Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Propably the perfect weapon against necrobophills/cranibaalls...and other problematic earth citizens...



Tuesday, 24 April 2018


My creative interpretation of satanic-masonic child abuser/sacrificer networks...and a government leaked illustration of the EM-psychotorture which i have to endure since years because of such extremely perverted and violent crime groupings..cheers to pedolumbia...


Sunday, 22 April 2018

2016-18 RELOADED

I dont even like to wear hats you know..and i dont like cocaine..why should i sacrifice my life for a bunch of addicts/parasites..invading my privacy and crossing laws/boundaries in general..do your dirty "work" else where and get smarter employees..blame yourselves for being bad liars and criminals for life...im just taking back what is rightfully mine and i also decide how it is used..who do you think you are..godlevel haha not even close rather nobodylevel..ive never felt the need to make money illegally and hurt others on purpose..and i tend to mind my own business..something which you should have done in the first place..and now they even tried to bring the e-lighter.terror abroad..and who should prevent or pay for it..right..i guess switzerland is completly lost..pure masonic crime state..ugly aint the right word for this..its just plain evol..guess some of these torture and voyeurist junkies are on cold turkey now..not to mention the cannibals..another reason why they act like crazy nutters lately..should be booked into the next detox clinic..or flushed down the toilet..if there ever was a "good" moment for attack it would be now as they certainly lost power and plan something..waiting too long could spoil this opportunity forever..no more recommendations or support will be given again in case of further ignorance and inaction..no one can beat the world wide web..not even the most hyper-criminal networks of this country called swisscom and NDB..


RULE NO. 2: Whoever leaves his body more often than necessary can/must give it up permanently...same goes for criminal remote viewers/third eyers..as well as for notorious "Knasterlis" and "Hüetlispielers"..

Recommended strategies: 
- Sanctions
- Travel-bans
- International arrest warrants
- In case of continued non-cooperation: Military intervention
Hereby I file charges or the immediate investigation and arrest of the involved individuals, officials and authorities on any considered crimes they have committed:
- Vatican State (Pope Francis in Rome Italy)
- The Government of Switzerland (Bundesrat Schweiz - Johann Schneider-Ammann, Ueli Maurer, Didier Burkhalter, Doris Leuthard, Guy Parmelin, Simonetta Sommaruga, Alain Berset)
- City council of Zurich (Peter Saile (Rechtskonsulent), Richard Wolff, Daniel Leupi, Claudia Nielsen, Gerold Lauber, Corine Mauch, Ruth Genner, André Odermatt, Andres Türler, Martin Waser)
- ASTRA (and many other construction and electronic companies)
- Swisscom (CEO Urs Schäppi), Alpha Sprachstudio (CEO Roland Kriesi), Bibi (owned by Lamprecht AG - CEO Thomas Lamprecht), Römer (by Britax), Galaxus (Lorenz Misteli) and many more
- The Abbey of Einsiedeln in canton Schwyz (ex-abbot Martin Werlen) and many other swiss catholic churches/institutions - special concern in this case are the churches of
Oerlikon/Schwamendingen of canton Zurich
- The Swiss Army and VBS (Ex-Chief André Blattman and high ranking military officials - Military police chief Hans Schatzmann, Secret service chief Markus Seiler) 
- Stab 101 (Simon Schweigler), Koord Absch 42 SG, P-32, EPE4, diplomatic military
- Fedpol Switzerland (KSMM - Peter Müller and Integrity)
- Domestic Police of Switzerland (Kantons- und Stadtpolizei Zurich, Schaffhausen, Winterthur and St. Gallen and propably of many other cantons)
- Justice Departement of Switzerland (various prosecution courts and attorneys)
- Illuminati, Freemasons and Jesuits of Switzerland (other occult secret societies - luciferians, church of satan)
- Non-human entities (reptiloids/insectoids, mutants/hybrids, artificial intelligence/clones and other entities - grays, vampires, birdpeople, meat-robots)

Apparently there were/are occult and higher-dimensional forces/beings at work who have been created by genetic experiments and occult rituals in secret and highly illegal military projects through the contact with exobiological beings e.g. on the Schwägalp at the Säntis mountain, where apparently such secret laboratories and installations are located underground. In addition to many others in this country. It is needless to say how many laws are broken in doing this, thats why this crimes must run underground hidden from public opinion. And it is at the same time very contrary to the nature of Switzerland's neutrality.

Many strange (co-)incidents have been observed when i travelled to different near-border places in Germany (Konstanz, Bregenz, Ravensberg) in connection with those "unseen" beings and their servants which actually created trouble all over the place and still no one wants to address this issue
openly/officially or truly solve it. I've presented huge amounts of knowledge and numerous solutions but none of them were followed through at all. Instead I've been heavily abused to fulfill several secret tasks involving combating alien invaders. What was done in very versatile ways. That's why i was sometimes involved in battles against whole armies. Mostly under hidden blackmail or forced conditions. Never received any recognition or thanks. Either more harassment and suppression. The perpetrators actually got paid for our work instead and received the fame even if they were the source of the problem in the first place and during the whole time. Many of those "missions" are documented in my two blogs and should be adequately compensated as well. In this context highly sensitive knowledge has been stolen and abused from me with illegal secret service similar surveillance methods (implants, monitoring and control chips, astral spies etc.) which further delayed a solution of the problem. The publication of various facts then also lead to the gasification, occupation and isolation of entire parts of Zurich city and other areas of Switzerland and caused troubles for all witnesses. I was systematically terrorised, isolated and constant tortured because I've released the information over the internet. In this case very many state and private bodies seem to be involved, which suggests that the government itself committed these crimes and used the system to cover it up. With the Church and the business industry obviously inhabiting more powerful positions than those of us elected representatives who seem to be above the applicable laws - which unfortunately is totally unacceptable. Apparently, the perpetrators have a large network at their disposal, many financial resources and in-depth knowledge, if you are able to harass and track a person for such a long time with all these people, vehicles and aircraft. Then we must also ask ourselves what purpose this should serve and why it was done in such extreme ways if nothing in this case and these stories are true.

Chronological order of incidents:
- 20.1.2016 Messages and files submitted to the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. (17. March 2016 - rejected by ECHR) under lifethreatening circumstances. Airport Zurich was occupied by involved government members who tried to prevent this from happening. Ive stayed in hotels for almost 3 months as I wasnt save at my appartement in Bäretswil anymore.
- 16.1.2016 Messages to the KAPO Zurich Wetzikon. Received a month later a response from Georg Walti Head of Department. He attended my apartment once and took up details of me and my friend - up to now no consequences for the reported perpetrators and the landlord to my place of
- 10.2.2016 Message on Integrity platform Switzerland - against corruption. Despite repeated messages until today no consequences or investigations have been initiated against reported corrupt officials.
- 29.2.2016 New message to KSMM that directed me to Fedpol and they again to the Kapo Zurich to a Hartl Christian from the field of trafficking in human beings. Until today no real consequences have been pulled. Instead crimes have been played down. Though multiple messages were sent back and forth with content already known for years, nothing has ever been done and I still suffer from the connected suppression by those groups.
- 3.3.2016 Went to Basel (the city I was born) and experienced strange incidents in connection with Hettich (squatter company) and ships under Wettsteinbrücke who tried to stop us. Left to France Dornach until the next day and saw many french soldiers at the border.
- April 2016 Had to move/flee again to Algetshausen St. Gallen. The extreme siege/stalking, the non-stop monitoring, radiation and telepathy/V2K torture is continued and covered uninterrupted. Affected are also my female room mate and her two little children (Kesseli-Kuenzle). Husband (astral traveler/heavy metal fan) was part of local fire dept. and seemed involved and corrupted by involved perpetrator groups.
- 11.4.2016 Notification to the Swiss Conference of Bishops for the misconduct/cover-up attempts by Martin Werlen and the monastery of Einsiedeln as well as the participation of the Catholic Church and the Vatican in general. Until today no consequences for involved diocesan community.
- 2.5.2016 Messages to the press. All major newspapers and TV stations. Up to now no response and no information about this in the media.
- Throughout the year various requests to different institutes for laboratory analysis of collected track samples and evidence. No answers and no possibility to test something in connection with BZ warfare agent. None of the courts and authorities informed apparently want to find out what is happening in Switzerland. Other countries especially Swiss neighbours are directly affected by the fact that LRAD technology, chemical weapons, bombs and other secret/invisible "experiments" are abused for terroristic purposes. The burden of proof cannot be conducted in an appropriate framework, which is why these courts seem no longer legitimate.
- 21.10.2016 Message to the OPCW - no response/action taken.
- 19.11.2016 Message to Military Police Switzerland - head of the division Mr. Schatzmann - no response nor conclusions are drawn.
- 27.12.2016 Nocturnal breach of house peace in Algetshausen by Weibel/Diener, Koord Absch 42 SG members/soldiers and NDB chief Markus Seiler. Informed the police in Uzwil SG (came to pick pepetrators up) - in the days before and after strange incidents occurred in the area in connection with "robot-creatures" (or whatever you wanna call these "experiments"), cannibalism, explosions, shootings and extreme LRAD-terrorism was executed in the area
- 11.5.2017 Next relocation because of the most serious sabotage and slander to Hedingen ZHwhere the monitoring and siege torture is continued seamlessly (also against/with my female/corrupted room-mate C. Kunz working for a company named St. Jakob which fits into the code naming used by the known crime group.) - involved groups are once more soldiers of the Swiss army, police officers from KAPO/STAPO ZH (civilian units aswell), Kompol ZH (Martin Ott) and the rest of the Masonic cult followers connected to involved criminals/creatures.
- 24.6.2017 Invisible/secret "killing" performed by astral/electronic spy neighbour Mr. Barry and girlfriend (ZH 726 402) (working for SHS– moved out August 2017 – new neighbor “Bruno Rima Reis” and two friends (apparent "musician", wannabe gangster and part of some suspicious BANDO TV - released a track during this time aka black panther "godlevel / ghost" with raven on cover) acted as if he stopped using the appartement regulary few months later - appart from suspicious friends also living here and silently sneeking/spying around - obviously tried to program creatures with violent games as did the previous neighbor - possible drug bunker
- Illegal surveillance and torture by neighbor Restaurant employees/owners/guests IL GIARDINO / ZH 918 120 - AV-Reinigungen (next to our house - clearly involved / propably cooked the killed for their "masters" - swisscom and AS lift.ch employees are frequent guests and host of the website - most of the stalking equipment seems hidden in their garage/cellars) + single men from Affolternstrasse 8 on top floors right side always closed shutters (Wolfensberger/Bossert?).
- 31.-2.1.2018 New years GOA-forest.party at Buchberg/Rafz ZH/SH (spotted already known figures) - afterwards top floor occupied (Landstrasse 80A - above Amman piercer and owner of shop Rue de Framboise) - extreme slander and LRAD abuse - attempted murder/kidnapping by several people (on drugs) - strange swisscom-TAXI incident
- 2.-5.1.2018 attempted break-ins/attacks on our house at Hedingen by the same groups (also thru-wall technology terror)
- Since: Nonstop surveillance (also 3rd eye vision/outofbody/remote viewing), electronic torture, trying to steal, reprogram and use secret "forces" mainly to kill - in the name of those who protect and support those "projects" - continued stalking, occupation, abuse, cover-up and attempted attacks. Had to move my bedroom so no one can interfere from below anymore - repeated complaints and reports have been ignored by the local community.

Monday, 9 April 2018


Certain parts of switzerland have been taken over and are occupied/invaded/controlled/assimilated into this half-human hive-mind terrorist-society..these groups have separated themselves from the swiss constitution and the swiss population and conspire against life in general..therefore we re-define our boundaries and name it new switzerland aka helveticaca..which is only valid if infected mountain areas receive the necessary flitter-treatment and when the remaining soldiers have been de-/re-programmed (possible LRAD re-abuse)..anti-future-government-territory should only be entered with caution..


The swiss "government" and P-4 (construction company) tries to launch another gas attack in our village in combination with attempted blastings..seen several uniformed soldiers in civilan/company cars...most of them stationed at Birmensdorf..

Friday, 6 April 2018


Free thoughts are a federal crime these days which is punished with brain cancer, death penalty and total extinction..all other illegal activities on the other hand are completly covered and protected by law enforcement murderers and genocidal state officials..

UND DORUM SCHREI/SING ICH AB JETZT NUR NA: ALLI REPTILOIDE TÖTE UND UMBRINGE! (gits offiziell ja eh nöd also wer will was säge?!)


Unsere verbindliche Devise:
Wer gutmütige Menschen vernichtet, muss vernichtet werden. 
Wer genauso denkt, ist unser Freund. 
Wer anders denkt, ist unser Feind. 
Entweder jemand ist ein Freund der gutmütigen Gewaltopfer, oder jemand ist ein Freund der bösartigen Gewalttäter. 
Da gibt es keine neutrale oder dritte Position.
Wer Gewaltverbrecher, die gutmütige Menschen vernichten, schützt, ist selbst ein Verbrecher. 
Jede Art von Folter und Grausamkeit ist ein Akt der Vernichtung, auch wenn ein Opfer noch nicht tot ist.
(B.S. Internationale Initiative gegen Folter)


Thursday, 5 April 2018




Thursday, 22 March 2018


Golly gosh..seige and stalking continues and involved/reported perpetrator/witness groups are up for interrogation and punishment..moving once again because of false friends, corrupted neighbors and outlaw authorities..who kill and ly in my name..not an option..if Switzerland isnt interested/capable of solving this problem there will be other solutions as always..provocing me shouldnt be done like devil-may-care...i tend to be very efficient when it comes down to freedom and privacy..especially after repeated requests and warnings..with no reaction nor consequence..now that theyve even named a new car after me..never drinking and driving..and still..peak is my name..weak is your game..


Recommended treatment of suspects, hostage keepers, terrorists and war-criminals: 
- Lie detector and blood test 
- Waterboarding
- Voodoo
- Nerve gas 
- Snipers 
- Killer drone attacks 
- Sending into planetary exile on moon/mars (previously destroyed and still popluated habitations - earth as last planet in our solar system which properly supports life will not be allocated to such devious creatures) in exchange for human slaves.

Kompol ZH Affoltern am Albis (involved since ive moved here):

THE CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS (1962): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVgldYEoSoA