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The pope can now be seen in disney cartoons openly pushing the global gay-gender.pedo agenda..cocobello and sataniel happyily married ever after..blessed by the vatican..i dont think so..tolerance is nice..but it should not be practiced with sexual abuse, crimes and terrorism..neither with the enforcement of invasive hive-mind technology upon the populace..real women or heterosexuals on the other hand shouldnt have love or sex at all..even longevity and fertility must be suppressed by the cancerous side-effects of artificial radiation..5G coming next..paving the way for generation x..seven headed dragon..right..devilon must fall..your deaths couldnt be enough satisfaction for me..so do us a favour and depopulate and eradicate yourselves..just follow your leaders..echo unlimited..i will be my own asset now..my own product..married to the cause..taking over the world..who needs helveticaca if you can have planetocaca..shift of power is presently taking place and seeks your recognition and participation..


5G: http://whatis5g.info/

DISNEY'S PEDOPHILES: https://edition.cnn.com/2014/07/14/us/theme-park-employees-child-sex-stings/index.html

LATEST MALE ESCORT SCANDAL OF THE GAYHOLIC CHURCH: https://www.metroweekly.com/2018/03/italian-male-escort-exposes-40-priests-file-sent-vatican/

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2014-15 RELOADED

Eternal spirit trapped in a mortal body..sacrificed for a country full of devil worshippers, bloodsucker fans and brainless fleshtrash..living on each others mercy..fuck that..heaven or hell..its both an illusion..controlled opposition..i stand for paradise..the source of existence..i dont believe you can paint all of the world in white and black like humans used to do..fanatism is evil too..one sided views can never grasp the whole...


RULE NO. 1: Whoever uses e-lighters in my presence again will loose their hands - and the eyes aswell - even the third.

URGENT ORDER: Electro-magnetic coffins for all the undead, immortals and other half breeders - at least 10'000 pieces for the whole of Switzerland.

TRIANGELITIS: Latest psychological/obsessive/compulsive disorder for all neurotic trendsetters - can only eat triangle-shaped foods.

Here is a list of the main departements and people involved and the crimes they have commited:

Swiss government - part of the conspiracy, knows about all the crimes and used us to defeat the aliens but still suppresses us and keeps hostages back even if they owe us millions already for all the work weve done and all the damage they have caused in our lifes with their destructive and illegal behaviour, is responsible for all the crimes mentioned above and below.

National bank of Switzerland - part of the conspiracy, supports all these crimes fiancially and seems also to be involved in the masonic occultist scene which abuses children and other sexslaves.

Military and Police Departements of Switzerland - part of the conspiracy, many alien-hybrids and clones used in the police and military corps to brutaly enforce secrecy on the population, has been involved from the beginning in the coverup and is responsible for many human rights violations and also the poisoning and gasing of the population over air, food and water.

ASTRA Departement for street-building and tunneling incl. other governmental construction departements and private construction companies (Implenia, Walo etc.) - part of the conpsiracy, are the builders of the underground facilities and use alien-hybrids for their projects as you can actually see them living close to the construction sites. Most of them work for free and dont need houses or food, which is the reason why this is done. To save money and make more profit. As always. This creatures do not have any rights which is something that should be taken care of aswell. Some of them are more human than others but they are all living beings just as we are and should be treated accordingly which is part of the exo-politics organisations dealing with alien lifeforms.

ETH/University Zurich - part of the conspiracy especially the geological and medical institutions which are involved in the underground lab scene and actually engineered these facilities.

Various pharma companies, doctors and clinics - who lock witnesses up, asperse them and make them sick with poison medicine - partakers in the conspiracy and responsible for various human rights violations and obviously the producers of the various poisons used against the population.

Vatican and Pope Francis (Jesuits) - is directly involved and supports ALL these crimes also financially.

I've realized during this time, that there must be a vast secret Swiss underground network inhabited by some sort of parallel civilization (not only of human origin - in the mountains and in the towns/villages) which at the beginning of 2013 through their lightning invasion literally came to the surface and was/is the cause of many incidents and crimes. They also conduct a secret/illegal Swiss government channel (TV and radio), where extra designed special messages are broadcasted to "insiders" (certain groupings of the surface society cooperate with the underground and support the ongoing conspiracy against the unsuspecting population) to inform, manipulate or get rid of enemies. I have 2013 once experienced such "news" and thought it was a bad joke. Once at the Birmensdorferstrasse, I even heard it too. Seems the people there feigned a bomb terror threat. They also share their illegal video surveillance from the privacy of unsuspecting citizens and make fun of it. It would also be interesting to know who this torture, continuous monitoring and mass-poisoning arranged and executed and why there is no reasonable protection of witnesses in such a cases. We have a complex of the university (anthropology/pharmacology/toxicology) and the forensics in a parc called Irchel in Zurich (close to Oerlikon). There is also a bunker underground which protects the state archive also located there. I've experienced several strange things in connection with that place and I am positive that the soldiers and military police forces there are involved in those atrocities (EPE4 and others). I've spotted some pampers once at a very inappropriate place very close to their hidden entrances where people waited with their cars sometimes. And there seems some highly illegal organ thing going on with dead bodies of crime victims.
It is my great concern that the horrific events of the past years are uncovered, that something like this will not be repeated in the future. Unfortunately it appears that various departments and divisions of the Swiss covenant are directly involved so that this sensitive and complex issue should be treated with great care. It is clear to me that the prevailing system sets us all limits but I think it is time to overcome this slowly but steady.

In connection with the gas attacks I've observed various units, obviously from the military police corps - mostly dressed in the classic blue. There was a hotspot at an office management P-41 in Magnolienstrasse Seefeld Zurich, where the BZ-gas in cooperation with cranes of construction sites was distributed over the city. In Oerlikon were signs of a P-32 unit, which regularly lost children's shoes. I have also seen a strange thick organic looking fluid, apparently consumed by certain involved officials. They are all through the band of fixed stature, wearing glasses and with preference the colour dark blue - looking scarily similar to Nazi-Himmler from the SS. Sometimes also seen in salmon-coloured shirts. Especially in the case of the dubious arrest on my birthday, where they all came to see how ive been humiliated in front of the whole neighborhood - because a little deodorant spray exploded in a fire ive made in the garden as demonstration to the continued isolation and siege. It must have been a great satisfaction for them once they've catched me. As I've exposed their sinister acts. Many of these seemingly non-human officials abide now probably no longer with us, which is not really a loss and a clear response of the people, which were all victims of these attacks. That civilians and especially single women are expected to deal with such perverse and uncontrollable beasts that apparently have their origin in illegal genetic laboratories of Switzerland, is not only an insult but also an extremely serious crime. To be a victim of something awful, then also being exposed to constant structural violence, torture and psycho-terror slander, is probably the absolute alpha croissant of the whole mess. I expect more than just a compensation and satisfaction in this case. Finally was my work during the whole period for all very valuable and helpful and i do not accept this treatment any longer.
It also seems that CIA and Mossad agents are involved and have certain parts of Switzerland (and border places of Germany - especially Konstanz) under their control (someone named Joel Janser which I've had contact with seems a direct victim of these groups). Their areas of influence include Zurich, Bern and Geneva.

I have registered attended and monitored bunkers and very strange behaviour of the police in the border area of Schaffhausen. In addition to "ASTRActions" by various construction companies (building a tunnel during this time at Galgenbuck), apparently also responsible for our "monitoring" and the occupation of the whole forests, what also led to various military missions in the area. It seems that these non/half-human "employees" were bred in secret labs and abused for free labour, which would explain the astral component. And this seems to apply for many of these squatters pimps, terror policemen, industry soldiers and other members of the secret service/NDB, national security and the military of Switzerland in general. A mass DNA-test could clarify a lot in this matter. The world famous Swiss dwarf armies. Directly from the underground X-Dream Factory. Must be stopped. Underground labs of this sort are expected in mountains Säntis, Titlis and Pilatus and probably many others - just follow the wood hills.

I am neither a neurotic nor schizophrenic, even if this was diagnosed in the few psychiatric reports filed through corruption and if many prefer nothing ever happened. I am of course very traumatized by the many horrible experiences but otherwise I still see things quite clear. Perhaps more clear than most. What I describe here is very real and should be taken seriously. I have no interest and no benefit in making up untrue statements or other false accusations. This is about the clarification of a large case, concerning many people depending on it. So it is in the general interest to investigate
and end this.

Chronological order of incidents 2014-15:
- My apartment contract in Oerlikon has been terminated by April 2014 by Mr Stenz and a whole lawyer crew. Until then I was actually always on the go and my cats stayed at my neighbour Mrs. Pfiffner (ex-financier at jewish bank) - they took my animals away by force before with the Veterinary, which caused extra stress for us and also a lot of unnecessary costs. Even if our home in this time probably really was no longer acceptable or tolerable due to the extreme torture exerted over us. Not for my animals neither for me. A never inspected or investigated crime scene.
- I then pulled/fled around almost 3 months and was here and there but also experienced strange things along the way. Once I was in Thalwil in a sheltered community apartment on the Gotthardstrasse with people from the lake scene and they tried to lock me up there, so I jumped naked out of the window and went to neighbours who called the police. They came and returned my clothes and jewellery (some pieces were missing - with my name on it) and acted very strange. There were no personal details taken. I was then accompanied by instructed suspiciously acting security staff of the SBB to return home - (seen others on the way who had to carry a very important suitcase with "evidence" in it - no idea since when this is part of train security personnel duty but fits perfectly in the bigger picture of this out of control state body). From February to March I've spent a few weeks at the Birmensdorferstrasse 406, where in the apartment on top of it and in the whole area many weird incidents happened, apparently by the same group. Robots were used and/or killed. Installments and movements occurred regularly in the houses ive dwelled. Strange incidents in connection with an old laptop ive received from my mother. In the parc of Triemli on the 14. February 2014 ive seen the said victim JJ for the last time. They've let him walk by dressed up with a bicycle. Ive noticed in the apartment above different voices, among other things Bernese dialect, a French speaking man, a young boy and a girl. Besides the well known aggressive voices that Ive already heard in my escape in Oerlikon and some other known people.
- At the beginning of April 2014 I moved to Beringen in Schaffhausen, where the surveillance harassment and terror continued. Repeated visits, one illegal arrest and severe sirene abuse - especially by the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the police Schaffhausen. The Swiss army was spotted regularly around our house and in the surrounding forests - fully armed. Invisible and flying entities stopming on our roof, many shootings and unusual air traffic. In Neuhausen I once also met a mysterious "Peter" guy who apparently knew what was going on. On photos I would recognize this person. The same applies to various other perpetrators, whose names I do not know but always appeared on the scenes and clearly had something to do with it. In Zurich it was particularly an older man with glasses, cap and black sacko that most of the time seen if it was once again going "round". When I got my cat from my pet-sitter neighbour Pfeiffer it was almost bursting. Something seemed wrong and when we arrived in Schaffhausen the pet was gone for a week and then mysteriously returned thin again. It must be assumed that they have put "something" in the body which afterwards was again secretly removed. When I was at Fabian Pfeiffer another friend from Neuhausen, suddenly the Zurich City Police called who sought the man of his sister (another Weibel) working at the aiport. What a strange coincidence. They couldn't know him by name. By his behaviour in the whole time we must accept that he just as my room mate Ulrich Bollinger was manipulated by the perpetrators and made partaker of the crimes committed. It could well be that JJ was held there and still is.
- 11.10.2014 extreme heresy at Mundwerk Club Oerlikon with group-related criminals Weibel&Co.
- January 2015 - September 2015 had to move again and lived in Winterthur Hegi with Regula Sterchi and others and been victim and witness of various crimes in connection with military, police and alternative groupings connected to the same human trafficker scene from Zurich - large-scale shootings and secret troop rallies – seen young man and woman of military-police corps in the area who followed me.
- September 2015 - March 2016 had to move again and lived in Bäretswil Zurich, where the usual harassment and terror reached a further high point what lead to messages to the national military justice department and the local police - Georg Wälti (December 2015). Neighbours, soldiers and other police suspects have repeatedly engaged in massive agitations and attacks within the area to prevent further revelations about the human traffickers mafia from Wetzikon - connected to the Zurich strip crew still forcing young people with highly illegal methods to sell their bodies or work for free on their crime-events.
- 22./23.11.2015: There was a GOA-party at the Kulturfabrik Wetzikon organized by group clubs "Vibrative Sound" and "Bio für jede". These events are attended by the same groups of persons, as in these occupied house at that time in Oerlikon. This alleged punks appear together with these event organisers to serve the same "clients" as the procedure for the crimes, as well as the suppression of witnesses is identical and they are also familiar since many years. A girl named Ka was seen at almost all crime scenes since Oerlikon. This further group of event managers seem to cover and fund for this underlying drug- and human trafficking mafia and supply new victims for abuse or experimentation. As in the first case also highly illegal occult monitoring and control methods are in place to meet the needs. There are also professional weapons used which obviously have been procured by a further connection to the military and the police and were abused for the purpose of forced prostitution/blood donations or torture. I myself have been attacked with such frequency weapons in my apartment over long periods of time. At the party I saw in the backstage area several people directing a stick-like dark-green weapon on a long-term friend and employee (K. Geiser) which apparently currently paralyses a person. I could just leave this area before they would have launched such an attack on myself. I had the unpleasant feeling that he wanted to warn me and had to pay for it. He, the table in the room and all persons involved disappeared shortly after. Maybe they had to bear him out. I know this person already for a very long time and knew even back then that something with him and these parties is wrong and now is clear why. Apparently it has already taken place for a very long time. I have met in the whole time some of the victims and perpetrators from this scene and there is actually plenty of evidence that there is a quite abnormal and highly illegal form of human/child trafficking and forced prostitution going on, covered and protected by obviously rich, influential and perverse customers. The flyer of the event was painted with spider webs and strange symbols showing to the insiders what to expect at this "special party". The local rent for this half occupied factory (next to a brothel VILLA45) costed several thousand Swiss francs. The event was guarded by an entire group of dubious VIP securities, certainly not cheap either. The rest of the employees work under the pretext of a good cause for many years free of charge and are normally very exploited or paid with drugs in order to make them dependent and control them better. On this night occasion they also brought some dogs and children. As these criminals use forms of hypnosis and apply other methods of mind-control to create slaves, it must be assumed that this was done with many other guests in a unconscious state and there could be much more victims than previously assumed. It seems the Villa 45 brothel on the other side of the road (probably connected with underground tunnels) also plays an important role and seems to be used as a hidden crime scene setting for these involuntary and violent abuses and attacks. I even thought that these night passed too quickly and have therefore the suspicion that in the time lost something similar was done to me which has a lot to do with the following events at my place of residence and the reported soldiers involved. One rapper of the band 3RAD present at the event gave me a CD and a strange Selfie-i-phone. This i-phone application seems to send extremely questionable "bananorama" photos to a server - probably another surveillance gadget intelligently set into place and covered by a "cool" front which is after all very suspicious - they dress up as apes. It turned out they are "moderators" of this previously mentioned illegal state TV&Radio channels. It is evident that the whole construct is tied together with a champagne-like faith in a "king" or "Jesus" (real names used - obviously inspired by the Masonic Church) what has been confirmed by various sides and gives great doubt in the seriousness of these people. The residents in the Zurich Oberland Billy Meier UFO sect seems on the edge also in contact with the group - they have a place for their wagons somewhere near Wila in the same area. Because the perpetrators knew that I must have seen something, me and also the other party guests were shortly after this act of violence in acute danger, so we could say nothing. But it was clear that other guests had knowledge thereof. Because these perpetrators are apparently very corrupt and violent, hardly no one dares to speak out about it. I am still massively tormented and harassed because of it. I've spent weeks in hotels because the house owners and neighbours (Maurer, Beuthe) and these soldiers and offenders always came back to the house and regularly tried to enter my apartment at night. It is organized crime, a form of group violence and extreme bullying.
- 19.12.2015 informed Oberaudotirat of Military Justice Switzerland Mr. Gerrit Gorrlich about the incidents with the soldiers who pointed their guns at me in the open fields of Bäretswil for "fun". Further complaints followed - no consequences have been drawn.
- At the end of December (27.-30.2015) i travelled to Rome to the Vatican again (accompanied by two friends Hürlimann/Fäh) and remained there for 3 days and did several activist actions with chalk. In the time Ive observed several suspicious people and events which confirmed their participation a second time. We distributed some arrest warrants for the pope from ITCCS which confirms the extremely criminal behaviour of the Vatican once again. If the Vatican is part of atomic terrorism of this variety (apparently not only since yesterday and not only in Switzerland) - this institution must be immediately stopped.

This case is actually already known since 2013 and lead to the subsequent events - why the Federal Government, the KSMM and various other police forces have done nothing against it, although this matter involving state staff is inexplicable and inexcusable, is an unanswered question. The problem is large and subject of church and state in exactly the same way as these supposedly alternatively related groups. Actually no sector is excluded, as by various corruption incidents was repeatedly demonstrated.

This concerns and applies to all countries in Europe and the world in general.

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Countries where the law is absent are ruled by chaos and violence...when there is no justice for criminals there might be with just criminality...eye for an eye..just to make sure we are all on the same page here...im done waiting for nothing..and so ive come up with this great business idea..revolutionizing the international prostitution market..sold/offered are ONLY REAL psycho-criminal cops, perverted soldiers, secret service outlaws, pedophile priests, corrupt politicians and the rest of the CH-terrortrashpigs..strapped to a chair/bed, unable to move or exercise their free will..anything is allowed - only rule: shouldnt be killed..same fair-share conditions as always..paid will be by minute..common rapists and sadists will be served first..gay community very welcome..this new invention can be exported to other countries..will guarantee huge profits and the wanted side effect of state crime reduction..i love solutions..


Recommended Anti-LRAD sequence for the dark brown CH-NAZi-dirt @ Rafz ZH: FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCK!

POOP VISIT AHEAD (might be a great opportunity for his arrest - PAPA WHERE IS THE A-BOMB?! propably hidden in his asshole..): http://www.luzernerzeitung.ch/nachrichten/schweiz/der-papst-kommt-in-die-schweiz;art46447,1208420

SWISS FEDPOL OUT OF BUSINESS (re-organization yeah sure what else...): https://www.blick.ch/news/jahrelange-reorganisation-freut-paedophile-und-wirtschaftstaeter-die-cyber-ermittler-waren-lahmgelegt-id8064604.html

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Switzerland obviously decided to continously non-cooperate with the light of truth and keeps covering for reported terrorists, murderers, traitors, conspirators and criminals until that day - confirmation of that is given 24/7 - because of that I declare the whole of Switzerland as a useless piece of shit and this behaviour should not be tolerated/accepted by the global community either  - therefore it seems absolutely necessary to bring all the various shocking incidents up in detail again - year after year - as those groups and individuals still walk free and pose e real threat to everyone on this planet - massive amounts of dirt that must be eliminated.




Closer description of the incidents/observations:

In February 2013 I've reported a severe case of deprivation of liberty and human trafficking occuring at a squatted house to the local police in Oerlikon and to KSMM in Bern, that never was appropriately investigated nor prosecuted until today. They supported instead the false statements of the perpetrators and then went after me to make me lose credibility. Investigations have either not at all or only partly taken place although the allegations were very precise and the suspicion of criminal offences very high. I have been since extremely terrorized, harassed and put under pressure by the culprits with highly illegal and criminal methods. My life has been systematically destroyed. Actually a common approach of criminals who hide their deeds and intimidate witnesses. The police has apparently been a partaker in these crimes and their power was exploited for such purposes - instead of protecting witnesses, save victims and punish offenders. Probably to hide their own mistakes/crimes. Obviously it is a whole human trafficker network operated by several groups. The major effort that has been put into the oppression and manipulation of witnesses, suggests that there is a lot of money and many powerful people behind it. After that i have been locked up in clinics a few times and harassed with nonsense claims by perpetrators and the Swiss administrations. Even though I never before was noticeable or had any serious mental problems. It is strange and certainly no coincidence that something like this suddenly arose from the sky after I've reported this case and made it public. There is definitely something behind it and I expect that such offences are investigated, prosecuted and punished. It cannot be that the police and the judiciary leave such criminals walk free and support their slander and cover up campaigns while terrorizing innocent citizens because of ridiculous offences. Then this authority is definitely not legitimate any more in its meaning and purpose and must be questioned as a whole.
Whoever in this country forces people to be exploited and abused in this way must be exposed but it is not my task to implement this. I have already uncovered the fact and paid as well as the victims a high price for it. It is now up to the therefore created organisations/institutions to solve this case and bring all the people, officials and authorities involved to justice. Various bodies and persons were/are informed about this case and have perhaps already done further investigations, which could favour the reconnaissance. I am repeatedly not taken seriously- I forwarded this case also several times to the media and it has been again swept under the table and covered up by corruption. I do not accept this behaviour any longer. Neither from the state government, the church or any other criminals. Because these crimes happen for a while now, it must be expected and considered that among all involved persons and authorities already multiple agreements have taken place to synchronize any false statements. We must not forget that the perpetrators themselves are so-called investigators and officials. They know exactly what to look for to hide something. There were already at the beginning of this squat house case false statements made that obviously have been created in a similar way. You must be very careful in the event of any questioning of witnesses or perpetrators and listen very closely. Between the lines they will exposed themselves. Although it is not my task to explain the police their work but after what I've now experienced with this most incompetent officials their training/education must seriously called into question. Particularly with regard to the incidents at my house in Oerlikon. Sometimes foreign men with monstrous cables were walking around in our house, with which I've been constantly and significantly radiated from the near distance, which is not only extremely damaging to the body, but it has also a very negative effect on the psyche. Such illegal weapons are very real and there are actually many reports from other victims who have experienced the same worldwide. Also known under the name of CIA torture.
On the basis of the questionable and frightening observations that I've made at that squat house, it must be assumed that secret service near officials are involved who are very familiar with professional brainwashing and other methods to control consciousness and abuse people as living
guinea pigs/puppets for such experiments/abuses linked to profitable business. This was then logically done to me as well in a excessive way so this case would not be further pursued. I have seen this technology working also with groups when they controlled whole mass gatherings of people. I don't know if it is done with implants or other frequencies but it works. Seems like heavy abuse of LRAD technology. The people are used like zombies who no longer have control over themselves. I've made the same observations on many victims in this squat house. It must be assumed that in addition to the obviously corrupt police officers of the Zurich City Police, also the gentlemen Livermore and Weibel own such knowledge and possibly might also have the technology to commit such crimes. What is striking is that mostly their women are pushed forward although i think that the men are more behind it, but it does not preclude a complicity and also requires clarification. Especially because it was primarily about a young man and there is the suspicion that these women also were possibly tempted to shamelessly exploit such a situation. The punk girls Flu and Corina Huber (openly shows her affection to satanic content on facebook) were also abused/involved and sold at that time in this mysterious house. As well as at the main station and the Stadelhofen prostitution strips - apparently for dumping prices of 5.-. We must expect that the mentioned persons are involved in similar serious human trafficking crimes in combination with ritual abuse possibly also on children - it would explain their sometimes too active role in this case who never was their business. In our house also suddenly appeared a Römer child seat although since I dwelled there (almost 10 years) never anyone had a baby. In my old apartment lives now someone named Andreas Gerber (same initials like mine) which is surely no coincidence. I could observe the mechanisms of this ring very closely during that time, and I noticed that seemingly unintentionally lost children socks/children's shoes, hidden symbolism contained in soothers and other occult objects are some of the many characters to make themselves visible to each other and supports the suspicion that it is a form of abuse on small children/baby's. There are also these baby name stickers (babayaufkleber.ch/vorcon.ch) on the cars and the “Römer” Child Seats that obviously have something to do with it and are also promoted in the brochure of the police of Zurich about child safety. Child care product companies of that sort are heavily involved in pedophilia which can be seen in their coded advertisements. It really is terrible to see how professionally and public this disgusting perversion already is promoted and apparently has already taken place for some time without being noticed by the public. That should give us all a reason to question ourselves. They even sprayed gas which I've been exposed to several times and in high doses - particularly at the Magnolienstreet in 8008 Zurich, where apparently one of the headquarters of this "war-action" was stationed (ex-building of IP 4 Management). It was also distributed in the city centre at the main station and in public transportation as well as in Oerlikon shops. Apparently this was done over construction cranes, gullies and ventilation systems. The poison is similar to BZ psychological warfare agent. It makes almost crippling tired and you forget everything. The effect is felt after a few breaths but weakens the more often it is applied. However, it requires several days for the spirit and the body to recover from such an attack. Once the poison was also in the chocolate from Kinder surprise eggs (i still have samples of that), which seems to have also a major role to play in this case and are in some way connected to the occult scene. The effect was clearly noticeable, so we put it away.
All sectors of our society seem already infiltrated and affected by it. This is also why the advertising of the Appenzeller cheesers with the fingers on the lips has been so present lately. By the way a sign of Horus, the sun god of the Egyptians, which seems to be worshipped here for quite a while just like the pagan gods. The occult in Switzerland is deeply rooted and widespread. We are even known abroad as satanic stronghold. Now it is also clear why. And it is not only about abuse of children, but also other abnormal torture practices and ritual murders. In addition to blood ingestion and cannibalism. Another reason why they collected often blood donations in Zurich lately - sometimes with a London bus. It will be years before this slave-ring is smashed and the last nests of this hell were cleared. If anyone in this country ever dares to make this effort - apparently not. The sex slave house that I have exposed is probably only one of many others, where daily the same misery is manufactured by which obviously half of the land is involved. This is probably also true about various people involved who with a little too much effort took part in the defamation and suppression of witnesses and victims. This is strangely also true for the monk Martin Werlen from the catholic monastery in Einsiedeln SZ who has been negatively noticed already at my first forced clinic hospitalisation when he interfered over a participating judge and together with the Catholic Church (Jesuits Oerlikon) seems to be responsible for various connected corruptions. It can be assumed that the case since Oerlikon up to my present place of residence in Hedingen can be traced back, where constant crimes have been perpetrated against me and victims/hostages must be suspected still. No matter who in this country is doing something like this he/she is a criminal and must be punished. There is no justification to suppress innocent citizens and witnesses of clearly illegal dealings and restrict their freedom and damage their physical and mental health only to hide the ugly truth about obviously highly disturbed and criminal state “projects” and other serious crimes.

Description of the crime scene in this house:
I sometimes went to a squat house in Oerlikon at the Regensbergstrasse between December 2012 and February 2013 and made some very serious and distressing observations and experiences. There has been done professional brainwashing to a whole group to mentally manipulate/control them and make them dependent by drugs and abused them for different questionable purposes. The recent psycho prison-inmate is just 20 years old. They named him JJ or saddle and he comes from a distant village in Germany (Saxony) and was abused by the entire group, according to the classical mind-control system isolated and guarded. Daily fed with negatively influence/ideas and kept under most barren and most dismal conditions such as a slave. Bed, beer, joint and TV are the only content and the focal point of life. If you are not just sold as a free slave to private customers or raped by other house visitors. The psychic changes/damage of the victims are already partially very far advanced i.e. they appeared very disoriented, have completely distorted ideas about life, love and sex - the whole value system has been completely twisted and turned on its head. They are totally frightened (co-twitching in contact - threaten and torture to silence), feeling cold (incapable of joy, drive, affection or to feel/accept compassion. The girl friends of the string-pullers are already playing their own control and power games, seem completely servile to their masters and suppress and dominate the recent slave as well), must almost compulsively lie (are completely disturbed due to the eternal pressure from concealing the truth and have absolutely no sense and feeling any more for right or wrong. Believe in part already, that this garbage way of life is normal and desirable rather than with people who love and care for them). I've met the mentioned slave victim on his birthday on the 2.1.2013 and we fell in love with each other - shortly after they denied further contacts between us and made fun about our feelings, what made me very suspicious and then the appalling construct of lies behind this facade finally had come to light. I have the participating groups of perpetrators repeatedly asked to send the victim alone to my home, which of course never happened. They also never let me speak to him alone or longer than 2 minutes again and he was not allowed to have a private mobile phone either. He was constantly monitored and checked. Just as it is with me since then. If the young man actually only had a another girl friend, how they have said in the false statement, he could have easily told me that by himself. This girl was namely with a German named Dani, who obviously prostituted them both together, and possibly has also drawn the police on his side by sexual/financial favours - as he still is almost everyday at the mainstation Zurich. In the last 5 years I could not one single time talk to the victim and it seems as though he is now missing or as part of a witness protection program held back. But it may also be that the victim is still kept by the involved persons/criminals to continue to blackmail me and to hide much more serious crimes which in the course of this history came to light. Finally he is exactly how myself a main witness in this case and could seriously affect the culprits. They have also threatened me multiple times and tried to capture/kill and to silence me by violence and torture or to distract others from the case including European Courts. I was already at that time pursued on the streets by a violent American and later to my home and had blood on the door knob afterwards (leading force behind all this seemed to be a mysterious “woman”). As a reaction to CDs and books that I have brought for the prisoners/victims. A nice gesture actually. You had to think. But was obviously undesirable. They even thought it was a bomb in the bag, which is very strange because i had never access to something like that. After my previous knowledge and experiences this fits unfortunately rather in the schema of the perpetrators. This alleged street punks are also a lot at Stadelhofen where they seemingly have been offered very cheap to various customers. It seems that not only the Zurich City Police has been involved in this public prostitution business but also the resident Alpha Language School, The Zurich masonic lodge, the Catholic Church and other cultic groupings/sects.

On 13. February 2013 I've reported this case to the Zurich City Police in Oerlikon, which until today has done nothing about it and is under the urgent suspicion to be an accomplice of these crimes. They supported the false statements of the perpetrators and then went after me to make me lose credibility. During the whole time I was extremely attacked by the culprits in my private rooms with illegal and secret weapons. They gave me at that time also a SIM card, secretly inserted in my lost backpack, which over a period of a month was at the police in Oerlikon. Obviously to monitor and track me with it afterwards (0041766297269 - PIN: 2407 -PUK: 67218963 - card buyers must register with ID). This was actually done non stop, which caused extreme stress for me and so i did not have a mobile phone for a certain time. My neighbors Djukics had apparently also a second key to my apartment (lock was changed a few years aerlier) which they freely shared with the criminal police forces who went in and out when ever they desired or were in the mood. They took me a few times against my will to clinics to obstruct me in my environment so no one believes and helps me. Also my family, my mother especially, appears to be incited against me with the most questionable methods and forced like many other witnesses to comply with the evil plot. Although I therefore have repeatedly turned to the police and other Swiss agencies, nothing ever changed or improved in this situation. All involved witnesses and perpetrators should be finally seriously questioned and punished for any offences. If this message again runs into emptiness, any offences in this respect will be displayed at the next higher instance.

Chronologic order of incidents:
- October 2012 getting in contact with some people in a squatted house in Oerlikon Zurich which Ive knew already thru my ex-boyfriend (Kevin Geiser adopted by Austrian couple - being part of the vibrative party slave staff since years and showed many signs of strange behaviour but i couldn't see it thru back then - abusive experience in orphan home) and other groups connected to these alleged homeless goa-party-punks. Witnessing various suspicious things which I've described and reported in a letter to several people, authorities and organisations later on.
- 13.2.2013 Officially reported the incidents to the local police and detectives in Oerlikon after several unsuccessful rescue attempts of the victims.
- 18.2.2013 Receiving a excitatory letter for phone stalking by the reported groups signed by Andri
- 22.2.2013 Informing Fedpol and KSMM in Bern for the first time (22.2./28.2.2013 – answered by
- 24.2.2013 Loosing backpack with ID on the run from the criminal squatters in Oerlikon - ends up at the police through citizens who witnessed the incident
- 28.2.2013 Informing the media for the first time
- 3.3.2013 Emailing with A. Casanova who wants me to pick my lost backpack up at the police station but i refused due to the suspicion of heavy corruption
- 8.3.2013 Whole squat-punk group went to the Vatican in Rome (except 2 persons) the reason for the trip was unclear.
- 10.3.2013 Shots in Oerlikon
- 13.3.2013 First compulsory hospitalisation to the clinic Balgrist through the police in Oerlikon and the corrupted Dr. Kukal - lost backpack had been given back on that incident at the police station where ive found a new SIM-card within which ive used a short time afterwards (LEBARA -
ICCID 89410225621100235065)
- 15.3.2013 First court proceeding for the purpose of my release from the clinic.
- 19.3.2013 Complaint was approved and i could leave the clinic after just a few days.
- 22.3.2013 First time in Glanzenberg ZH/AG (been introduced to Nik Weibel youngster by Rapahel Diener youngster) at a hidden/abandoned bunker site in the forest where several strange things happened:
When we arrived at this bunker we obviously surprised them in their secret activities as they have been there underground trying to scare us away with some electric erruptions propably caused with their strange technologies (experienced in various occasions and different strengths). There was a victim in the upper part of the bunker and we decided to wait and look for help. When it got darker weird people started to arrive with lamps. One on a horse with a white robe looking like some retarded templar knight. He was accompanied by dwarf-like humanoids. They obviously went into the bunker to pick the victim up as weve heard them closing the iron doors to the underground rooms. Meanwhile its clear that they did not came to save it but rather to have it used for what it was created. Maybe another traumatized brainwash puppet slave or a fabricated hybrid-clone breeded to serve their sick empire agendas. Weve been already surrounded by helicopters then and went back down to the village leaving those spooky forests. Soon after weve heard shots (just one of many following incidents of that nature all over the country never mentioned in the media) and screams in the near St. Josef Kinderheim which is definately part of some pedophile elite crime groups. Also linked to italy. The second time ive been at those bunker site in April 2013 weve spotted a soldier in some combi-car who was hiding a box-shaped thing beneath a blanket. He was just leaving (through Römergasse) giving a sign to apparently left behind accomplices. Been there again in August 2013 and took some pictures from the inside of a semingly empty bunker - underground rooms not inspected yet. Found signs referring to someone or something called TED (the name appeared later again in Oerlikon) and seems well known among those groups. Meaning the Weibel/Diener youngsters being involved since the beginning. Indirectly leading me to all those weird places and obvioulsy being part of it all along. Glanzenbergs post office was also the place i found the first occult kinder surprise eggs with this magical content that created so much stress in my neighborhood around the 29th of March. The chocolate of those have been poisoned with BZ later. I also found some weird business cards in this bunker area of a soldier called Corinne Rudolph von Rohr and a lawyer named Franz J. Meng.
- 5.4.2013 Attempted break in with second/secret keys by police officers Scherrer and Pfeiffer.
- 6.4.2013 Weird incident with friend of Weibel called Marvin in Schwamendingen - tried to lure me into their apartement - escaped thru the forest.
- 10.4.2013 One of the first (conciously experienced and remembered - retraced with date) of many following BZ-attacks in the city of Zurich which ive been exposed to in the inner city of Zurich (hotspots Seefeld/Magnolienstrasse). As i deposed/left my bags at the crime-scene (construction site/home of a friend) ive had to return two times to pick it up - they were untouched. During these days weve ate the poisoned chocolate at home. Weibel youngster was at my apartement in Oerlikon and came with me the second time after we took a break in the Ex-HP-Lounge in Niederdorf where two people noticed our chatting about what has happended and they started to send text messages and obviously knew exactly what was going on. We left separately and when i arrived home someone else (a woman) was in my bedroom and i ran off to the gas-station close by. I did not see the intruder but i knew something was wrong. At the gas-station ENI in Oerlikon ive seen numerous people knowing each other and being obviously part of this occupation.groupstalking-terror.group. They clearly knew what was going on. They apparently had a turkish leader who talked to me and gave me a card looking like sort of a taxi company with biohazard sign on it - Boyacigil Arlen. Ive waited there for hours until they closed the shop because i foolishly believed they would get me out of there but they just left me behind. I could certainly recall some of their faces. They were something between 20-30 people.
- 15.4.2013 Second compulsory hospitalisation to the clinic Balgrist through the police in Oerlikon and the corrupted Dr. Altenhofen. Police officer Michael Habegger and myself have been insured during this violent arrest. They took many blood samples at the police station which didn't make sense - court order followed days later 19.4.2013. They also took my two cats away and brought them to an animal shelter - trying to make me look like a animal abuser but it was them who tortured us over months in our small apartment in the most extreme way which led to this very unhealthy situation for all of us.
- 16.4.2013 Receiving a excitatory letter for bodily assault from Michael Habegger who filed charges against me
- 22.4.2013 Release order to the clinic filed by my Psychex lawyer Roger Burges.
- 23.4.2013 Court proceeding with judge Erb who oriented me of abbot Martin Werlens intentions concerning that strange house - actually exposing their hidden involvement in front of all present court attendants. Should be part of the protocol. After a threat from my lawyer to tell the media they
backed down and let me go.
- 29.4.2013 Another BZ-attack ive experienced in the city of Zurich and reported to the clinic personnel which did not want to collect/find traces/evidence of the chemicals/poisons used.
- 7.5.2013 IV-application filed by the clinic to officially label me as psychologically disabled and
- 13.5.2013 Seen victim JJ at main-station strip from VBZ/ZVV
- 25.6.2013 Receiving summoning from the public attorney office because of various accusations by several involved people and perpetrators who filed charges against me - case has never been officially closed but haven't heard anything from the attorney since the last valuations in 2014
- 27.06.2013: In Oerlikon is a certain Henry Dos from Kloten missing. His car is parked here already
since weeks and seems no longer used. The buses are piled up already. It also has a little baby seat back inside. Perhaps there are still children somewhere. You should perhaps clarify.
- 31.7.2013 First time at Schwägalp/Säntis obviously containing a undergound mountain base (run by Swisscom in cooperation with certain military branches (KOORD ABSCH 42 SG) and non-human interventionists) observing several suspicious and mysterious things. Been there again in September 2013, August 2014 and September 2015 experiencing lot of unexplainable and strange incidents.
- 6.11.2013 Third compulsory hospitalisation to the clinic Kilchberg through the police in Oerlikon and the corrupted Dr. Schlichting (a small deo-spray exploded in front of my house and they arrested me because people were allegedly scared of the blast..) It was my birthday which I've had to spend alone due to the extreme and constant harassment, torture and isolation. The police who arrested me were obviously corrupt and on drugs. Seen the leading official distributing grips in the aftermath of my arrest – like treats. They also handed the doctors of the clinic some secret letter when they dropped me off there. Probably with instructions for my treatment. They restricted my freedom of movement and forbid me the internet once.
- 12.11.2013 Unsuccessful court proceeding for my release with lawyer Burges and judge Meili who seemed very corrupt.
- Shortly after I've been released from the hospital something strange happened on the camp ground/red factory Wollishofen in connection with Silvan Scherrer, Hampi Haas (caravan decorated with stone demon sculptures) and Herzog (caravan decorated with buddhas / blonde boy). In the caravan of Mr. Cortipus was something like a sharp construction explosive device deposited when i visited him there over night. Ive found some sort of detonator device outside and took it inside. When I came back later it was gone. We did not talk about this. But i could swear that he was also present at the incident in March at the Birmensdorferstrasse Triemli Zurich in the flat above Mrs Ambrozova. Ive heard his voice together with others and saw him walk out of the building in the early morning with strangely coloured hair and a backpack. We must assume that there are still involved people in this location.
- 6.12.2013 in Oerlikon was a bomb alarm going off after all inhabitants from Hortensienstreet 5 in Oerlikon Zurich left unusually quickly the house in the early morning and so I therefore went out as well and were hiding in the basement of a neighbour house. I saw my neighbour Dukics son with a very strange and big detonator device (paintings of it in my blog) who tried to leave with their van in a hurry when i passed by. The police sirens went off short after too and there was quite a excitement in the area. Some construction workers were actively searching for me within the streets. A policeman indicated later (in a very strange raid of my apartment due to another weird incident) that it was a atomic bomb. (Wonder where that would have come from. How to magically hijack whole countries with weapons of mass-corruption). In my old apartment is now living someone with my initials called Andreas Gerber and it must be expected that he is part of those crime groups who executed severe terror in this area back then and probably until today.
- I did not return to the house after this incident and was staying at a friend (Mr Roman Pollak - loosely linked to certain people from the Zurich lake scene who have connections to the goapunk groupings as well) on 8.12.2013. They have sent me home with a very drunken person where we obviously were not alone. Someone/something was in the apartment above and it seemed to me that there was a plot going on. I went looking but couldn't find anyone. The drunken girl Mrs Gonzalez was then suddenly wide awake and said Mr. Pollak was in the apartment above what I found very strange because he should have been at the party where we left him. The door was also stuck and i couldn't open it with the keys again from the outside - then i left and i heard how the door was opened quickly and people were talking outside the apartment. I took the keys and the phone with me (I've put it inside some bushes outside the airport as i didn't want to take it at home) for my own safety and the insurance that this really happened.
- This led on 9.12.2013 (hardly arrived at home) to a house search and a display for theft because of the house keys and mobile phone. It is documented within the police files - at least it should be. A present officer called E. Ringier seemed to know a little more and said i would regularly see "demons" and made this "joke" about the nuclear bomb too. They should know best. As those "demons" originally came from the Zurich City Police to get me to torture, make me mad or disappear. The main reason why ive made all those fires - to defend myself against those secret forms of occult and supernatural attacks. Which was afterwards laid out as a psychological disorder. Instead of exposing and punishing such occult practices as crimes which they are because they are also used for murder. But as they are used even by the military it seems widely accepted - if not even worshipped. Propably due to the knights templar influences.
- Through the extreme pressure that was constantly exercised over me, I put myself to the hospital at Balgrist (the "blackmailing" worked out for them) on 13.12.2013 because i couldn't feel save in my apartment, in which for months my privacy was extremely disregarded with highly questionable and illegal methods of torture and surveillance. Where I've been picked up/attacked by corrupt police forces coincidentally always when the level of psycho-terror crossed all the tolerable limits which should exact serve this purposes. And if we assume that these officials constantly monitored me - what they did, they knew very well what and when something happened and that it was a lot more than delusions. Obviously they were very actively involved in these crimes, what many neighbours can confirm who apparently were also blackmailed and incited against me and lured/forced into complicity.
- On Christmas, I then travelled with an Interrrail ticket from Germany, over France and Spain to Rome to the Vatican because this seemed to be another powerful source of this mess. At the station in Rome soldiers behaved suspiciously and at the Vatican then a whole line of police cars drove down the river while I made a fire there. A few hours later I travelled back to Zurich (28th December 2013).


Involved perpetrator groups in detail:

Martin Werlen (ex-abbot): Seems deeply engaged with the Vatican in Rome (he was educated there) and already helped to settle cases with paedophile priest at his monastery in Einsiedeln. Actively intervened in a filed court case in 2013 (apply to be released from the clinic) through the responsible attorney (Erb): Indicating i should not go back to this brothel-squat. It is unclear from where he knew about the case and how those two obviously corrupt individuals know each other and where they talk about such things - secret society might be one answer.

Andri Casanova (police officer at station in Oerlikon ZH): Has been assigned to the case since day one and sent me this strange phone stalking charge (filed together with the perpetrators from that house) one week after I've reported the case at their police station. Has been strangely long absent from duty afterwards (almost 3 months).

Michael Habegger (police officer at station in Oerlikon ZH): Has been part of one of the many illegal police assaults at my apartment in Oerlikon and filed charges afterwards because i were biting his leg in sort of fear reflex when they violently stormed into my apartment and tried to arrest me (because my music was too loud - in the afternoon). I've been insured too in this incident with the hand-cuffs and had to see a doctor twice (took months to heal, scars are still visible). I did not file charges until now but the involved attorney has been informed about the situation and did not act on it. Instead they sent me to corrupt doctors again who should have determined if i am dangerous. Nothing heard since. That was 2014/2015.

Family Weibel-Monti ZH (Daniel, Gabriela und Nik + sister): Have been very actively and abnormally involved since the beginning of this case. Their son has been introduced to me (short after the case has been reported) through a person from this Goapsy-groups (R. Diener in Glanzenberg). He seemed to be lost somehow and so he stayed with me for quite a time and witnessed many incidents and crimes that have been committed in this early stage of the case. His broad knowledge about the satanic scene indicates that his family is involved in such occult groups. Various crimes during that time must have been committed by people he actually knew. He obviously should have served as spy for them but also handed me informations/fotos from his own satanic family network containing very interesting places in Europe. It is known that his parents are connected to the police and military and use this as tool to conceal and support their crimes. Especially the occult ones which
should be lawfully addressed as well. A friend of them called Jens is involved too and apparently owns/uses weapons.

D. + V. Livermore ZH/UK (ex-neighbour from Salvatorstrasse Oerlikon): Has been involved in the extreme EM/MW-torture in my apartment together with the man living upstairs (Bänniger) and has been witnessed talking to other individuals located in those rooms above. He seems to be deeply involved into those paedophile crime groups and the police but it is unclear what his role is. Moved away shortly before me. Should be investigated.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


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- Roasted Cannibal and Vampire Blood Cocktails


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Monday, 5 February 2018


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Sunday, 28 January 2018


I would like to inform you about the fact that Switzerland used chemical weapons (BZ - 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate) repeatedly in 2013/2014 against the general public (mainly in the center of Zurich) due to some complex and secret occupation war - continuing until today. Mainly to protect a huge pedophile and cannibal network. Human experimentation seems another factor. It must be expected that the country is still in possession of those chemical agents (and explosives) and that they would not hesitate to use it for warfare/terror again, which is extremely contrary to its apparent neutrality. The incidents and related crimes have been reported to the ICC and the ECHR in January 2016. None of them acted on it since and we face serious problems to get further evidence/support due to the lack of cooperating laboratories and authorities. The coverup continues uninterrupted and victims as witnesses suffer from the connected oppression by those extreme crime groups. Please investigate and assist the exposure of the swiss government and their acts against several international laws and conventions. The security and rule of law is not given anymore instead it is a threat to the population and neighbor nations which justifies the intervention of other countries and international organisations.



- repeated use of BZ (3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate) psychological warfare agent/chemical weapon in highly populated city zones of Zurich (spread over air conditions, construction sites, gullies as aerosol/gas - also in public transportation and shops - the effect was felt after a few breaths)
- threatening with bombs (also nuclear material), several attempted attacks/blastings
- extreme blackmail and hostage taking
- producing, using (as terror device), gasing, slaughtering and eating intelligent meat robots/cyborgs (some of them containing explosive materials and astral/camouflage features)


Neighbor countries (GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, AUSTRIA, LICHTENSTEIN) need to be informed and involved in the coming siege of Switzerland which is called upon:

- the immediate discontinuation of any illegal or genetic experimentation within hidden underground facilities,
- the extensive destruction of the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons arsenal,
- to instantly collect/remove all explosives that have been spread within populated areas due to the conflict/war (or for whatever "security" reasons they were implemented),
- and to restore the rule of law right away which includes the prosecution of all involved and reported criminals/perpetrators


- Stadtpolizei Zürich 2'100 employees affected
- Kantonspolizei Zürich 3'700 employees affected
= 5'800 Total

- FEDPOL: ca. 800 employees affected
- NDB: ca. 250 employees affected
= 1'050 Total

= ca. 160'000 Soldiers + 18'000'000'000.