Monday, 9 April 2018


Certain parts of switzerland have been taken over and are occupied/invaded/controlled/assimilated into this half-human hive-mind terrorist-society..these groups have separated themselves from the swiss constitution and the swiss population and conspire against life in general..therefore we re-define our boundaries and name it new switzerland aka helveticaca..which is only valid if infected mountain areas receive the necessary flitter-treatment and when the remaining soldiers have been de-/re-programmed (possible LRAD re-abuse)..anti-future-government-territory should only be entered with caution..


The swiss "government" and P-4 (construction company) tries to launch another gas attack in our village in combination with attempted blastings..seen several uniformed soldiers in civilan/company cars...most of them stationed at Birmensdorf..

Friday, 6 April 2018


Free thoughts are a federal crime these days which is punished with brain cancer, death penalty and total extinction..all other illegal activities on the other hand are completly covered and protected by law enforcement murderers and genocidal state officials..

UND DORUM SCHREI/SING ICH AB JETZT NUR NA: ALLI REPTILOIDE TÖTE UND UMBRINGE! (gits offiziell ja eh nöd also wer will was säge?!)

Unsere verbindliche Devise:
Wer gutmütige Menschen vernichtet, muss vernichtet werden. 
Wer genauso denkt, ist unser Freund. 
Wer anders denkt, ist unser Feind. 
Entweder jemand ist ein Freund der gutmütigen Gewaltopfer, oder jemand ist ein Freund der bösartigen Gewalttäter. 
Da gibt es keine neutrale oder dritte Position.
Wer Gewaltverbrecher, die gutmütige Menschen vernichten, schützt, ist selbst ein Verbrecher. 
Jede Art von Folter und Grausamkeit ist ein Akt der Vernichtung, auch wenn ein Opfer noch nicht tot ist.
(B.S. Internationale Initiative gegen Folter)


Thursday, 5 April 2018




ZH 918 210 + SHS

Thursday, 22 March 2018


Golly gosh..seige and stalking continues and involved/reported perpetrator/witness groups are up for interrogation and punishment..moving once again because of false friends, corrupted neighbors and outlaw authorities..who kill and ly in my name..not an option..if Switzerland isnt interested/capable of solving this problem there will be other solutions as always..provocing me shouldnt be done like devil-may-care...i tend to be very efficient when it comes down to freedom and privacy..especially after repeated requests and warnings..with no reaction nor that theyve even named a new car after me..never drinking and driving..and still..peak is my name..weak is your game..


Recommended treatment of suspects, hostage keepers, terrorists and war-criminals: 
- Lie detector and blood test 
- Waterboarding
- Voodoo
- Nerve gas 
- Snipers 
- Killer drone attacks 
- Sending into planetary exile on moon/mars (previously destroyed and still popluated habitations - earth as last planet in our solar system which properly supports life will not be allocated to such devious creatures) in exchange for human slaves.

Kompol ZH Affoltern am Albis (involved since ive moved here):



Tuesday, 13 March 2018


The pope can now be seen in disney cartoons openly pushing the global gay-gender.pedo agenda..cocobello and sataniel happyily married ever after in gaynesia..blessed by the vatican..i dont think so..tolerance is nice..but it should not be practiced with sexual abuse, crimes and terrorism..neither with the enforcement of invasive hive-mind technology upon the populace..real women or heterosexuals on the other hand shouldnt have love or sex at all..even longevity and fertility must be suppressed by the cancerous side-effects of artificial radiation..5G coming next..paving the way for generation headed dragon..right..devilon must fall..your deaths couldnt be enough satisfaction for do us a favour and depopulate and eradicate yourselves..just follow your leaders..echo unlimited..i will be my own asset own product..married to the cause..taking over the world..who needs helveticaca if you can have planetocaca..shift of power is presently taking place and seeks your recognition and participation..





Sunday, 11 March 2018

2014-15 RELOADED

Eternal spirit trapped in a mortal body..sacrificed for a country full of devil worshippers, bloodsucker fans and brainless on each others mercy..fuck that..heaven or hell..its both an illusion..controlled opposition..i stand for paradise..the source of existence..i dont believe you can paint all of the world in white and black like humans used to do..fanatism is evil sided views can never grasp the whole...


RULE NO. 1: Whoever uses e-lighters in my presence again will loose their hands - and the eyes aswell - even the third.

URGENT ORDER: Electro-magnetic coffins for all the undead, immortals and other half breeders - at least 10'000 pieces for the whole of Switzerland.

TRIANGELITIS: Latest psychological/obsessive/compulsive disorder for all neurotic trendsetters - can only eat triangle-shaped foods.

Here is a list of the main departements and people involved and the crimes they have commited:

Swiss government - part of the conspiracy, knows about all the crimes and used us to defeat the aliens but still suppresses us and keeps hostages back even if they owe us millions already for all the work weve done and all the damage they have caused in our lifes with their destructive and illegal behaviour, is responsible for all the crimes mentioned above and below.

National bank of Switzerland - part of the conspiracy, supports all these crimes fiancially and seems also to be involved in the masonic occultist scene which abuses children and other sexslaves.

Military and Police Departements of Switzerland - part of the conspiracy, many alien-hybrids and clones used in the police and military corps to brutaly enforce secrecy on the population, has been involved from the beginning in the coverup and is responsible for many human rights violations and also the poisoning and gasing of the population over air, food and water.

ASTRA Departement for street-building and tunneling incl. other governmental construction departements and private construction companies (Implenia, Walo etc.) - part of the conpsiracy, are the builders of the underground facilities and use alien-hybrids for their projects as you can actually see them living close to the construction sites. Most of them work for free and dont need houses or food, which is the reason why this is done. To save money and make more profit. As always. This creatures do not have any rights which is something that should be taken care of aswell. Some of them are more human than others but they are all living beings just as we are and should be treated accordingly which is part of the exo-politics organisations dealing with alien lifeforms.

ETH/University Zurich - part of the conspiracy especially the geological and medical institutions which are involved in the underground lab scene and actually engineered these facilities.

Various pharma companies, doctors and clinics - who lock witnesses up, asperse them and make them sick with poison medicine - partakers in the conspiracy and responsible for various human rights violations and obviously the producers of the various poisons used against the population.

Vatican and Pope Francis (Jesuits) - is directly involved and supports ALL these crimes also financially.

I've realized during this time, that there must be a vast secret Swiss underground network inhabited by some sort of parallel civilization (not only of human origin - in the mountains and in the towns/villages) which at the beginning of 2013 through their lightning invasion literally came to the surface and was/is the cause of many incidents and crimes. They also conduct a secret/illegal Swiss government channel (TV and radio), where extra designed special messages are broadcasted to "insiders" (certain groupings of the surface society cooperate with the underground and support the ongoing conspiracy against the unsuspecting population) to inform, manipulate or get rid of enemies. I have 2013 once experienced such "news" and thought it was a bad joke. Once at the Birmensdorferstrasse, I even heard it too. Seems the people there feigned a bomb terror threat. They also share their illegal video surveillance from the privacy of unsuspecting citizens and make fun of it. It would also be interesting to know who this torture, continuous monitoring and mass-poisoning arranged and executed and why there is no reasonable protection of witnesses in such a cases. We have a complex of the university (anthropology/pharmacology/toxicology) and the forensics in a parc called Irchel in Zurich (close to Oerlikon). There is also a bunker underground which protects the state archive also located there. I've experienced several strange things in connection with that place and I am positive that the soldiers and military police forces there are involved in those atrocities (EPE4 and others). I've spotted some pampers once at a very inappropriate place very close to their hidden entrances where people waited with their cars sometimes. And there seems some highly illegal organ thing going on with dead bodies of crime victims.
It is my great concern that the horrific events of the past years are uncovered, that something like this will not be repeated in the future. Unfortunately it appears that various departments and divisions of the Swiss covenant are directly involved so that this sensitive and complex issue should be treated with great care. It is clear to me that the prevailing system sets us all limits but I think it is time to overcome this slowly but steady.

In connection with the gas attacks I've observed various units, obviously from the military police corps - mostly dressed in the classic blue. There was a hotspot at an office management P-41 in Magnolienstrasse Seefeld Zurich, where the BZ-gas in cooperation with cranes of construction sites was distributed over the city. In Oerlikon were signs of a P-32 unit, which regularly lost children's shoes. I have also seen a strange thick organic looking fluid, apparently consumed by certain involved officials. They are all through the band of fixed stature, wearing glasses and with preference the colour dark blue - looking scarily similar to Nazi-Himmler from the SS. Sometimes also seen in salmon-coloured shirts. Especially in the case of the dubious arrest on my birthday, where they all came to see how ive been humiliated in front of the whole neighborhood - because a little deodorant spray exploded in a fire ive made in the garden as demonstration to the continued isolation and siege. It must have been a great satisfaction for them once they've catched me. As I've exposed their sinister acts. Many of these seemingly non-human officials abide now probably no longer with us, which is not really a loss and a clear response of the people, which were all victims of these attacks. That civilians and especially single women are expected to deal with such perverse and uncontrollable beasts that apparently have their origin in illegal genetic laboratories of Switzerland, is not only an insult but also an extremely serious crime. To be a victim of something awful, then also being exposed to constant structural violence, torture and psycho-terror slander, is probably the absolute alpha croissant of the whole mess. I expect more than just a compensation and satisfaction in this case. Finally was my work during the whole period for all very valuable and helpful and i do not accept this treatment any longer.
It also seems that CIA and Mossad agents are involved and have certain parts of Switzerland (and border places of Germany - especially Konstanz) under their control (someone named Joel Janser which I've had contact with seems a direct victim of these groups). Their areas of influence include Zurich, Bern and Geneva.

I have registered attended and monitored bunkers and very strange behaviour of the police in the border area of Schaffhausen. In addition to "ASTRActions" by various construction companies (building a tunnel during this time at Galgenbuck), apparently also responsible for our "monitoring" and the occupation of the whole forests, what also led to various military missions in the area. It seems that these non/half-human "employees" were bred in secret labs and abused for free labour, which would explain the astral component. And this seems to apply for many of these squatters pimps, terror policemen, industry soldiers and other members of the secret service/NDB, national security and the military of Switzerland in general. A mass DNA-test could clarify a lot in this matter. The world famous Swiss dwarf armies. Directly from the underground X-Dream Factory. Must be stopped. Underground labs of this sort are expected in mountains Säntis, Titlis and Pilatus and probably many others - just follow the wood hills.

I am neither a neurotic nor schizophrenic, even if this was diagnosed in the few psychiatric reports filed through corruption and if many prefer nothing ever happened. I am of course very traumatized by the many horrible experiences but otherwise I still see things quite clear. Perhaps more clear than most. What I describe here is very real and should be taken seriously. I have no interest and no benefit in making up untrue statements or other false accusations. This is about the clarification of a large case, concerning many people depending on it. So it is in the general interest to investigate
and end this.

Chronological order of incidents 2014-15:
- My apartment contract in Oerlikon has been terminated by April 2014 by Mr Stenz and a whole lawyer crew. Until then I was actually always on the go and my cats stayed at my neighbour Mrs. Pfiffner (ex-financier at jewish bank) - they took my animals away by force before with the Veterinary, which caused extra stress for us and also a lot of unnecessary costs. Even if our home in this time probably really was no longer acceptable or tolerable due to the extreme torture exerted over us. Not for my animals neither for me. A never inspected or investigated crime scene.
- I then pulled/fled around almost 3 months and was here and there but also experienced strange things along the way. Once I was in Thalwil in a sheltered community apartment on the Gotthardstrasse with people from the lake scene and they tried to lock me up there, so I jumped naked out of the window and went to neighbours who called the police. They came and returned my clothes and jewellery (some pieces were missing - with my name on it) and acted very strange. There were no personal details taken. I was then accompanied by instructed suspiciously acting security staff of the SBB to return home - (seen others on the way who had to carry a very important suitcase with "evidence" in it - no idea since when this is part of train security personnel duty but fits perfectly in the bigger picture of this out of control state body). From February to March I've spent a few weeks at the Birmensdorferstrasse 406, where in the apartment on top of it and in the whole area many weird incidents happened, apparently by the same group. Robots were used and/or killed. Installments and movements occurred regularly in the houses ive dwelled. Strange incidents in connection with an old laptop ive received from my mother. In the parc of Triemli on the 14. February 2014 ive seen the said victim JJ for the last time. They've let him walk by dressed up with a bicycle. Ive noticed in the apartment above different voices, among other things Bernese dialect, a French speaking man, a young boy and a girl. Besides the well known aggressive voices that Ive already heard in my escape in Oerlikon and some other known people.
- At the beginning of April 2014 I moved to Beringen in Schaffhausen, where the surveillance harassment and terror continued. Repeated visits, one illegal arrest and severe sirene abuse - especially by the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the police Schaffhausen. The Swiss army was spotted regularly around our house and in the surrounding forests - fully armed. Invisible and flying entities stopming on our roof, many shootings and unusual air traffic. In Neuhausen I once also met a mysterious "Peter" guy who apparently knew what was going on. On photos I would recognize this person. The same applies to various other perpetrators, whose names I do not know but always appeared on the scenes and clearly had something to do with it. In Zurich it was particularly an older man with glasses, cap and black sacko that most of the time seen if it was once again going "round". When I got my cat from my pet-sitter neighbour Pfeiffer it was almost bursting. Something seemed wrong and when we arrived in Schaffhausen the pet was gone for a week and then mysteriously returned thin again. It must be assumed that they have put "something" in the body which afterwards was again secretly removed. When I was at Fabian Pfeiffer another friend from Neuhausen, suddenly the Zurich City Police called who sought the man of his sister (another Weibel) working at the aiport. What a strange coincidence. They couldn't know him by name. By his behaviour in the whole time we must accept that he just as my room mate Ulrich Bollinger was manipulated by the perpetrators and made partaker of the crimes committed. It could well be that JJ was held there and still is.
- 11.10.2014 extreme heresy at Mundwerk Club Oerlikon with group-related criminals Weibel&Co.
- January 2015 - September 2015 had to move again and lived in Winterthur Hegi with Regula Sterchi and others and been victim and witness of various crimes in connection with military, police and alternative groupings connected to the same human trafficker scene from Zurich - large-scale shootings and secret troop rallies – seen young man and woman of military-police corps in the area who followed me.
- September 2015 - March 2016 had to move again and lived in Bäretswil Zurich, where the usual harassment and terror reached a further high point what lead to messages to the national military justice department and the local police - Georg Wälti (December 2015). Neighbours, soldiers and other police suspects have repeatedly engaged in massive agitations and attacks within the area to prevent further revelations about the human traffickers mafia from Wetzikon - connected to the Zurich strip crew still forcing young people with highly illegal methods to sell their bodies or work for free on their crime-events.
- 22./23.11.2015: There was a GOA-party at the Kulturfabrik Wetzikon organized by group clubs "Vibrative Sound" and "Bio für jede". These events are attended by the same groups of persons, as in these occupied house at that time in Oerlikon. This alleged punks appear together with these event organisers to serve the same "clients" as the procedure for the crimes, as well as the suppression of witnesses is identical and they are also familiar since many years. A girl named Ka was seen at almost all crime scenes since Oerlikon. This further group of event managers seem to cover and fund for this underlying drug- and human trafficking mafia and supply new victims for abuse or experimentation. As in the first case also highly illegal occult monitoring and control methods are in place to meet the needs. There are also professional weapons used which obviously have been procured by a further connection to the military and the police and were abused for the purpose of forced prostitution/blood donations or torture. I myself have been attacked with such frequency weapons in my apartment over long periods of time. At the party I saw in the backstage area several people directing a stick-like dark-green weapon on a long-term friend and employee (K. Geiser) which apparently currently paralyses a person. I could just leave this area before they would have launched such an attack on myself. I had the unpleasant feeling that he wanted to warn me and had to pay for it. He, the table in the room and all persons involved disappeared shortly after. Maybe they had to bear him out. I know this person already for a very long time and knew even back then that something with him and these parties is wrong and now is clear why. Apparently it has already taken place for a very long time. I have met in the whole time some of the victims and perpetrators from this scene and there is actually plenty of evidence that there is a quite abnormal and highly illegal form of human/child trafficking and forced prostitution going on, covered and protected by obviously rich, influential and perverse customers. The flyer of the event was painted with spider webs and strange symbols showing to the insiders what to expect at this "special party". The local rent for this half occupied factory (next to a brothel VILLA45) costed several thousand Swiss francs. The event was guarded by an entire group of dubious VIP securities, certainly not cheap either. The rest of the employees work under the pretext of a good cause for many years free of charge and are normally very exploited or paid with drugs in order to make them dependent and control them better. On this night occasion they also brought some dogs and children. As these criminals use forms of hypnosis and apply other methods of mind-control to create slaves, it must be assumed that this was done with many other guests in a unconscious state and there could be much more victims than previously assumed. It seems the Villa 45 brothel on the other side of the road (probably connected with underground tunnels) also plays an important role and seems to be used as a hidden crime scene setting for these involuntary and violent abuses and attacks. I even thought that these night passed too quickly and have therefore the suspicion that in the time lost something similar was done to me which has a lot to do with the following events at my place of residence and the reported soldiers involved. One rapper of the band 3RAD present at the event gave me a CD and a strange Selfie-i-phone. This i-phone application seems to send extremely questionable "bananorama" photos to a server - probably another surveillance gadget intelligently set into place and covered by a "cool" front which is after all very suspicious - they dress up as apes. It turned out they are "moderators" of this previously mentioned illegal state TV&Radio channels. It is evident that the whole construct is tied together with a champagne-like faith in a "king" or "Jesus" (real names used - obviously inspired by the Masonic Church) what has been confirmed by various sides and gives great doubt in the seriousness of these people. The residents in the Zurich Oberland Billy Meier UFO sect seems on the edge also in contact with the group - they have a place for their wagons somewhere near Wila in the same area. Because the perpetrators knew that I must have seen something, me and also the other party guests were shortly after this act of violence in acute danger, so we could say nothing. But it was clear that other guests had knowledge thereof. Because these perpetrators are apparently very corrupt and violent, hardly no one dares to speak out about it. I am still massively tormented and harassed because of it. I've spent weeks in hotels because the house owners and neighbours (Maurer, Beuthe) and these soldiers and offenders always came back to the house and regularly tried to enter my apartment at night. It is organized crime, a form of group violence and extreme bullying.
- 19.12.2015 informed Oberaudotirat of Military Justice Switzerland Mr. Gerrit Gorrlich about the incidents with the soldiers who pointed their guns at me in the open fields of Bäretswil for "fun". Further complaints followed - no consequences have been drawn.
- At the end of December (27.-30.2015) i travelled to Rome to the Vatican again (accompanied by two friends Hürlimann/Fäh) and remained there for 3 days and did several activist actions with chalk. In the time Ive observed several suspicious people and events which confirmed their participation a second time. We distributed some arrest warrants for the pope from ITCCS which confirms the extremely criminal behaviour of the Vatican once again. If the Vatican is part of atomic terrorism of this variety (apparently not only since yesterday and not only in Switzerland) - this institution must be immediately stopped.

This case is actually already known since 2013 and lead to the subsequent events - why the Federal Government, the KSMM and various other police forces have done nothing against it, although this matter involving state staff is inexplicable and inexcusable, is an unanswered question. The problem is large and subject of church and state in exactly the same way as these supposedly alternatively related groups. Actually no sector is excluded, as by various corruption incidents was repeatedly demonstrated.

This concerns and applies to all countries in Europe and the world in general.


Thursday, 1 March 2018


Countries where the law is absent are ruled by chaos and violence...when there is no justice for criminals there might be with just criminality...eye for an eye..just to make sure we are all on the same page done waiting for nothing..and so ive come up with this great business idea..revolutionizing the international prostitution market..sold/offered are ONLY REAL psycho-criminal cops, perverted soldiers, secret service outlaws, pedophile priests, corrupt politicians and the rest of the CH-terrortrashpigs..strapped to a chair/bed, unable to move or exercise their free will..anything is allowed - only rule: shouldnt be killed..same fair-share conditions as always..paid will be by minute..common rapists and sadists will be served community very welcome..this new invention can be exported to other countries..will guarantee huge profits and the wanted side effect of state crime reduction..i love solutions..


Recommended Anti-LRAD sequence for the dark brown CH-NAZi-dirt @ Rafz ZH: FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCK!

POOP VISIT AHEAD (might be a great opportunity for his arrest - PAPA WHERE IS THE A-BOMB?! propably hidden in his asshole..):;art46447,1208420

SWISS FEDPOL OUT OF BUSINESS (re-organization yeah sure what else...):