Thursday, 31 December 2015


Artist-terrorist-collective al kreida vs. al creativa hit rome..we've launched several crystal-glitter-truth attacks on the egyptian-masonic roman-alien empire in italy..with unviolent techniques of exposure..veni, vidi, vici..even if they opened a package of a friend with crystals and stole light water from it before our journey..i've never seen such a density of filth before..unbelievable..especially in the st. peters church..satans throne was nice dark and nasty..and the evol goons at the holy entrance..another security segment delivered by the italian to many other groups that were present..the capitale remulus&romus police and some esercito militia for example..all safe or what..sure..blasphemia pedofilius nazio na(ta)le..the main street down from st.peters square where all the embassies are seems to be the vampire zone as i've seen some of them giving me looks that we already founded our own unsecret society called the true masons or Wahrmaurer with their own tools, wisdom, symbols and signs we've had nothing to worry about..i've also seen a swiss guard (someone should send them home and get them some therapy) walking around with some suspicious suitcase near the church..and i instantly had to think of the bomb they've put into my cat back then..after all we've seen from this jesuit psychopaths it would be no surprise if this was just another cover-up its clear that this story is far from way we let them get away with this..neither the vatican nor the swiss government..when we directly vandalized the vatican walls from the outside we've finally caught their attention and they sent some spys after us following us thru the streets..and we showed them our message and why we came..the city is a mess full of dirt from the middle ages..they stopped in time..the dead and empty temple halls on the surface as well as the awful puppet master holes underground..still playing this weird theater for the tourists and everyone else who still believes in the lies of the bloody roman empire..who killled their apparent beloved jesus christ who is still nailed on the cross..thats why we want voodoo-popes for all..i can do what you sorcery..he likes to be murdered with a cross too i guess..fair enough..papa is the bestie..after all unpleasant encounters it was still a very successful trip and also my last one to this obviously lost place..all other attacks will be coordinated from and with other countries..and functioning courts..beeing creative, confronting the seemingly powerful with their own imperfections and staying true to the self..thats what real angels save the world..from this hellish syndicate..unholy alliances spreading their wings of death over the planet..and the blind sheeps follow their shadow shepards into the dark tombs of the devil..from hell to hell and back..our only choice left..and by the way i recommend not to use these famous party bombs for new years eve..they contain the penisapes devil masks which get unleashed and some suspicious hats from belgium that are definately related to the judo-christian ritualistic abuser network..we should not support that..fill them with your own gadets instead..rather than offering your kids to a occult satanic ritual you're not aware of..which is the case in almost everything that we believe in and surrounds us..its created by them for this exact serve their gods..all of it..maybe feed them some loud fireworks..better than prayers or news..however this site will be updated from time to time for all serious investigators out there who are dedicated to end the tyranny of this cruel and abusive groups threatening our very future..and thats what will guide us thru the coming year..which will not be the year of mercy like some of these traitors and abusers might wish for..did they ever have for others..never heard of..this show is so old and over..just like the ruins around and inside of it..its not even fun to rip a head off that already wiggles..its only a matter of time until it falls off..just like babylon itself..digging its own grave with each day of denial and abuse..they've lost their authority ages ago and we should refuse to acknowledge it any longer..on a international level..all together..and stop their evil games of lies, manipulation and control over the masses..we dont want that..humanity doesnt need this..


Polizia Capitale Roma (Romulus + Remus)
Guardia civil
Guardia di
C.orpo di Vili-ganzia

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Switzerland is under control of a demonic pedophile police mafia with links to the churchish military. They legally use slaves, prostitutes and other criminals as personnel. No one is allowed to bother their illegal business otherwise they react with terror, lies, murder and false accusations. They severely abuse their authority on a daily base. Rule of law does not exist anymore. They must be stopped immediately. So my today's contrast program for Christmas will be: hang the Xmas tree or headz off. Everyone is invited to join this special full moon hell feast to transform the Christmas mass ritual also inspired by satanic demons and pagan gods. Ive already had my original Christmas on winter solstice day and now its time to get rid of all this filthy shit.


Sunday, 20 December 2015


Since privacy and rule of law are inexistant in the new world order terror regime and they even exploit contents and material from the internet to use against the writer or others its necessary to start a private or secret newsletter or completely stop any further publications on the internet and only write books. Switzerland is definately more than out of control and under the demonic tyranny of vampire shadow and alien influence and absolutely lost. Most of the population appear like satanic possessed zombies due to the extensive brainwash methods daily used on them. The rest are hybrids or members of the original alien races. They are very low vibrating and some are evol to a degree that is intolerable. I can't take it anymore and will soon leave the country. I could make the army go away but there are still enough of these creatures living here and terrorizing me with their astral observation. Kids but some everyone would love to get rid of. Useless filth that apparently came from no where. The underground city labs and bunker systems of a outcast and outlaw alien society. The ongoing invasion and occupation is severe, illegal and dangerous for every living thing on this planet. Our country is full of it. Normal humans are already a minority and despite the fact that there are also seemingly good ones among them its clear for me that I don't want to be a part of whatever they try to create here. Surveillance terror, poison attacks and human rights violations are daily business now. So fuck them and western civilization in general. Hopefully someone wipes it all out and frees the world from this ugly dirt. So in sending your governments a nice little christmas gift might help to remind them of their original duties assigned and payed by the people. For further updates also on our visit by the pope in rome contact:



We in Europe can all see very clearly now what climate change means and that it is already happening on a wide scale. It's midst of december and nature is blooming like in spring because of the unusual warm and mild temperatures. In the past years the climate changed very fast and I guess it's needless to say that we will not be able to stop it. No matter how much taxes we pay and how sustainable we live. It's even unclear what the exact cause of this drastic change is. Guess it's not only the fault of a seemingly overpopulated and greedy western society. Maybe the industrial part of the economy could be responsible due to the extreme pollution. But then there is this geo-engineering going on all over the world since a few years apparently to stop the climate change and we can ask ourselves if this really is the intention behind this chemtrail projects or if this is making it even worse. Creating sort of artificial climate for creatures from other worlds. Or is it because of the planetary frequency that is rising and also causes the temperatures on other planets of our solar system to rise as well and we are all just part of some cyclical event involving all worlds of our planetary system and that's what all the prophecies were about. It does irritate the life cycle of plants and can cause temporary grow reductions but maybe when they get used to the new climate its not necessary that they get permanently damaged. And if the time comes when we can use alternative technologies for a life in harmony with nature and other races things in our daily life could change as drastic as the weather and maybe it's just an invitation and a sign for all of us to change. Before its too late. Because if we do a whole new world of possibilities would open up to all of us.


Monday, 7 December 2015


Weve just hit another swiss vampire nest connected to the alternative organic goa scene where certain elements have been involved in the story with the streetpunk eliteprostitute slaves. It turned out that they use their events to trade slaves for sex and blood also due to a acute cocaine abuse that obviously brought them into debts with the drug mafia. Some of them even own brothels and seem heavily involved in prostitution for various perverted costumers. Vampires, pedophiles, occultists and sadists. There is a alternative factory with artists and anarchists that seems to be occupied by vampire forces connected to a dark brothel-like house called villa 45 where unconscious people get sold to such unpleasant creatures. I've been at a party there for almost 24 hours. The light I've created and spread with other aware people made them really uncomfortable because they could not take over the people or suck off their energy. They fleed with sunglasses. As they are greedy they wanted more and attacked my ex with a stick-like military weapon that instantly paralizes people. Obviously to feed their hungry masters on the other side of the street. They knew I've witnessed it and tried to get me off their way too. It seems they again installed a surveillance chip in my left eye when ive been there in the same way they take and abuse others without their knowledge. Especially in the days after the army made great terror around the place I live to kill or stop me from telling anyone. I survived as always and told as many I could and also tried to stop the creatures involved. But again it's clear that this is highly insane and illegal but the government is still not doing something about it. In all these years happened so many heavy crimes and they still think it's better to eliminate the truth than the dirt. Also thanks to the blind sheeps. Another occult secret we've exposed. The demonic Shepard God spells makes unconscious puppet dolls out of humans. Very holy way to treat believers. In secretly abusing them while under hypnotic magic. Best already installed in childhood. We will thank the pope and all other conspirative abusers of such occult tactics and wish they will burn in hell very soon.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Free the demonic nature from this god lords..let's burn all the books of spells and lies..and bring all our occult crap chains to Rome for a big fire roast to finally and permanently say good bye to this abusive and conformistic ritual religions..a new multi-world.field has been created..


Friday, 20 November 2015


We previously investigated and mentioned a mysterious pipeline company with that name who seems to be involved with the reptilian swisscom antenna tower bunker networks and their related secret surveillance and mind-control projects. I've just stumbled upon something strange related to that name. The Romag generator. Producing free magnetic energy. So we can ask ourself again if this is just a coincidence or if these companies are in reality, secretly and vastly using a similar free and well-protected technology to run their electronics and facilities. Behind the backs of the public who still pay expensive energy from unsustainable ressources. To force them into slavery and the connected complicity of a ecocide that is obviously not needed as other technologies are available since a while. But have been oppressed by the empire to keep us in the chains of their capitalistic society and abuse their privilege for selfish and greedy reasons. Insiders know that many alien bases are run with sort of magnetic power grids. So we can imagine where they got it from. Just like all the other miraculous technologies we've learned about in here. See also the plasma generators which go into a similar direction of the free energy movement that has been started by people like Tesla or Schauberger. Both germans. Their inventions and many other advanced pioneering technologies have been used by scientists and the military for obviously very inhuman and ignorant purposes. While it has been meant to uplift humanity in their evolution which is not the goal of everyone on this planet as we all can see now. And that the name is connected to Rome itself and with two red moons in the logo is sure no accident either. The famous earth satellite. Propably artificial and inhabited as well as the original moon planet seemed to be destroyed due to a previous star wars episode. It sure needs a lot of energy to recreate the moonish functions in our solar system. But the ones who broke it might also have to fix it and that's how they do it. Otherwise there would be no life on earth. But if a natural system already has so many bugs and imbalances its impossible to repair it with external methods like they also try with geo-engineering which seems to make the climate worse with each day of spraying. Maybe its time for a new solution model. Solving problems at the root and from another point of view. Or start all over again. Everything else seems totally off sense. Remember the secret space program connection. Pretty sure the romans keep a lot more hidden from us than just spiritual knowledge. They are unholier as one can be. And didn't use the egyptians their pyramids as power grids too. Or did they harvest earth's magnetic energy. Stole it from humanity to maintain their secret underground and interplanetary bases. It's interesting that switzerland still produces enough energy even if all atomic power plants are turned off. This indicates that we already are connected to a alternative power network due to the uncertain and war-like situation the world and this country is in. In case everything crashes down around us which has sure been already the case once in a while. Maybe sort of emergency plan. Shared power structures of the subterranean societies. Mainly and originally meant to be used by the elite, their pseudo-illuminated servants and for their massive underground safe places. While everyone else faces destruction. Or why let people pay for something that is free if they wanted to liberate humanity with such a act. It's only here to save their own asses in case everything in their sick plans goes wrong. Not less not more. That's how this people calculate and we better take back what's ours because they couldn't care less.



There is a evergreen classic when it comes to vampire defence. Garlic. So if you live in a area where these creatures are located its recommended to have this traditional ingredient at hand. It has also various healing and medicinal functions. As bloodsucker protection its best weared on your body in the form of charms or bracelets. We should create whole jewelery collections of this garlic accessoires. The juice can even be rubbed onto the skin for more intense smell. Garlic perfume. Further it should be eaten in all sorts of meals and in different variations. The purer the better. Garlic bread. Garlic cheese. Garlic sauce. Garlic salad. Garlic essence. Whatever. Makes the smell come from the inside which can make people around you uncomfortable but also helps to make you unattractive for certain blood consuming creatures. I've used it in various ways over the time and it seemed to work very well. At least as additional weapon it can be useful. But makes you also more detectable for other creatures. It is definately much more effective than the guy shown below. He's in charge of a few billion swiss franc budget for his police and military department. We can all see how he is solving problems which is in such a case more than ridiculous but hey nobody is perfect right. Admitting failures. Negative. I know I've done a lot of them but at least I've learned from it. Not sure he did. But this is his holy duty for this supposed neutral and clean country. We shouldn't wonder where all this money went. Literally down the tubes I guess. Maybe that's the reason why he had a appearance here on my house hill with his fascist svp party. Talking about africa like in the old times. Spreading fear and inducing mind-control messages onto followers like the big ones. His american friends. How did we get into this mess. It's time that such incompetent and obviously insane puppets get exposed and their power is taken away immediately. He could use some gas as well I guess. Garlic gas. Right up his inquisitive nose maybe. Very diplomatic. Like the ones with the CC plates on their cars. I remember them right. Protecting the outlaw zones. Military industrial territory.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015


We need to launch a global, international and multi-dimensional protest attack wave against the forces within and around the vatican until the end of this year. Eliminate the european sources of plain evil. Which includes the queen of england and other powerful creatures of the draco-reptilian empire. The pedophile baby eaters and the related satanic ritualistic abusers. We invite everyone to be part of this historical event. Mobilize groups and spread the word within your areas. If you cannot be present in person we encourage you to organize your own local protests and mental support actions. We will try to heal and neutralize the forces of this unpleasant empire on every involved level. Meaning all worlds against one tyranny. More or less. There are the powers on the surface who severly abuse their religious or political influence to conceal the most awful crimes against weak and innocent and humanity in general and get away with it since centuries. We can combat them with creative and non-violent techniques of exposure. These will get much more effective as soon the occult forces behind them protecting the empire are neutralized. And the demons in the bottomless pits must be fought to death. Even Jesus wants revenge trust me. Since when were egyptians and romans christians. Who nailed him on the cross again. Should make everyone question their believes. To accomplish this change its important that the forces secretly helping the empire with occult practices get aware of their own slavery and turn on their masters. We don't do this just for us but mainly for the ones who have sold their souls to them ages ago. To put it simple. You can be free when there is no one left to call in your debts. I know if we all come together their supposed and false power will vanish within moments. That's why I ask all of you to play your part in the game called freedom and peace for the earth family. All wizards, witches, druids, shamans and other living creatures from all over the world. Who have been oppressed by the roman empire that never ended. Black or white. Good or bad. Big or small. Bring it on. Something dark is threatening our worlds and we better make our stand. And we better make it now. This is a global call. This collective process starts now and culminates in the last week of this year in rome and at all other centers of occult power around the world. When we intensify our focus on the goal of planetary salvation from this dark forces. If all ways lead to this place lets see what we find there. And we can sure bring some bread and games. What a nice roman tradition. Just like divide et impera. And ive heard there is someone issued for arrest. Maybe we can help with that a little bit as well. The roots must be ripped out and the rest of the tower will fall with them. Why wasting energy in combating the sympthoms when the source is still intact. Spreading its viral octopus arms out again and again. What we have here are just little copies and clones of the real monsters. Created and formed by the will of intense insanity. In their image. It will never end until we stop the cause. Which is outside and inside of us. As well as above and below. Here and there. Like always. Remember the middle path. There is a reason why it has been hidden from us. The power balance.


Saturday, 14 November 2015


As I'm totally off mediothic manipulation tactics I've just heard about the supposed attacks in paris..that's why the neighbours were screaming last night..the people go already crazy and this is just the beginning..they have to be very desperate if they go to such has a long history of terror and its not such a big deal to be honest..each day die much more people on this planet and no one cares or writes about it..but if in a western city safe castle happens something its the worst thing ever..we cannot be serious..we've had extreme terror here in switzerland as well and it never made it into the news..guess why..someone must profit from this attacks that's why it is made public..first the astral shadow entities consuming all the fear, shock and anger of the people who focus on this manipulative form of perverse scandalism..that finds entertainment in the death and pain of others..better take a selfie in front of it..sick society at its best..the ultimate hysteria..and we don't deserve to be blown up..well..and then there are the governments who are most likely behind such strategies to have another reason to call for more safety..get more money for surveillance and control..their own terroristic, highly illegal and questionable activities..war, martial law and less human rights..gets them closer to their goal of total enslavement for matter what it costs..lives are sure not much worth to them..guess we can say that the IS-US terror definately reached Europe and we should be very careful now who we trust..and the media is sure not the most trustworthy source..neither are the politicians..their sole purpose is to keep the masses under control..distracted with false problems and fake solutions..busy with useless and unnecessary things..its important to realize how powerful the media abuses its influence onto the mass mind and turn our backs on it..they don't deserve our attention..not that I support such acts or violence in general..but I know the world is a dark place..and that terrorists are matter on what side they are..and isnt obama's wife a man called michael..this is all just a big bad joke here on this world stage..and its time people get that and start to free their minds from this brain slavery and lie factory..which is only here to make us give the wrong people our own one will save or protect side is only here to push you on the other if its needed for the agenda..pawns in a square..all serving the same empire..think about it before you turn on the brainwash tv again and expose your head to this extreme manipulation and falsehood..and look what they try to get and hide with all this show drama..constructed media psycho surgery to create chaos and distraction from the real heal deal..coincidentially right now where our revelations here reached another level..especially when there is so much publicity created around a story..very suspicious to say the least..maybe we should use this for our own advantage..and get things done while no one is watching..just like they try to do..



These paedophile and murderous reptillion criminals wear round glasses, drive cars/vans with cameras and without license plates so no one can track them..I would do the same if i poisoned a whole city and killed so many people..they also seem to have total control over the media and mobile phone networks as they do much of their crime business talk online or over their phones without being watched or followed by secret services..because they are part of these crimes..if someone can get this data everything would be proven..I strongly suggest to immediately stop or execute them when they are in sight..or they might do the same with you..I know they are within this area and I will try to catch them on camera when I spot one..aswell as in shaffhausen and winterthur where they have been very active too..a old man who looks pretty much like the one on the pic below seems to be the leader as he has been seen during various occasions when the terror and horror reached new heights..I call him sackosatan because he always wears a old black suit and a baseball cap..he's the first who needs to be eliminated and I guess he still is in zurich oerlikon or triemli where the whole pedophile ring members are isolated and sit it out with bombs in the middle of civilians..yeah they are nazis..the network includes the school, church and the police..all connected thru underground tunnels..i know that some people of that brothel punk house are still there and get abused..if there is no other way to get them out and stop the perpetrators I recommend to evacuate the area or make them blow it up..just like they tried once when I still lived there..or maybe full power high precision weaponery..whatever but terrorism and blackmail of this extreme sort cannot be tolerated..guess the damage will be far worse if we let them have their insane will any longer than one big bang or another mass therapy session..


Friday, 13 November 2015


Guess we have another all-seeing eye now..and not only that..isnt today friday the 13th..probably not exactly the way how you imagined your new world order but hey come on..its part of the healing bring it all up and get over it..and you shouldn't be embarrassed if someone uses your own tools against you..this is the trap of having secrets..they are always in danger of exposure..I've just been in the swiss mountains that seem to have certain problems with their touristic income because the engineered climate change lets us enjoy indian summer sunshine in the midst of november..the plants could use some rain water..not that I would mind I love it hot..and all these interesting things that can be seen in these mountains when there is no snow..maybe that's the reason why they started to artificially cool their glaciers and produce snow for the tourists with machines..not only because of climate and money..there is something hidden in these rocks that we are not allowed to see..but this would be the absolute tourist astraction..people would come from all over the world just to see that..not that they don't have it in their own countries but we could be the first discoverer and unveiler of that supposed alien national parc..zwergoland vs. disneyland..they already have a similar concept at simply calling it adventure parc..a accurate description when related to such horrific underground labs..I've just seen another baby coming out of there when I was at this strange angel mountain pyramid titlis site..they pretend these hybrid mutant clones are their own babies and raise them in their serve the alien empire with new slaves and soldiers..ideally with enhanced strenght and abilities..that's why they do this all in secret..its not only here for good reasons..for example to keep their races alive..but also to make war and protect their facilities..don't underestimate them they are not all little happy creatures..but the moment in history comes closer where all this will be revealed to the people..out in the open..changing everything..this is the modern world you better prepare yourself..not only with food and water but especially mentally..for the bigger picture..


Thursday, 12 November 2015


Those are the new names of alpentonis goats..guess he needs another gallon of that mysterious gas..straight up his ass..I can tell that..there is a light in my head..its like a lamp..if I focus it into a certain direction..or onto a subject of choice..there suddenly vanish all shadows of darkness..the veils of the illusion..showing me what's hidden behind..even if my physical eyes are blind for the astral realms my intention born from the union of spirit and heart even see what's beyond..


Monday, 9 November 2015


Before looking for signs of exo-life on moon, mars or inside galaxies we should closer explore the many mysteries already found on the surface of earth..ancient megalithic structures all over the place, astro- or energy-oriented and symbolic architecture, occultic ritual places or monuments..its very well documented and still many dont see it..especially abandonded or unpopulated areas should be checked for irregularities on google maps or something..the swiss mountains for example..they hide very well but are not unseen..greenland and antarctica sure have a lot of hidden stuff going on aswell..there are many indicators that some sort of intelligent and advanced civilization from the stars and inside earth interfered with the evolution and history of mankind..from time to time and then again..we have never been alone..not all of them left a good impression..and not all brought pure seeds..but some still made it into the hearts and minds of the souls and brought them back into the light..there is a quote in the movie last unicorn saying to never run from something immortal because it will caught its attention..guess that's a really useful and true advice..especially in these days..and isnt art just a lie telling the truth..expressing more than words can say..just try to save a country..a world..and a race who couldn't care less..

There Lies a World Hidden,
Mysterious, unknown, and forbidden.
Where dwells entities with technologies beyond our comprehension,
And knowledge kept hidden from us, in this other dimension.
Will the truth ever be revealed?
Earthly forces of power and greed want forever sealed,
Forbidden knowledge for warfare to wield.
When humankind understands,
To use the knowledge aquired from these strange lands.
For the benefit of humankind,
Then entrance into their world we will find.
Frank Scassellatii

Jinn - made of fire
Angel - made of light
Man - made of earth
Soul - made of God

Megalith Mystery:
Keshes Plasma Future:
Inner Earth:

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Sounds like a very bad disease and indeed it is. Below we have another disturbing example of how pedophiloid suggestions are interwoven into seemingly harmless and normal advertisements. As we know that masons are totally into symbols and also hand signs it is not surprising and sure no accident that this kid is doing something pretty awkward with this keyholder (another item connected to this cults and their gods - just like the baby name stickers on their cars) when related to a pedophiliac background which is also indicated with the pricing actually saying this poor boy lars playing with his shitty keyholder in his car chair from roemer (this label is definately part of that unpleasant empire - and the name galaxus with the turtle logo says it all aswell i guess..where this is coming from..the stars maybe..not all good things come from above then..) costs only 174 swiss franks. It is shocking to say the least and many will try to pretend these are still just coincidences but they are not. It's exactly the way they work. Playing tricks on the unconcious mind. This strongly indicates a wide spread presence of such satanic pedophile and murder networks which could obviously hide very well from the public also due to their occult tactics of manipulation and control so no one would expose them. As well as the abuse of the system and its related organs (which are now exposed as the complete farce they are) to conceal crimes and silent witnesses. But on the other side showing very openly what they are doing. Ive seen them bringing children to the areas where we have been isolated to feed and entertain the perpetraitors. They obviously think in their twisted and arrogant minds that they get away with it like they always did because they are very well protected as we all can see now. Netherless the evidence is building worldwide that these cultic abuse networks do really largely exist and we can no longer deny it and refuse to do something about it. This is not only illegal and highly unethical but insanity in its worst imprint. We cannot have that and we definately cannot let this get standard within our societies. Neither secret nor public.


Tuesday, 3 November 2015


We will have our focus now on energetically changing the environment so that the frequency of the planet can constantly rise and awake humanity. Which will allow us in the distant future to be free god-like creatures again. We all got manipulated to the point where we have lost the natural connection to the source which would allow us to access the same miraculous abilities as they have. This is part of our common potential. We are the children of god. Because of certain powers that were we have been robbed by this truths and kept in a slave-like state of being to be abused and betrayed. We all know that these occult rituals practiced over centuries in our distorted history have done great damage to the natural system of earth and humans. As well as all the cloaks put onto strong energetic places and ley lines which is definitely done with churches and monuments worldwide. Guess one day we will have a mass protest against the Vatican which is the root of most evol in this world. The roman empire that never ended. Now we also have the weight of pollution, poisons, various frequencies and the daily hardcore brainwash conditioning which keeps the mass conciousness in this hypnotic trance which we perceive as reality. So in reducing or eliminating these oppressing influences, our own imbalances and helping to activate earth's natural healing and energy system we can support this evolutionary process of awakening the most. This includes the confrontation of the dark and painful sides as well and its emotional release within ourself. Even if many try to avoid this step its part of the way. Of how we collectively can let go of all that karma without it being released in the outside world in the form of too much destruction. A good and simple trick to break thru the energetic barrier walls around us is doing something new, unexpected or just off boundaries. It creates a special wave of vibration. Should be practiced regularly as flexibility is needed in times of great change like we are in now. Creativity in its diversity is a fantastic channel to tap into your unknown potentialities. Expressing yourself is a way of communicating with what we call god. And last but not least cultivate a good sense of humor. It's a hell of a protection weapon. It's recommended to move or spend as most time as possible in a natural and loving environment. I'm feeling great up here and the frequencies are constantly rising again. Return to what i perceive as normal. Say no to everything you don't like, wastes time or energy or keeps you occupied somehow. Let go of all that. Stay put if you can, only take what you need from the system and work the rest of the time on your self and the recreation of the world. Which is right here in every moment. Within you and around you. All the tools you need. Just free your minds and hearts. Come together. And know thy self.


Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hereby we officially request a international and universal warrant of arrest for all involved groups of these crimes. This includes all the people/creatures, companys, secret societies and state departements mentioned and described in the reports. As well as the people shown on the fotographs taken at various crime scene sites. The same concerns all other individuals (especially from the government) that are part of this treasonous conspiracy and cover-up terror which can easily be identified by the numerous witnesses. Thanks for your commitment.


Check out the massive occupation of construction sites shown in the pictures (found in almost every big city now) which are just fronts of the military-industrial-complex and have been extensivly used for spraying this BZ-like gas. And what did this total nazi of a high ranking military official (with a highly suspect red envelope in his hand) in the inner city of zurich with his little shithead soldiers if there was everything completely correct and perfect..go tell your daddy you assholes..we are in a secret and almost silent war (I've heard countless shootings in the past years without being ever reported in the media - thanks to all the blackmailer bombs..and where was the atomic one again? dont think it is still in my cat..) in this country since 2013 and the people have a right to know it..


Friday, 30 October 2015


The two spiritual paths offered and open to the common people are just two sides of the same coin..neither the left-hand nor the right-hand path are independent from higher control..that's why they keep the middle-path closed and secret and anyone who found it will be chased by their servants..someone who can walk on both legs is apparently stronger than the ones only walking on one and therefore reaching another level of initiation..a greater sphere of influence..and possibly gets also more dangerous and powerful than the ones pulling the strings from above..which came into this place over the same path..and they didn't want anyone else to conquer their position that's why they concealed the knowledge from humanity and abused it..tried to stop the ones who came closer on their way..especially the women..which would proove the separation as illusion..created to control two worlds which are originally making them fight each other instead of going after their overlords..who are keeping the secrets and manipulated all related cults and religions since ages..separation destroys, love its clear where they are coming from..check out the soothers they are full of hidden symbolics from the pedophile cults..especially the one papa is the beast..there is some link to the vatican..the symbols are also in the caps of bottles or at the bottom of glasses to energetically alter the ingredients..we found out that there seem to be a occult connection to the kinder surprise eggs aswell as they have been poisoned once and the so called magic toys are related to the military somehow..does make sense because disney is a perfect example of how this satanic brainwash child abuser clans are destroying the roots of human nature already in can this be a real democracy when there are still secret kings and queens ruling over the country..reptilian terror empire would be a more adequate description..and who gave unenlightened disciples mono-atomic gold to push them artificially into higher densities and use them in a war that is not theirs..which is definately the case here with some of our flying and immortal victim gods..and who did open the portals or stargates to let all these astral creatures into our dimension..who did offer them the human and blood sacrifices..john dee was one of them and he was a british occultist..history repeats because of them and because the people can't let go of their ancient rituals and false believes..there is no duality in reality..only one source field interacting with itself..
I've recognized that we are already monitored by mysteriously hidden groups..especially from the US..I mean I'm feeling honored for your attention and I know this information hasn't been leaked in this form before which might make you feel uncomfortable but no need to get overexcited..we all knew the day would come when someone survives all your assassination and destruction campaigns and tells the people about this hidden underworld..I try to be as moderate and secure as possible with the details but the truth has to come sick and tired of this fiction contradiction..otherwise I'm glad to help but it would be nice if this didn't happen over this one-sided, invisible and ignorant way..maybe you should start to properly support your informants and agents like they surprise all your secrets get exposed..bad treatment doesn't pay out..pretty sure it was you who brought the swiss government into this shit hell of alien superhero lab..ive seen your flag at one base..fuck off twice then and never ever set another foot onto this land if you wanna keep it..we take care of our own traitors and maybe you should mind your own business aswell..but in case of serious job offers for example a mission to the base in antarctica let me know..guess people like you know exactly how to find others everywhere in the world..the captains of the ship are always packed and ready..however don't expect me to deliver you much more inside information in here..I will find other ways to distribute my knowledge..I don't like to be watched when I'm at work..too many reptilian eyes on me anyway..and as far I know we still have to rescue some political hostages and terror victims out there..why not using all this so sophisticated equipment and technology for good reasons instead of oppressing unaware and innocent pussy soldiers..I've just invented a new experimentation game..its called change sides..everyone who dares to treat other people like they did with us should try to surrender under the same circumstances..if they do not succeed they are no longer allowed to be in powerful positions within the military, police departments or elsewhere..which will be probably over 80%..they are dumb and weak cowards with small dicks..that's why they have to abuse children or animals..ive seen that in combination with pet zoos and underground systems connected to large appartement complexes in the city (ZH Triemli) where one of the bomb hotspots is in this to the main police station urania and many other another good test to detect these ugly and useless pigs..pants down..they would all fail..seems to be another side-effect of the extensive cloning, hybridization and inzest..deformed mut-ants..using victims not only for sexual abuse but also for bloodsucking and sacrificing..Switzerland seems to be the dwarf and vampire paradise of Europe..this is not here since yesterday and I'm sure thousands of people know about it or are involved..especially the obviously pedophile groups from the brainwash media who severly abused their power over the channels for extreme terror..ive witnessed their secret programs more than once..thats where the real news are shown to the insiders..guess it would be appropriate to chase these sick bastards naked thru the streets and have them humiliated and spit on by the people..what a entertaining in the middle ages which we obviously have never left under the surface..the truth will come out and all of you will get your fair share..justice might be absent in your system but not in the universe..which is apparently far above all of're nothing, your titles mean nothing and you've never deserved to be in such positions and take all this money from the public to carry out these uncontrollable and insane projects..and then you don't even have enough balls to admit your complete incompetence and failure..ridiculous..don't even try..I know the game and I know people like you..and I will not stop until these things have been sorted out properly..if needed under our own rules and laws seem to have no authority anymore..


The  Knights  Templar  were  known for their  white  mantles  with  a  red  cross, symbols  and colors  which are clearly  depicted  on  the  flag  of  Switzerland  today,  albeit  the  colors  are reversed.  The  notion that  the Knights  Templar established a  state in Switzerland is  corroborated  by  numerous  scholars  who believe  that the  “Templars  fled  into  the  Swiss  Alps”. Consequently,  historical  records  from  that  time state that Swiss villagers  suddenly  becoming very  skilled military  tacticians.  When  Leopold I  of  Austria  and 5,000  of  his knights  were attempting  to take control  of  the  St.  Gotthard Pass  in  Switzerland,  “His  force was  ambushed and  destroyed  by  a group  of  about 1,500 Swiss  peasants.”  Needless  to  say,  1,500 peasants  could  never defeat 5,000  highly  skilled  knights. Therefore, it’s  highly  likely  that  the  Swiss  peasants  were  not  peasants but rather  Knights  Templars  pretending to  be  peasants. Prior to the dissolution of  the  Knights  Templar in 1307, the Swiss  had no  military  and  no  military  experience.  However, after the infamous  battle against Leopold I  of  Austria,  the  Swiss  suddenly  became renowned  and  seasoned  fighters. Swiss  legends  states that there  were  "armed  white knights"  who  came to help them  in their  battles. Interestingly, on the  list of Knights  Templar sights  in Europe  and  the  Middle  East,  the  country  of  Switzerland  remains  mysteriously blank. In  what  appears  to  be a  hoax  designed  to hide the  fact that  the  Knights  Templar fled  to  Switzerland, a  conspiracy  theory  was  promulgated  via the  book  “Holy  Blood, Holy  Grail”  (1982) that  the  Templars  used a fleet  of  18  ships  to  escape from  France.  According to  witness  Jean  de  Châlon,  he  "heard people talking that [Gerard de Villiers  had]  put to sea  with 18  galleys,  and  the  brother Hugues  de  Chalon  fled  with  the whole treasury  of  the brother Hugues  de  Pairaud”. In short, Châlon’s  brother  was  allegedly  on a  fleet  of  18 ships  laden  with  Templar treasure that  set  sail  from  La  Rochelle, France just prior  to  a  global  warrant being  issued for the  arrest  of  the Order  in October of  1307. The  675  year-old  witness  and potential destination  of  the ship  were  designed  to  be  a  red  herring in  respect to  the  true  location  of  the Templars. Lastly,  in a  bid to  further disguise  the  Knights  Templar’s  escape to  Switzerland,  Freemasonry  incorporated Templar symbols  and rituals  in a  number  of  their  Masonic  bodies  since the  18th  century. The  most notable is  the  "Order  of  the Temple", commonly  known as  the  Knight Templar, the  final  degree in  "The  United Religious,  Military  and  Masonic  Orders  of  the  Temple  and  of  St John  of  Jerusalem, Palestine,  Rhodes  and Malta". Since there  is  “no  known  historical  evidence”  to link  the medieval  Knights  Templar to Masonic Templarism, the degree  and title  were created  in  order  to  pay  tribute  to provide  historical  cover for the country  of  Switzerland  by  openly  associating  the  Knights  Templar with  Freemasonry. Therefore,  whenever an  wherever the Knights  Templar are discussed, Freemasonry  is  automatically  brought into  the conversation.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


There is this orb phenomena documented all over the world in seems these spheric balls of energy are sort of souls or ghosts..they watch us and followed us..they could see from distance what we were doing thru these balls which seem to be more like eyes for astral parts able to consciously separate from the body while wake and present at a distant place..they also use birds in our case crows to communicate and areas where paranormal activities appeared and bases seem to exist underground these balls seemed to be coming out of small holes in the ground between roots of the to the wood and rock hill homes where the originator of those seem to live..their astral shape also look like orbs in different colors..sensitive people can see them without camera..some say they are spirits from dead people, animals or plants..all comes together in the astral realm..just hidden in front of us..makes death not look so bad after all..guess it all depends where our souls are going or get stored after..if they are free or not..being immortal in hell must be the real hell..there are the souls of the sacrificed victims taken by their famous eye..they have to be saved pretty sure that they use my boyfriend who has special abilities too to watch me but we are not allowed to see each other since 3 years..nice way to emotionally torture human hearts..something these people do as a payed job and find pleasure in it..needless to say what I'm going to do with such pricks once I catch them..