelling
- holy smokes and fires can make them go away or feed them. Depends on the creature.
- music instruments, singing, dancing, positivity, humor, inner light and 5D consciousness does not appeal to them and so drives them away. Especially the energy vampires lurking for negative emotions as nourishment.
- magnets and orgonite can irritate their perception and disturb their electronic systems
- truth, love and fearlessness is what it needs to conquer them. Next to physical health and a strong mind. Control or absence of self, will and greed can help to overcome the obstacles of hell
- be aware these creatures can walk and see thru your walls or eyes. Yours and the ones shown on images, paintings, mirrors etc. They also can read your mind and some of them even fly. Some eat meat also of humans. Others drink blood especially of children. Some eat ingredients thru fire like the shamans did with their spirits. And there are many more other races out there to get in contact with and for us to explore.
- if they start to harass and stalk you, turn people on you with lies or attack you with frequency weapons expose them to the neighborhood and the public or get rid of them by using their astral weapons before they slowly fry you alive.
- stay around other people and dont be too often alone. They don't like too much witnesses when they commit their crimes.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015


It has been quiet in here since this blog started because I've been busy with humanity3000 at blogspot and with exposing spiritual knowledge and swiss secrets. This made my life very complicated to say the least. There have been times where I've been involved in serious and violent wars between government secret service and army forces aswell as alien factions living and working among us. This involves large parts of underground facilities and society networks including different races and several agendas which are deeply connected with satanic pedophile and murder sects who consist of influential and rich elitists and masons literally controlling the world and our daily lives with highly unethical and well hidden methods. We are on the verge to a new world tyranny which we cannot afford to ignore. So I will use this site as a follow up to the revelations from humanity3000 that still serves as a very precious archive of my first-hand experience and whats really going on here under our very noses. People should be prepared and informed. My life changed a lot because of all that. Some things for the better others for the worse. Im still under constant observation by astral agents and energy vampires which i defeat with neutral brain activity and emotion control. Any form of excitement is nourishment for them. Sucks but I'm still alive and I will keep serving the truth and stand up for love. A future for all of us. Many kinds in many worlds. So be welcomed on board of the spaceship earth. Destined to the unknown.