Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu, economic flu. Whats next? Brain flu?

The whole flu situation seems not real to me. I would go so far to say its just a horrible marketing strategy of the big pharma industry. They spread the virus in poor countries to start the panic. They dont care if some people die from it because everytime a so called new flu is spreading they sell tons of their tamiflu medication. That is not even successfully tested. No one knows if it would really help but alll countries buy it. And then suddenly the flu disappears again. Until next time. When the drugs arent defensible anymore so everyone has to buy again. Another example of how cruel the powerful are. Really bad voices told me that they already have a cure for aids but dont make it public because someone that has aids needs medication that costs around 3000 dollars each day. That would be really sick but after all the scams they threw on us i wouldnt be surprised at all. Just remember 911 and all the wars they start around the world only to satisfiy their greed for more power and more money. We always have to pay their bills in some way. Sometimes even with our life.

Stop the manipulation.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Lets free humanity from current conditions

The situation that economy is facing right now should make us all questioning the system we live in. As the consequences got more and more visible they couldnt hide it any longer. Now they just do it in front of us. The government is throwing billions into the corrupt banks while we loose our jobs and pay their depts with taxes. They make us help them rebuilding the system that literally burned our money to ashes with speculating on stock markets. Many people are dependent on these constructions and its abstract jobs since the capitalsim rules the modern society. But where did it brought us exactly? Did it make the world a better place? Well maybe for the few % that own more money than the rest of the world. The money we get is controlled by the national banks, its worth and our work productivity. The little that is left over after we have paid all their bills is never enough to escape their capitalistic slavery. Thats their plan.
All these thoughts inspired me to read karl marx and going 1. may demonstrations. Its time to stand up and make a change. Im not ready to sacrifice my life for their bloody gain game. They dont care about us and our lifes. But actually its us who make the whole thing possible. How ironic. Without us producing and buying they would be nothing. It would all collapse. So we should really all just stop it and try to find new ways to provide our existence. Based on respect and love for nature and individuality. I deeply hope people will start to open their eyes and see the facts behind our so called "good and clean" society. Just look for yourself. The truth is everywhere around us.

Freedom for everyone.

Tips to a more independent and conscious urban lifestyle

- Dont eat meat, eggs and milk products or reduce it to the aboslute minimum. Buy these products only from farmers you know who treat their animals correct. Instead of milk you can use soja milk. Instead of meat you can use nice alternatives on vegetarian base like tofu. There is also tested vegan pet food on the market.
The most animals who produce these products for us get terribly abused by the agronomic industry। Suffer pain and fear and spend their whole lifes in dark nasty places। Who wants to support that?

- If you buy vegetables and fruits check first from where they come. Buy only from local productions of fair trade products. Further you can plant your own food in your garden or a place in front of the window. Salads, strawberries, several herbes and so on. Everything grows fast and doesnt need much space. Only earth sun water and air required.
The veggies that come from other countries are grown in greenhouses and travel a long way to us over the streets. That causes polution and destroys the local farmer's income all over the world. Who wants to support that?

- Dont use cars or airplanes only if really necessary. Otherwise by foot, bycicle, sailing boats (both good for body and health too) or puplic transportation like trains and busses.
Car driving creates polution and the oil you need costs money and supports all sorts of negative actions all around the world. Who wants to support that?

- Use alternative energy like solar, wind or water. Only use energy saving lamps. Boil water with watercookers not on the cooking plate. All the laundry can be washed by 40 degress, it gets clean too. Where ever you dont really need energy try to save it. You will save money too.
Atomic energy is dangerous for all of us and is also responsible for climate change. Who wants to support that?

- Dont watch tv. If its broken dont buy a new one. There are plenty of sources in the internet where you have acces to movies and informations on a free, unrestricted, uncensored base. The positive side effect by this change of lifestyle would be you save energy again and you are no longer under the control of public tv, that mainly sends manipulated information that should keep us doing what the government wants us to do.
For example making us buy stuff we dont need to keep their deadly game up and running। Make us giving our lifes for generating their profit. Seperate us so we dont talk to each other. Distract us so we dont think about the thruth behind all this. That can be expressed in 3 simple words: Controlling our lifes. Who wants to support that?

- Dont waste water. Take showers not baths, you get clean too. When it rains put cans outside to collect it for your plants. There are several home systems to minimize the water waste. For example a pipe system that takes the old shower water to flush the toilets. Water is rare material on earth so we should really save and recycle it before its all gone.

- Recycle as many of your waste as possible. In most countries you can give it back for free. Paper, cardbord, glass, metal, aluminium, batteries, lamps, old electronics, green garbage to compost, old clothes to texaid or other nonprofit organizations. Try to buy stuff open so you can save useless packing material. Saves money and saves the world.

All these tips will help you to become more independent from the system. Take away their power over your life. Dont believe the urban myths. They cant use us as their weapons to support their worldwide opression and exploitation. The more free you get the more you will realize that nothing is like it seems to be and that we need this change more than ever. We have to search for a new solution to provide our existence. One that respects everyone as a equal beeing with the same rights. Every action has a consequence. For the good of all. Less is more. It starts with you. We are one.

Share and spread this information with many as possible. Paint or write it on stickers or grey walls around us. The more people wake up the better.

Freedom to the urban society.